This is the Unboxing, Maiden Flight & Drive, and Review for the new Syma X9 Flying Car Quadcopter Drone. It is very unique RC, so unless you have seen one, this might be worth your time checking out.

I promised in the video that I would include a link where to get one of these, so here it is:

Here are some other RC Flying Car options to consider:
– This is the JJRC H23 Flying Car:
– Camera version RC Flying Car:
– This one has altitude hold:
– Pocket RC Flying Car:
– FPV Flying Car:
– Yellow JJRC H23 Fly Car:

Here are some Special Deals:

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Since size is not always something that comes off well in video, I included a number of different aircraft to compare this Syma RC Flying Car side by side. Hopefully you will be familiar with at least one of them to help you get a better idea of its size.

I started with my other Syma products, which are the Syma X8C Venture Drone, Syma X5SC-1 Falcon Drone, and Syma X12 Nano Drone. Just for fun I threw in a size comparison with the WLtoys F949 Cessna 182.

The other quad options I compared it to are the new Dromida Verso, Blade Nano QX 3D, Blade Inductrix, Estes Proto-Z, Estes Proto-X, and Cheerson CX-10.

Here are my review notes:

– A lot of fun
– Files well for its weight
– Two flight modes
– Durable
– No integrated battery

– It needs more space to do funnels and other "tricks" than a typical quadcopter
– 5 minute flight times

Bonus Points for this, I was able to use my WLtoys Cessna 182 battery in this thing, not just the stock battery.

After flying this some more and watching a few other videos, I have my eyes on the SY X25 Flying Car which is also known as the SongYang X25 Flying Car now too. It looks like a lot of fun as well 🙂