RC ADVENTURES – Unboxing a Spektrum DX4R Pro 4-Channel DSMR Racing 2.4ghz Radio Control

You know that get burned out or broken, or you know just basically worn out from the abuse I put them through at the studio and a lot of folks that follow the show. Can actually recognize this case. This is actually a pretty old case, it's bashed and beat up. I actually used to […]

RC ADVENTURES – PuLP FRiCTiON – What I did today – Radio Control Hobby 4×4 Trucks

What a beautiful deer! I know all the hunters right now, we're going crazy, but this is in our backyard. I love the wintertime whoo she's a cold 20. Today, ha ha ha well here it is my traxxas summit. I'Ve got to to sell lipo batteries in there 5 thousands each these two motors […]

RC ADVENTURES – Home video – Baby Moe with Losi Trail Trekker

First time, you've seen an RC move by itself right away. Oh you want to try see if you can do it there, yeah! Oh almost, you almost did it I'm, proud of you anyway. Oh just learning how to walk. Barely oh you're, nine months old now and you want to give her a […]

RC ADVENTURES – RACiNG & BASHiNG 1/5th Scale RC TRUCKS – Losi 5T, Baja 5SC, Baja 5T & MORE!

RC ADVENTURES – Vaterra Twin Hammers RTR & RC4WD Trail Finder 2 – in MEXiCO! PART 2


Okay, loading horse with two forklifts bring your guys down here. First, work our way to the heavy yeah the heavy work, our way down, let's start at the trailer Jake what's up on the trailer. This is a tight tight in here. Okay, me, too, Applause Forks on the trailer will start. So short, […]

RC ADVENTURES – Gelände II 4×4 Defender D90 & Toyota Hilux Trail Finder 2 – Icy Scale RC Trucks

RC ADVENTURES – Center Loading a Trailer – 1/14th CARSON-MODEL SPORT Fork Lift Linde H40D Practice

RC ADVENTURES – Restored Hydraulic Bulldozer – Stahl / Liebherr 742 1/14 Scale


Finally, here my friends a few weeks ago, I can say that I was struck with an illness. Was a flu wasn't a cold, but as I sat there in bed with my laptop, I thought to myself. Maybe I should hit up eBay and so, as many people have done prior to me, I […]

RC ADVENTURES – Large 1/5th scale 4WD Hydraulic Wheel Loader – Axle Repair (Rear)

RC ADVENTURES – G Made GS01 Komodo 4×4 1/10 Electric Trail Truck Overview

Finally, here the G made comodo 4×4 trail truck at the time of this filming. This is a newly released vehicle and I've. Had a ton of requests come in for me to pick up one of these trucks and give you guys an overview really. The whole point of this short video is just […]