Traxxas LaTrax Rally 1/18 Scale RC Car Review

This is a 118 scale car. As you can see. I have two of them here because I love them so much so it’s a ready to race model. So there are two types of remote control cars: you have the kit car, which we have to build an assemble, and then you have the […]

ZD Racing ROCKET S16 1/16 Scale Porsche 911 4WD RC Car Review

Well, as you can see here today, i have a new product in for review. This is the zd racing rocket s16. I believe this is one of their latest products, guys uh. This is a 1 16 scale, full drive electric on road car. Now i guess you could use this for just uh […]


Four wheel drive electric stadium truck so guys. The great thing about this brand is that you will not be able to find this on cheap overseas websites only at authorized hobby dealers only now, just regarding the car. It is a 110 scale, and the great thing is everything is included. Your battery charger […]

The NEW Ford F350 Raptor from HG! HG-P410 'Rambler' 350 Tamiya High Lift Clone

This is the hgp 410 and i’ve been looking forward to this one, because i used to have a tamiya f350. The high lift – and this is a clone of it – what’s up guys welcome to the garage garage. I haven’t said that for probably over a year, what’s up what’s up guys […]

Is this the BEST Cheap RC Basher you can buy in your LHS? FTX Carnage 2.0 Review

0 we’re gon na get out the box, have a look at it, take it for a run and I’m gon na. Let you know my thoughts on it. This is the second video in a series of videos, I’m, going to be doing where we look at cheap, ready to run trucks that you […]

NEW Maverick Phantom XT -The Cheapest 1/10 Basher you can buy! (from your LHS)

This cost me £94 from a Hobby Shop in the UK! NEW RTR 1/10 Maverick Phantom XT. This must be the Cheapest 1/10 Basher you can buy locally! Buy it here: … [compare_prices_deals] source