RC ADVENTURES – AMAZiNG Outdoor Trail Course – Customized Axial Wraith 4×4 RC Truck

RC ADVENTURES – Trail Truck 4×4 Trial Highlights – 1/10th Scale, Blackfoot RC & Rude Boyz RC!

10. Sir a scale assembly, huh it's, you hey crazy Joe. How are you pal good? How are you the the rude boy himself, putting on a rude boys events down at Blackfoot RC in Calgary everyone's, getting scored right now, different classes? Man tell me about the classes what's running right. Now we have […]


Yeah it's got that FLM extended kid in it. So it's a little bit stretched nice man, Wow cool. Have you run this truck? Yet? I have not Hey and what batteries are you put into what's? I'M. Sorry, what batteries are you putting in trying some Traxxas 3s? So for your first time, you're […]

RC ADVENTURES – iCE BREAKER – Fire & Rescue Boat Maiden Voyage – Aquacraft RESCUE 17

RC ADVENTURES – Unboxing the iMPULSE 31 Deep-V BL RTR V2 Radio Control Speed Boat

This is my impulse 31, a lot of my regular viewers that have been watching rcadventures for a while know that I've recently, this season just started to get into radio control boats. Now the impulse 31 is a speedboat it's. A 31 inch brushless deep V hull, which is basically down here now, I'm […]

RC ADVENTURES – 1/12th Scale 4200xl Excavator – Hydraulic Pump ESC Upgrade – Radio Controlled

This is the earth digger you've seen me, use this excavator in many many many films, I I have to say, and this will shock some of you. A lot of you have asked: what is your favorite RC if you had to have only one RC forever, which one would it be, and I […]

RC ADVENTURES – Beadlock Tire Repair – 1/10 scale G-Made Komodo 4×4 Trail Truck

Some of you noticed some of you didn't it didn't really matter and didn't really affect my performance too much other than getting a little bit of water inside my foam and bead locks. So today, I'm going to take the tire off really simple, just trying to do some maintenance and, while I'm at […]

RC ADVENTURES – 30ft gap with a Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate Edition Radio Controlled Truck

Quite a long runway, and I figure everything else has done it. Well, not the extended jump, but the original jump every other RC. I have pretty much has done it, including the low c5, and I figure it's time to let the Traxxas Slash unleash itself on a 3 cell. Now it is fuh […]

RC ADVENTURES – Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate Rock Crawling Radio Control Trail Truck?!

RC ADVENTURES – RC4WD 1/12th Scale Earth Mover 870K Hydraulic Wheel Loader

Loader inside this box is something that you guys want to see, and fortunately I have here in the studio to show you now at the time of this filming. This is one of the very few that have been released. You guys know I'm into the heavy duty. Construction equipment from RC, 4 wheel, […]

RC ADVENTURES – Snow Cat Snow Plowing – Upgraded Kyosho Blizzard SR Snow Machine

RC ADVENTURES – Behind the Scenes Pre-Run for “SCANiA R560 Wrecker Tow Truck, Towing Practice” Film