RC ADVENTURES – Father & Son Time – Komodo 4×4, King Shocks Swap & Setup

Let me move it, so you can come closer guys, what's up it's medic. Ah this is my sari. This is dad uh and my son that's my son Morris for those that don't know he likes to call himself Moe instead of the baby Mac that we had given him a while ago. He […]

RC ADVENTURES – 11 Scale Trail Crawler Comparisons: G-Made, Axial, RC4WD, Tamiya & Vaterra

RC ADVENTURES – G Made GS01 Komodo 4×4 1/10 Electric Trail Truck Overview

Finally, here the G made comodo 4×4 trail truck at the time of this filming. This is a newly released vehicle and I've. Had a ton of requests come in for me to pick up one of these trucks and give you guys an overview really. The whole point of this short video is just […]

RC ADVENTURES – Beadlock Tire Repair – 1/10 scale G-Made Komodo 4×4 Trail Truck

Some of you noticed some of you didn't it didn't really matter and didn't really affect my performance too much other than getting a little bit of water inside my foam and bead locks. So today, I'm going to take the tire off really simple, just trying to do some maintenance and, while I'm at […]


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RC ADVENTURES – G Made Komodo 4×4 1/10 Electric Trail Truck – King Shock Upgrade PART 2

RC ADVENTURES – G Made GS01 Komodo 4×4 1/10 Electric Trail Truck – Let’s go Creekin’!