RC ADVENTURES – Let’s RACE! Dual Traxxas X-Maxx – Slalom Competition

Not. I just happened to live in the middle of farming land. What a great looking semi truck, koo, koo, kachoo, all right. You finally picked up into X max Wow one fifth scale, the better color ha ha ha ha red vs. blue. What could we do? Lou? We got a little special thing […]

RC ADVENTURES – LiTTLE DiRTY 2016 Canadian Large Scale Mixed Class Racing Day – Track, Test & Tune

RC ADVENTURES – 2013 Ford F-150 FX4 Truck w/ Appearance Package Off-road at a Dirt Track

RC ADVENTURES – UNBOXiNG!! Let’s have a look at a few exciting things!

Oh gem is gon na help. Me do some unboxings I'm, very happy about that. Welcome back. Why thank you. I love good unboxing. I can't believe it's, not butter. I can't believe what are you doing is showing your nails. They are what they are. Looking very lovely. You know, it's called magenta mischief […]

RC ADVENTURES – Tiny Jet Boats Racing – PT 1 of 2 – Convergence: Gathering of the Racers

You don't need over amounts of power with these little boats. They can only move so much water through that jet before it just starts sucking in air or aerating. What it's doing in a while but I'm going to go. Nice job Chris 2s. What more do you got in there? Yeah what's, your […]

RC ADVENTURES – 4s/6s Lipo Impulse 31 Deep-V & Dual Blackjack 29 Catamarans – Radio Control BOATiNG!

Okay, so we've got the probe own impulse. It is an older version, we're going to be running it on a 4s lipo setup, which is due for a swipe, oh shut up tool to ends check it out, pretty choppy pretty windy, but at least the canal is canal is full and we'll be […]

RC ADVENTURES – LOSi DBXL 1/5 scale 4×4 Buggy & DJi PHANTOM 4 Quad Rotor Flying Camera

I still have it bro and I'm rocking it on the low CD bxl today. This is a gas powered one fifth scale: racing machine, basically off road it's, a buggy of sorts, it's, very, very cool I'm glad to have it up and running. I do have a new motor in there an engine […]

RC ADVENTURES – Damage: How Throttle Self Righting can hurt your RC – HPi Savage FLUX XS

I was actually using throttle control just to flip it from being on its roof back to on its four wheels. But what happens in any vehicle when you're like exerting a lot of force – and it automatically like if this wheel is free, speed, spinning and it actually hits the ground? It adds […]

RC ADVENTURES – 6×6 MUD TRUCK in Chocolate Milk Mud

This would be the spot to be. This is the inside channel that's received a lot of rain lately and this type of mud it's like a mud, clay, dirt, it's, just thick and heavy, and disgusting and that's what tumbleweeds look like when they get wet lots of lots of weeds in there, and […]

RC ADVENTURES – LAST MAN STANDiNG, Demolition Derby! PT 2 – Open Class 2WD 1/10th Scale Electric

RC ADVENTURES – HUGE RC! CATERPiLLAR 242D Skid Steer & Torc Robotics – Quick Change & Safety Tech