LEGO – 42095 – Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer

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Virhuck V02 Brushless 6WD Planetary Suspension RC Car Test Drive Review

This big 1 12 scale 6WD RC car is so much fun to drive. I’m not donating this one. It’s a Quadcopter 101 keeper! Available now on Amazon UK … [compare_prices_deals] source

RC ADVENTURES – HPI Sprint 2 Flux – 1/10th Scale Touring – I want to DRiFT Wit’ It!

Yes, in fact, I'm going to be going into an area that we've only done once before. That would be on road electric RC racing. But this time I am not actually going to be doing carpet racing I'm going to go back to one of the first things I did with drifting, my friends […]

Mini RC Car in A Can (No Frequency Choice)

*** We may have sold out of this model, but the pocket racers are just as small (they just don't come in a can) Get them here: Note: there are 2 possible frequencies, and currently 6 available random colors. Unfortunately, our warehouse cannot guarantee different frequencies when you buy multiple cars, though they try their […]

RC Remote Control Speed Boat Racers in 2 Frequencies – Unboxing Demo Review

Have high speed races with the Remote Control Boat Racers with 2 Frequencies! With a full function wireless remote control, the boat can be controlled from up to 80 feet away! It even comes in 2 frequencies (27MHz & 49MHz) for fun competitive racing. It has a 2-propeller drive design for imrpoved performance! – Full […]

UNBOXING & LETS PLAY – 1/14 Scale Lamborghini Veneno RC car – FULL REVIEW!

Today we unbox and play with a cool Lamborghini RC! At a push of a button this car will open doors, honk, rev, and more! It is controlled with a steering wheel and drives using a gas/brake pedal! Its actually a really AWESOME concept! For your own check out: Best Choice Products present this new […]

Crazon 1 32 Scale RC Car Drive Test Review

This cheap little RC car is very fast for its size. Find it here ($5 off with coupon LQPCAR5) Also available on Amazon here Pro's – Fast little car – Cheap – Tough. Easily withstood high speed impacts into concrete wall. – Charges in the field through the controller – Comes with six course cones […]

RC car AUDI R8 gets unboxed, tuned and tested! Kyosho Mini-Z!

BIG FUN! Really cool Kyosho Mini-Z Audi R8 unboxinh, tuning and testing. Filmed at . Enjoy watching! Thanks a lot for sharing, commenting, subscribing and thumbs up.