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My box of Moo slick and mooder cleaner got that right here: uh motor, cleaner motor, cleaner for electric motors and a degreaser ideal for the proper cleaning and maintenance of RC motors gear suspensions effectively removes oil grease dirt and grime, and most contaminants from electronic equipment. Okay, good shouldn't say I finally just […]

RC ADVENTURES – RC4WD Gelände II 4×4 Truck Kit w/Defender D90 Body Set – Build Video (PT5)

I didn't actually paint the inside of these, because when I put the LED lights in there, I still want it to be reflective, so don't paint the inside. If you want to have extra light coming out of the light buckets so many times, I've seen people using plastidip for the full scale, one […]

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Well, where else would I be it's January and it's freezing outside? I live in Calgary Alberta and Canada, and I got to tell you at this time of the year. It is very cold and lots of snow, which means I could be out having a lot of snow fun, but it's got to […]

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I remember this. It was many many years ago and there's many videos with this body there's a hole cut here, because I remember the wires came out for the winch. How many folks and viewers actually remember this body now, unfortunately, I don't even have all of the bodies that I've used with the […]

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Yeah, look at the camera, say hi to YouTube: hey, hey! This is my buddy Ryan. He came into the RC spark studio today to unveil a very special product that we've been working. We rolling right now yeah we're, rolling right now, all right, hahaha, that's, okay. This is the first time on rcadventures. […]

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