How to make a remote control car

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RC ADVENTURES – 1/12th scale Radio Controlled Bulldozer

Unboxing & Review On The FS-I6, Remote Control (Transmitters).

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RC ADVENTURES – Losi DBXL 4×4 – One Lap – Gasoline Engine Break-in

Hyper Chargers – Ford Mustang GT 5.0 RC Car Review Video

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Drift Racing King Super Car 1:24 Scale AE86 RC Car Review (Part 1)

It always feels like it’s Christmas d anyway, let’s open this up and see what Santa has brought little Richie here right. What have we here? This is the drift racing King drift supercar and anybody who’s familiar with Toyota. This is the eee six model. One of the early rear wheel, drive cars of […]

RC ADVENTURES – Dual Motor Swap on the BEAST 4×4 Mega Mud Pickup Truck

For you guys to see in yesterday's video, where I had this truck, which is basically a mega monster, mud truck. You know I had it pulling the Cormier trailer, which is the red trailer, pulling my traxxas Spartan speedboat through mud slush and a whole bunch of water, because we're having a warm spell […]

RC ADVENTURES – ART ATTACK Snow Mobile Layout & Overview (PT 2) (Upgraded Parts Arrive)

It really was made to be toy quality and yeah. We could have put lots into it to make it worthy, but I also wanted to give the Art Attack snowmobile snowmobile a chance as well. Now what I did have running was a brand new Tekin Pro for 4000 kV censored, brushless motor. This […]

RC ADVENTURES – Tent Trailer & Mercedes Unimog 4×4 – RC4WD & Tamiya CCO1

However, you like this is a CCO one running simply on a two cell lipo battery a salve ox waterproof servo, a spectrum receiver that's. Also waterproof my one lone Army dude that was heading up this whole project, tipping a cold one for you guys. Here we go the RC four wheel, drive bivouac […]

RC ADVENTURES – Waterproofing RC, CHEAP! Example Model: Axial SCX10 RC Truck – Tutorial

I am going to show you something I should have done a long time ago in one single video, ok in every season. I always get the question. How do I waterproof my RC seems pretty simple but a very complicated task nonetheless, so today we're going to take an axial scx10 right here, we're […]

RC ADVENTURES – Tuning & Second Run of my Gas Powered Losi LST XXL2 1/8th Scale Monster Truck

RC ADVENTURES – LOSi 5T 4×4 Trucks do Battle – Radio Control Gas Power