RC ADVENTURES – ACCiDENT! Excavator lifts tipped Dump Truck

RC ADVENTURES – Unboxing the ART ATTACK SNOWMOBiLE KiT – w/ Electric Motor Transmission

Well, where I am it's the winter, and that means snow is on the way, and last year we tried to convert a new bright one sixth scale snowmobile into one that actually works. You know with a better motor, a better ESC, a better battery, but unfortunately it was really a toy grade. Machine […]

RC ADVENTURES – Father & Son Time – Komodo 4×4, King Shocks Swap & Setup

Let me move it, so you can come closer guys, what's up it's medic. Ah this is my sari. This is dad uh and my son that's my son Morris for those that don't know he likes to call himself Moe instead of the baby Mac that we had given him a while ago. He […]

RC ADVENTURES – Let’s RACE! Dual Traxxas X-Maxx – Slalom Competition

Not. I just happened to live in the middle of farming land. What a great looking semi truck, koo, koo, kachoo, all right. You finally picked up into X max Wow one fifth scale, the better color ha ha ha ha red vs. blue. What could we do? Lou? We got a little special thing […]

RC ADVENTURES – Project Roadway – Hydraulic Heavy Duty Radio Control Equipment

RC ADVENTURES – Rescue Mission – Excavator, Blizzard, BEAST 4×4 Truck

UNBOX & STOCK TEST! 1/10 SCX10 III Jeep JT Gladiator Rock Crawler with Portals RTR | RC ADVENTURES

RC ADVENTURES – Snow & MUD? Simply an Invitation. Traxxas Slash 4×4, Juggernaut & Kyosho Rally Car

RC ADVENTURES – 2013 Ford F-150 FX4 Truck w/ Appearance Package Off-road at a Dirt Track

RC ADVENTURES – Ski-Doo MXZ on 3s Lipo, Art Attack

She chickened out, ha ha ha, but shot ha ha ha. So here is my old new bright one fifth scale toy rc conversion, and we had issues in here with these pegs being pure plastic and everything being such a toy quality when it was in the coal that actually snapped very easy thanks […]

RC ADVENTURES – Rock Crawling a 1/12 Scale Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator

I got some spare time, so I thought I'd bring out the excavator. Yes, it is all hydraulic all of the Pistons and rams actually function from controls on the radio. These top levers here, control the tracks individually and now that you know how heavy this machine is and that it is all metal, […]

RC ADVENTURES – Tragedy on Open Water – Training Mission goes Wrong – Aquacraft Rescue 17