Unboxing: DEERC 9201E 1:12 Large Remote Control Truck with Lights, Fast Short Course RC Car

So this is by drc its the four wheel, drive 9201e. So lets get unboxing a couple things we can go over quickly, its full scale, its got two time differential, its got 2.4 gh, radio control, rechargeable battery forward, drive and shock absorbers, and more so guys, oh wow im excited guys. So this […]

Toy review:RC SEMI

Five tons uh now front end. Thats, not a five ton, so i dont think this would be count as a five ton, but inside this costs about sixty dollars, not including taxes or shipping sixty dollars, okay, yeah, so its got an actual interior like its not like. Let me get it ready, so […]

BEZGAR Remote Control Cars Review, It’s easy to use and affordable

You have to go in there take care of your business with that and the instruction paper, the car itself and the remote control. Now you will need three double a batteries for here and two double a better for here. You turn it on up under here right here, thats, where you turn it […]


Ah, i think thats better looks better hat straight hat straight half straight all right ready to go were ready to go by the way guys. This is what i broke. Can you see that kind of see that the stub axle on the max thats what i broke just now? Luckily i put the […]

New Toy! Tiny Crawler RC Car – ROCHobby Cheyenne 6×6

Weve got this new release from rock hobby to check out and, like their other releases, this one has a lot of features. Lets take a closer look so here it is the cheyenne 6×6 118 scale ready to run really cool looking model and lets lets actually just start off on the outside here […]

Top 7 Coolest Cheap RC Cars [Buying Guide 2022]

Seven surprisingly, cheap surprisingly cool rc vehicles lets get started. Number seven besgar, aventador, svj remote control car. We love this super cool 124th scale, replica of the aventador svj model. This sleek and speedy car features a fully functional dual grip: remote control with forward reverse right and left controls that make it easy […]

DODOELEPHANT K-08 Amphibious RC Car Review!

Today we are going to be reviewing the dodo elephant, ray rc stunt car series, which is the amphibious remote control car. If youd like to purchase this product theres a link in the description and you can get 15 off with the code provided without further ado lets, go ahead and unbox this thing: […]

Kyosho 1970 Dodge Charger Supercharged Brushless RTR Review

This is the dodge charger 1970 supercharged made by kyosho brushless rtr the works available to you for 330 bucks. Is it worth the money hang in there find out more okay? Here it is ive been holding out on my phaser purchases. They have like 20 of these cars bodies are beautiful, but finally, […]

Rlaarlo/CROBOLL 1:14 mini Typhoon 2 week bash review

I guess review two week review on uh this arlarlo 114th scale, buggy um. This thing is awesome. I really thoroughly enjoy playing with this car and driving it. It handles really well Music, its fast its powerful, its torquey. It does cool flips like back flips up against the trees uh, in fact, so […]

RADCLO Remote controlled 4WD RC car Test and Review – First Drive

I wish i had this car when i was eight, but even better. I have it when im 44., it doesnt matter. If you want to have fun in the backyard or in the park or in the dirt or on the street, this thing is amazing. I wish i had this when i was […]

RC Hotwheel Truck 😍🥳 | Cybertruck | RC Truck Unboxing and Testing Review

I shook off all the bad vibes – Music, hey Music, but they dont have a Music, the clue Music. So i had to change Music Applause Music. This is this is Music. How can i be all resistant, bad, vibes, Music? This is Music, Music Applause, myself, Music, so i had to Music off […]

ZD Racing DBX 10 (Absima ADB 1.4) – a long term review and setup of this RC desert buggy!

This is my zd racing. Dbx10 ive had it for about six months now and its had a fair bit of use. As you can tell from the dirt and scratches keep watching to find out what ive broken, what ive upgraded and how ive set it up so lets start with the breakages. If […]