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What do you have select? Yeah Left Right, other left, more new version, Music, um, everybody, again: Music, Music, Music, anymore, Music. My mind Music. Thank you, Music. Across yourself, Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYRmDr7dCUk

DeeRc 9310 rc car review!

We will be reviewing the um Music dollars at a business store so yeah. So what we have here is my the RC car. So, as you can see, it comes with two batteries which is really nice and then heres. It actually comes with this little pack and this packet is actually very helpful […]

Review on the arrma senton 4wd rc car

Today we are reviewing the armor sentin four wheel, drive RC car lets get into it. Okay – and I just want to point out first that everything Im saying in this all the things that I dont like about the car and I do like about the car is my opinion. So if you […]

RC Drift Build – Part 1: Chassis Selection, Unboxing and review (MST RMX Classic)

This series is going to be three videos. The first video today were looking at the chassis were gon na unbox were gon na talk about why I ordered the chassis, then Im going to build it off camera because it could take forever. I dont know how long its going to take and then […]

Tamiya Custom Bruiser Monster Truck inspired by RC Car Action Magazine

Other. You know cars, trucks. Whatever it may be, uh thats something I really enjoy doing, and I try to do my best to answer any questions you guys may have or if theres, a particular car truck you want to see. I have no problem shooting a video for that. So with that said, […]

Giociiol 1 16 Scale All Terrain Remote Control Car Review, 4WD All Terrain RC Car Truck

All terrain small toy truck now Ive already purchased a different model for my son so that he and I can have some quality time together, and this is the one that I got for me. I am going to open it look into the box and take it from there, so I will be […]

Transformer Toy Robot Car | Febyhim Remote Control Car review | toy car review | Amazon toy review

You want to see it yeah, so this is transformer robot star, so its a transformer robot car, and now today we are gon na review this car. We will open it. We will see how it works. Do you like it yeah you want to open it. Lets. Do it, but before that, if […]

[Review] Furitek Cyclos Brushless Sensored ESC & Hellfire Motor for 1/28, 1/24 RC Car

This is a review of theory, Tech, cyclos, brushless, sensored, ESC and hellfire motor for 120th and 124th scale RC car. First of all, I would like to thank furytek for sending me this kit for a review. If you are interested, the list of Distributors is in the description now lets begin. Music, free […]

New indoor RC Touring car race review T3M

Race opt t3m, touring, Music foreign for starters, but the grip looks really high, and what weve heard from the locals is its really high um indoor tracks. We run normally run with guttering. They are going with a fire hose today, which is really cool yeah. We use that on a pop, long, GP […]

Jeep Cherokee MN78 1:12 RC Review

Satu lagi yang tadi ini ya, memang dia, orang emang dari kilang lah ada, sesuatu, yang Halang, daripada terbuka begini ada tempat, screw juga di sini, belakang nih ada cermin tapi ini, dua, tidak, ada, baru, depan, dari, cermin, kelihatan, macam ada drag brake itu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSxWoWEdry8

Xiaomi Intelligent RC Toy car | car toy model review

You will need to turn on the car and there will be a button on the bottom of the car and to turn it on. You will just need to press and hold until it lights up to connect it to the phone. You will just need to turn on Bluetooth inside the app and […]

Q25 Micro FPV Car – Review – Diatone SNT JustAir

This is an RC car with an fpv camera on it, and it looks like this, its very tiny. It is designed to annoy the heck out of your cat or your wife or your kids, or if your kids are driving, it annoy the heck out of you. Yes, its a little RC car […]