Losi 22S No Prep Drag Car (NPRC) First Run Review! How did it do? Box Stock!

This is going to be that new low c22s no prep drag car test and tune day um. This was held at the upstate, no prep rc group, um thats, my closest and local rc drag racing group and they uh held a admin uh test and tune day, um theres no times because i […]

How To: Solder An RC Battery XT90/EC5 Connector

All right! Welcome! Back! Welcome back to the channel welcome back to ironclad rc. I got a couple of twins, some twin packs here. These packs were sent to me from a subscriber thank you mild to wild, but we have to change out the plugs. This is a 5200 milliamp, adc z, power, packs […]

WLTOYS 104009 Brushless Conversion 3S Speed Run & Bash | Awesome Upgrade ☑️

This thing goes: whoa, Music, okay, so, as we can see, weve got 81k so im going to just screenshot that im going to try that again, so im gon na go start, stop read so zero go back and well go track. Start lets. Try that again ill try not to uh lose control […]

$40 AliExpress "MAGNUM" motors? | Surpass Hobby 540Plus V2 brushed Crawler Motor Review

This is the 540 plus v2 version. What this is is a sort of copy of the crawl master magnum from homes hobbies, if you like, but at around fraction the price it comes in at around 40 or so so expecting the cost uh similar to a crawl master expert, but getting some pretty […]

*GIVEAWAY* Comsmile SZJJX RC Remote Control Truck 2.4Ghz

What we have here is an arty car from a company called, come smile, so come smile, and i we both agree that were going to do a giveaway under the condition that this video reached more than 1 000 views and 25 likes, and one of the person Actually comments down below on this […]

Wall Climbing Stunt Car Review, Unboxing Mainan Edisi PPKM. (English-Bahasa Subtitle)

, Its sticking to the wall, Welcome back to my channel. Bocil the Gamer. And were gon na be unboxing a new package today. Well, not that package. This packageWell, that package was just the sneezing package. Well, this is not a sneezing package. This is apackage with a remote control. Car. And dont have […]

HuiNa Excavator 1593 – #1 What's In The Box

This is the recent 1593 version which, as i understand, is more or less the same as the older yellow ones, but with a bit more oomph in the rams, so you can actually move stuff around without them struggling plus its green. The digger is supposed to be 1 14 scale, but, as usual […]

You won’t believe how cheap this RTR 1/14 RC Truck was?!😳 – Ujie Toys UJ99-G165 Unboxing

You already know what time it is guys ill be hitting you guys with the bangers ive been hitting you guys with the exclusives its time for another good old unboxing, guys kinda excited about this. One picked this one up on amazon lately, ive been finding a lot of good deals on amazon amazon […]

WHAT A GIFT!! ARRMA Infraction. Thankyou Mr Talbot!

He was going to give it to us at the end of the week, but he trapped ians finger in what was it show him? Your finger trapped, his finger in a link, rod felt guilty, so he gave us a new toy that wasnt really the injury thats, just us trying to make him […]


. This is not a new car by any means, but its been in the cupboard for some time. A nice patina on the box there, but its an awesome, hsp rs sport 3, and what i really like about its a ken block – 1965 ford, mustang hoonigan edition – think about this. If […]

Best RC Cars in 2021| Review and Buying Guide | Which One Should You Buy?

This is an enviable remote control, car among kids and adults. The stunt car does pretty amazing, 360 degree, spins flips, to drive on both sides and tumbles up or down just about any terrain. Its got a funky bright design that matches the cars personality. This company recommends the remote control toy for kids […]

How to Vent your RC Tire and Why – prevent ballooning and imbalance

What is venting, how do you do it? What is the best way to do it so venting is allowing the air to come in and out of your tire, okay, so theres two ways to vent it vent it on the rim or vent it on the tire and im gon na tell you […]