ReveD RS-ST Servo Install in a Sakura D5S | Unboxing | Install | Test | Review

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😱 Gesture Sensing Stunt Remote Control Car Review 2020 [RC Stunt Car ] CONTROLE POR INDUÇÃO #CAR😍😍😍

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ZD Racing ROCKET S16 1/16 Scale Porsche 911 4WD RC Car Review

Well, as you can see here today, i have a new product in for review. This is the zd racing rocket s16. I believe this is one of their latest products, guys uh. This is a 1 16 scale, full drive electric on road car. Now i guess you could use this for just uh […]

Is this the BEST Cheap RC Basher you can buy in your LHS? FTX Carnage 2.0 Review

0 we’re gon na get out the box, have a look at it, take it for a run and I’m gon na. Let you know my thoughts on it. This is the second video in a series of videos, I’m, going to be doing where we look at cheap, ready to run trucks that you […]

NEW Maverick Phantom XT -The Cheapest 1/10 Basher you can buy! (from your LHS)

This cost me £94 from a Hobby Shop in the UK! NEW RTR 1/10 Maverick Phantom XT. This must be the Cheapest 1/10 Basher you can buy locally! Buy it here: … [compare_prices_deals] source

5 Amazing RC Drift Cars You Can Buy (2018)

○○○○○○ Items featured in this video ○○○○○○ 1.KYOSHO Fazer VEX Lancer Evolution X : 2.Redcat THUNDER DRIFT : 3.HPI Sprint 2 Flux 2010 Camaro : 4.TAMIYA AE86 Trueno RC Drift : 5.KYOSHO Fazer Drift Toyota Supra Type1: Check Out More : ➤ 5 RC Muscle Cars You Can Buy : ➤ 5 Amazing RC Drift […]