REVIEW RC Car Screw Stainless Steel Screws Box Repair Tool Kit for TRAXXAS TRX4 Bronco Defender Ful

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Assembly & Flight Review (w/weathering & paint tips!) — FlightLine RC Ta 152H 1300mm Wingspan

Now this is a model that i picked up late last year and i’m, just kind of storing it in the box. For a rainy day, well that rainy day came – and i put it together – and this is really a nice looking little model – it’s a really unique subject. You know […]

YouTube Channel Trailer | RC ADVENTURES

My name is Aaron Baraka for those that are new to the channel. I am the creator and host of rcadventures. My show focuses on the radio control, hobby and all of the fun and Wonder and excitement that we've discovered that it has to offer with more than 900 videos a hundred of those […]

RC ADVENTURES – LiTTLE DiRTY 2016 Canadian Large Scale Mixed Class Racing Day – Track, Test & Tune

Review of My New Eflite Turbo Timber 1.5m! (LIVE) I Fly RC Planes and RC Jets.

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It arrives in this really nice box, the specs on this it’s, eight hundred and twenty millimeters wings bearing 650 in millimeters length comes with all the electronics installed, including the prop the speed controller and the three nine gram servos recommended battery, for this is 1000 to 1800. For cells and all the features […]


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VLOG II Review RC plane murah

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M6D is a really Good Portable RC Hobby Battery Charger – Charge 2 batteries at once – Review

You know like DJI or tell parrot unique those type of drones. I also am into the RC hobbies of RC cars. Rc boats, RC planes, fpv drones and, if you’re into those hobbies well, you have to have a little bit of knowledge about the RC hobbies see. This is the difference if you’re […]

RC ADVENTURES – An FPV Racing Quadcopter Experience – 285 Vortex – Immersion RC

Everybody wants some look at what he brought my shadows in the way done, tintin tintin. He brought a racer FPV racer, so we're gon na pop in a video card. Rob can you tell me a little bit about this machine yep it's? This is the vortex from immersion RC, yes, the 285 version, […]

RC ADVENTURES – 5 Years of Radio Control Hobby Entertainment on Youtube – Let’s Visit the Studio!

Well, where else would I be it's January and it's freezing outside? I live in Calgary Alberta and Canada, and I got to tell you at this time of the year. It is very cold and lots of snow, which means I could be out having a lot of snow fun, but it's got to […]

R/C TRUCK KING HAULER , rc truck action at private Pacoure