Thanksgiving Special RC Talk w/ Mark and Mel episode 7

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The Ultimate RC Car Christmas 2020 | The Best First RC Car

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Team Associated 28 CR28 | RC Car Christmas 2020 | Fun Quality RC Car for $50

Ultimate RC Car Christmas (2020): 1. Fun Gift For Everyone – Losi MiniT 2.0 – 2. Great First RC Car – Traxxas Rustler – … [compare_prices_deals] source

Track Weapon! Finishing, Running & Review Of The TOP CAT Classic, 2WD RC Buggy From Schumacher. K178

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Traxxas LaTrax Rally 1/18 Scale RC Car Review

This is a 118 scale car. As you can see. I have two of them here because I love them so much so it’s a ready to race model. So there are two types of remote control cars: you have the kit car, which we have to build an assemble, and then you have the […]

RC cars. HIMOTO SPATHA E10SC. racing car

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New Traxxas Hop Up Traxxas Tools Initial Review RC Cars

Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to erc vlog guys. I got a prep for the southern nationals it’s this weekend. I got ta rebuild my cars and when i say rebuild, i want to rebuild the disc. I got to rebuild the shocks i can just you know basically drain and refill all […]

A Racer Gave Me an RC Car RC Pro Series RC Car Race

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Mystery RC Package From Canada KC RC

Welcome back to channel welcome back the rc vlog. I just got a notification that we got something we got something in the mail it’s a package from kcrc, not sure what it is we’re about to go. Pick it up check it out. I rearranged the media room. I put all my cars on […]

GIANT RC MONSTER TRUCK Remote Control toys Cars for kids Playtime at the Park FunAtHomeTV

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Driving A Traxxas Erevo in a Main at a Big RC Car Race

What is up guys? My name is mark samriel. Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to the rc vlog. This is a race vlog. We are at shaw’s rc still. This is like four vlogs at this race, but i had to vlog today. Today is main day is the rc pro series north […]

Racing RC Cars Inside the House Kyosho Mini Z RC28

So, basically me and my son. We started racing mini Z’s and minis. These run on triple a batteries, rechargeable triple a batteries and you can buy a Kyosho battery charger, they’re 29 and it charges four batteries and it plugs into the wall. But someone introduced me to this charger. This is the is […]