Review 3D Scanner Z17or Somatosensory Camera For 3d Printer Handheld Body Face Object Scan 3d Model

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Unboxing & Let's Play – MIN 1:71I RC TANKS – SGILE Remote Control German Tiger Panzer Tank

So these are our two boxes here and, as you can tell, these are actually very highly detailed things. We have two different colors. We have a grayish blue one here and the nice looking green one here and if we take a closer look at them, you can actually see that there’s a lot […]

Remote Control Robot Review

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World's Smallest RC CAR Unboxing | Mini Remote Controlled Vehicle Review

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Winds are Swift, to say the least. Everything is kind of rattling and shaking around, but no big deal. I have a new package. You guys have already seen the thumbnail you've already seen the title. You know why we're here today, but a little bit of backstory for those that may be just tuning […]

What you need to know before hacking toy RC cars into combat robots

Now this is a very tempting idea. Obviously, because an RC car comes with wheels and motors and a controller, but as somebody who has a whole box of well an overflowing box of us toy RC cars and has been pulling these things apart. Since I was about 10 years old, I can tell […]

Let's Play – Disney Pixar's Wall-E U-Command Remote Control Robot like Cozmo!

You can actually program your very own, so let’s go ahead and take a closer look. Now, if you actually look at Wally itself, you can tell it actually is a very high quality piece, there’s, actually a lot of different materials on this as well a lot of different colors, so it actually, it […]

Toy Cars Price & Review – Amazon – Anto Toys World

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Voice RC Toy Electronic Robot Wishtime Recharge Remote Control Intelligence Voice Command Robot

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Review: REMOKING STEM RC Remote Control Engineering Robot Vehicle Toy, Smart Intelligent Electr… – REMOKING STEM RC Remote Control Engineering Robot Vehicle Toy, Smart Intelligent … [compare_prices_deals] source

Review: Really R.A.D Robots Mibro – Really Rad Robots, Interactive Remote Control Robot – Plays…

For my five year old and three year old twins, I don’t think I have ever heard a toy make them laughed as much as this little robot. He is adorable and the entertainment is endless. The best feature by far is that you can talk to into the controller and make the robot say […]

RC ADVENTURES – UNBOXiNG DARTH VADER’s TIE Advanced x1 – Propel Battle Drone – STAR WARS