Thinkcar 1s Review and How to Use – Remote Diagnosis OBDII Scanner Bluetooth

They’Re 1s obd2 scanner. Couple really cool things that this thing can do outside of a traditional scanner is blackbox monitoring and real time. Remote diagnostics, so someone can be remotely away from your car as long as you and they have an internet connection. They can see what’s going on with your car, so […]

Review 3D Scanner Z17or Somatosensory Camera For 3d Printer Handheld Body Face Object Scan 3d Model

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What scanner is better to program this Amazon Key Fob Remote?!

So let me go ahead and open it for you guys. This is brand new I’m. Not setting this up same thing as last time. They send you a car that where they tell you that you need somebody to program this, when you look at the description, I don’t think they tell you that […]