RC ADVENTURES – ART ATTACK Snow Mobile Layout & Overview (PT 2) (Upgraded Parts Arrive)

It really was made to be toy quality and yeah. We could have put lots into it to make it worthy, but I also wanted to give the Art Attack snowmobile snowmobile a chance as well. Now what I did have running was a brand new Tekin Pro for 4000 kV censored, brushless motor. This […]

RC ADVENTURES – OPTiMUS OVERKiLL – ROLL OUT! 6x6x6 BiG RiG Transformers Tribute Semi Truck

I wanted to make sure that all the features are working on it. I have not installed a sound kit yet, but rather I wanted to test it mechanically. Here is the rear, steer nice and strong running on a castle B ec pro, which is really a power regulator that's going to each one […]

RC Babble #14 – We talk Speedos and servos with the President of Tekin.

RC ADVENTURES – Black Sheep Customs Bouncer Tube Cage Upgrade for Axial Wraith 4×4

My friend Curtis Landry runs black sheep customs, and so this piece of artwork came up for sale and I said I had to have it. I wanted to put it on the show. Give him a bit of exposure. I'M gon na put his Facebook link in the video description box below so you […]

RC ADVENTURES – AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE, as FAST AS NECESSARY : Driver Training – Defender D90 Rover

Determine your exact route pay a special attention to the nature of the ground beneath the undergrowth. So when driving through, you avoid deep hole, bogs and other obstacles select the gear which is most appropriate for the type of ground and it's inclination can drive as slowly and as smoothly as possible into the […]

RC ADVENTURES – HUGE 3D printed Snow Blower – Kyosho Blizzard – Spyker Workshop

I do have stock motors in there, but everything else a sound kit in the sabre tooth ESC. All that neat stuff has already been done to this machine plus a little extra. You must be wondering what this blue mount is up front, or maybe you hadn't noticed until I had said it well, […]

RC ADVENTURES – RC4WD Gelände II 4×4 Truck Kit w/Defender D90 Body Set – Build Video (PT4)

I got the new spectrum: SR 200 WP receiver, waterproof now, let's see what I got here bind come on. Where is it there? It is bind bind binding, bound excellent day. Okay looks good unplug. Now my Glenda. This is what I've been working on my friends. This is more of an update video […]

RC ADVENTURES – Ford AeroMax 1/14th 6X4 Semi Truck hauling Excavator on Trailer

Questions and the people on Facebook have been getting an inside look at these types of things because of the pictures and whatever. But I know a lot of people have been asking questions about this rig what's in the semi truck. What have we done? The trailer this whole thing and I think, it's […]

RC ADVENTURES – RC4WD Gelände II 4×4 Truck Kit w/Defender D90 Body Set – Build Video (PT5)

I didn't actually paint the inside of these, because when I put the LED lights in there, I still want it to be reflective, so don't paint the inside. If you want to have extra light coming out of the light buckets so many times, I've seen people using plastidip for the full scale, one […]

RC ADVENTURES – ULTiMATE MUD – Paddle Tires & 3S Lipo – Custom SCX10 4X4 FOFF DiNGO

RC ADVENTURES – OPTiMUS OVERKiLL – Transformers 30 Year Anniversary Tribute – Bloodshot Airbrushing

Yeah, look at the camera, say hi to YouTube: hey, hey! This is my buddy Ryan. He came into the RC spark studio today to unveil a very special product that we've been working. We rolling right now yeah we're, rolling right now, all right, hahaha, that's, okay. This is the first time on rcadventures. […]