Remote Control Quick Tips – Considerations when buying a radio/transmitter

This is my spectrum. Dx7 actually bought this in January 2008, so I’ve been using it pretty much solid for seven years and it’s been fantastic. I actually spent about 260 pounds back in January 2008 and at that point I had one model that I was going to fly it with hello. In the […]

RC ADVENTURES – UNBOXiNG a 50lb Dead Lift RC4WD 1/10 WARN 8274 WiNCH & 1.9 Genius Tires Overview

But these tires check these out. These are from RC four wheel drive. These are the 1.9 sized genius tires now you're able to see the tread pattern. What the lugs actually look like and, of course, the sidewalls now 1.9 sized tires I'm going to need some 1.9 size B blocks. I have not […]

Do They Work? Rock Crawling Tricks – RC4WD Genius Tires w/ Ballistic Bead Locks | RC ADVENTURES

These are the new 2.2 sized genius tires from RC four wheel drive. I have them mounted up on 2.2 sized aluminum ballistic rims aren't. They sharp they look amazing. My friends, the last few days, I've, been doing a lot of editing of a series. I do called the big dirty 2016 and it's […]


RC ADVENTURES – UNBOXiNG!! Let’s have a look at a few exciting things!

Oh gem is gon na help. Me do some unboxings I'm, very happy about that. Welcome back. Why thank you. I love good unboxing. I can't believe it's, not butter. I can't believe what are you doing is showing your nails. They are what they are. Looking very lovely. You know, it's called magenta mischief […]

RC ADVENTURES – Tiny Jet Boats Racing – PT 1 of 2 – Convergence: Gathering of the Racers

You don't need over amounts of power with these little boats. They can only move so much water through that jet before it just starts sucking in air or aerating. What it's doing in a while but I'm going to go. Nice job Chris 2s. What more do you got in there? Yeah what's, your […]

RC ADVENTURES – Swimming in Chocolate Milk MUD – 1/10th Scale Electric 4×4 – Axial BOMBER

I set up a little course in my old tank trap area because we do have quite a bit of water in there now I am gon na run. A 3s lipo in here that's the first time I'm running a 3s lipo, so 11.1 volts you guys that followed the last episode with the […]


The earth is getting clean check it out. Big red is up on the bench here and with all this rain means that we've got dirty water and mud everywhere. So to go out today, with this powerful truck, I got to make sure it's protected and I'm using cow, our seas, utter butter. You […]

RC ADVENTURES – 4s/6s Lipo Impulse 31 Deep-V & Dual Blackjack 29 Catamarans – Radio Control BOATiNG!

Okay, so we've got the probe own impulse. It is an older version, we're going to be running it on a 4s lipo setup, which is due for a swipe, oh shut up tool to ends check it out, pretty choppy pretty windy, but at least the canal is canal is full and we'll be […]

RC ADVENTURES – LOSi DBXL 1/5 scale 4×4 Buggy & DJi PHANTOM 4 Quad Rotor Flying Camera

I still have it bro and I'm rocking it on the low CD bxl today. This is a gas powered one fifth scale: racing machine, basically off road it's, a buggy of sorts, it's, very, very cool I'm glad to have it up and running. I do have a new motor in there an engine […]

RC ADVENTURES – Damage: How Throttle Self Righting can hurt your RC – HPi Savage FLUX XS

I was actually using throttle control just to flip it from being on its roof back to on its four wheels. But what happens in any vehicle when you're like exerting a lot of force – and it automatically like if this wheel is free, speed, spinning and it actually hits the ground? It adds […]

BEAST II 6X6 Triple Axle Trail RC Truck – Ready-to-Run! RC4WD Unboxing | RC ADVENTURES

I haven't been filming here for a while, in fact, I've been in my shop out at the ranch of course, but I thought this is a great opportunity to put something back up on the white bench. We'Ve always had great rigs to show you up on the white bench and today is no […]