RC ADVENTURES – New Sheriff in Town – Dual Motor Traxxas Summit 1/10th Scale MT

Everybody'S gon na want to have a look inside at this one tenth scale tracks. This summit and I'll tell you. It is a huge machine, a beast I've been running for a long time. A lot of you may recognize this as the floating Traxxas summit that I had, as well as the rat […]

BOOSTED CHEVY K5 Blazer 4×4 RC Truck – 6s Lipo Pulls JUDGE | RC ADVENTURES

X-DYNO Tested – Reedy VR-ST .21 Nitro Engine_ Velocity RC Magazine

We fire up X-Dyno to get some hard numbers on the Reedy VR-ST .21 nitro mill. Former factory Yamaha Supercross mechanic Brian Kinney is at the controls hacking out a perfect tune and maximizing output. BK has also designed nitro engines for the RC hobby and really knows his stuff. Check out the full Reedy […]