Traxxas Bigfoot Review – Velocity RC Cars Magazine

Traxxas Bigfoot RTR video review! Our thoughts on this new release from Traxxas. Based on the 22 year old Stampede chassis, this modern body will make you remember that the Stampede is actually one of the best RTR's ever made. Fast, but more important, tough as nails…not those cheap new nails but the ones that […]

50 MPH! Traxxas X Maxx 8S Review – Velocity RC Cars Magazine

Our Traxxas X-Maxx has gotten some good use. The internet thought it was slow at a impressive 35mph, so Traxxas released a conversion for those with the 6s version. The new conversion gives you an upgrade ESC, drive line and some other components to handle the power upgrade. For just $299 (plus a 175 core […]