Taking the New Volvo for a TEST DRIVE: A40G Rock Truck Winter 2019 -15c 1/14 scale | RC ADVENTURES

That is the latest version to our arsenal for getting pay filth to the plant this yr on "YouTube GOLD". That is the Volvo A40G Articulating, Hydraulic, Electrical Rock Truck. I unboxed this lovely truck with my son within the final episode. If you want to see it, here’s a hyperlink: This machine weighs roughly […]

Father & Son UNBOX a NEW VOLVO A40G Articulating Dump / Rock Truck 2019 | RC ADVENTURES

NO Gold Mine can transfer the right quantity of pay grime with out the best tools. Although we had a number of dump vehicles in season 1 of "YouTube GOLD" (2018), as I put together for mining in 2019 .. I cant assist however suppose we missed the mark merely due to not having the […]

YouTube GOLD: Excavator UPGRADES & Side-loading a Trailer (RC4WD Earth Digger 1.5) | RC ADVENTURES

YouTube GOLD takes all year to prepare for. In the off-season, it is important to go over the equipment and get any issues worked out. You don't want downed equipment on the Gold fields. Downed eqipment means lost gold. I have taken my YouTube GOLD excavator, and upgraded the heck out of it!! This is […]