box, I open up cedam City engineering, building block series well I’m Union and I’m on a break right now. So why don’t you build it yourself. This is the cedam city engineering, building block series made by top fans or TFS, as they also have put on the sticker there for ages, 3 and up man. Oh man, I’m excited cuz, I got ta. Do some building blocks? Wait? What well it looks like. I got to build the cars first according to all this here on the side, so there’s tools and there’s that and there’s manual screwdriver. No, no let’s do on the back. Here we got yellow red and blue, so we’ve got city, engineering, city, firefight and city police. What about city overeats, you know I’m hungry and I don’t want to go anywhere and pick up. My food, oh says multiple assembly, cultivation of intelligence and developing the mind Bo function. I tell you many times throughout the day. I have a lot of Bo function. Let the baby experience life and play RC function, improve babies, imitation ability and learning ability, it’s fun to do it yourself, yeah, you do it I’m busy I’m busy making Bo functions, and then it looks like you just assemble all this stuff right. There, a lot of assembly required alright let’s open this up. It yeah well it’s, nice of them to assemble the box. They tell you that then I can disassemble the box whoa holy moly holy moly, alright, well there’s! That is this: the Z’s, those that and some of the easy Z’s and some of this and yeah.

We got that and then well score for batteries. They’Ll tell you that uh make yourself a sandwich. This might be a little bit that’s your guy here, alright, how to make a sandwich knowing how to make these cars alright. So we got the city firefights mmm, do we I don’t know no fire trucks are read and, according to the stuff, on the back to see, do firefight yeah, it’s red. But this is everything else. Does city engineering – but this says city firefight instructions which that’s not that’s that’s? Clearly the city engineering, but this yep, okay, good, sign, good sign, no problem. We got this. We got this. The instructions are mmm. We got twenty pieces, okay, where’s our tools. Okay, we got screws here, there’s a couple tools tools. Maybe I’ll eventually find some these tools, alright, so let’s just start getting at let’s start popping all these pieces to make sure we got everything for our city, engineering, aka city, fire fight a case it EU breeds. Well, this looks like that might be part of oh that’s number, two, okay, whose turn numbering all these pieces we’ve got here. That’S number four right: there, that’s good that’s number, four it’s number, two that’s three weird one go where’s one! Nobody see one yet hey! I think I found number one perfect. Oh man, this is great I’m building my fun I’m doing it me pull tab, pull the tab before. Try me I’m, pulling it oh I’m pulling it.

I pulled it got it. So I try you. Okay, try you! I tried it so far. Nothing, but this piece is in here that’s number: one wait is that supposed to be in there. He’S looks like I need this for something else, but yet it’s inside here, oh good, I got it so it’s mine now it’s mine. Now so there’s there’s, no number one. You are my number one all right and a good thing that piece isn’t numbered at all, so good, good awesome. This is going well, swimmingly, I’d, say alright, and I got some s here open this up, so you’ve got one through four that’s, pretty good for pieces, one through four and then a piece that is oh. I guess this is seven and nine, but it’s already assembled, and then here we’ve got Oh 17 boy. The boy does get complicated, but it’s. Okay, it’s part of this prior science project I’m gon na be able to build it for four shotel, and my teachers will be very pleased perfect, and this here is clearly number 40 40, 40, 40. Okay, and then we got this piece here. I I’m worried that I’m missing pieces, but so far I’m not actually proven to be missing pieces so I’m, just being paranoid, I’m paranoid. When I got ta put it all together, then we’ve got a bunch of screws here. Oh we got this piece too. All right and we got batteries too – we got all these batteries.

Oh speaking of batteries has changed battery on my computer, I’ll be right back alright, so I’ve been building some of my city of police, fire engineering and part of it works part of its. The Frankenstein monster so uh, let me see I did some of this right – those things connect here. You got to put some screws in on the bottom and I built the electric screwdriver real good, and then this part like this roof of this truck alright. Well, I put this part on too soon. So that’s done that’s fine, you don’t really need what are you doing? The construction aka firefighting? You don’t need protection from the elements right. There see it’s, fine, it’s thing and it goes and haunt like it’s in traffic. All right now we’ll build another thing. These are the pieces I have left. Oh there we go put some that there and we’ll do put a screw in here. There we go and then we’ll just tighten that up perfect and then we got that and then we’ll put this right through the windshield there that on top and then we’ll put another screw in there perfect and then wool then just unscrew. This part right here perfect and then we’ll add it on top of here, Wyatt you and we’ll put that there and then we’ll just screw this right here, a little tighter. We want safety a little tighter, a little tighter I’m gon na get it there.

We go perfect all right there, we have it city, forest fire, police, catering services and shanira ng, keep building yourself correctly or incorrectly I’m a genius – and I disassembled this – is mo Johnny Five whoa. That was epic, like all my unboxings, so to be sure to subscribe by clicking right up here and then also you can watch more Scott vs. box videos by clicking right over here and join the notification squad by clicking on that bell. Then you’ll know when every unboxing comes time to do.