If youre interested in that and im doing these unboxing videos in case other people are new. So that you see exactly what it comes with and know what to expect its real easy to see this box and say man, i want this, but you can get tricked real easy if you dont know and end up with a clear lexan body that you have To paint a molded plastic body thats, not this color, that you still have to paint im pretty sure this is a black molded body that you still kind of need to paint it, but were not so lets check it out. You know when youre shopping, for these youll see these people on ebay that sell the boxes only for like 20 and i used to get so mad at those people. You know what im probably gon na be one of those people soon here, because i am not ever selling these. These are so beautiful. Oh, my god wow. I did not expect these to be almost fluorescent. Orange lets. Take a look at these tires. So far. All these tamiya tires have been high. Quality got two different treads, pretty big tire. Look at that. Well, we dont really know how big my hands are. Do you or small? So now we got a keurig k cup to scale fits right through there, hmm just stuff for the chassis stuff for dont know. So i didnt look anything up about this kit chassis.

Looking very weird, okay. I have no idea what that is. Okay, so we got the differential gear, and i think this is that composite plastic thats a lot more stronger, very cool, okay got your bag full of stuff dang. This bag is heavy, lets, go ahead and open it up and just see whats in here. So its got dog bone drive shafts in it and im guessing. Is this two wheel drive or four wheel drive? It may only be two wheel drive. It is only two wheel: drive thats fine, so it comes with a silver can 540 brush motor im gon na have separate videos, building the chassis, the body and then speed runs. So one of the things ive learned so far is these motors will actually get faster. As you break, the brushes in were gon na have a video on that, as i learn more, but its not necessary to break the brushes in with a dremel or putting this motor under water all that kind of stuff. All right, then we got this. What is this? Oh, okay, thats shock oil. This will be my first official shock oil. Now i know what to buy all right so the moment of truth is this body acceptable and can it pass without needing a paint job lets? Look at it moment of truth. Does it need a paint job? Oh it kind of does so to be honest with you 100. If you plan on getting this just to display it, you will need to paint that body it will have to be primed very well body, worked a little bit and then sprayed.

It does not look perfect in any way up close okay, so we are going to have a video assembling the body with stickers everything 100. I am not going to paint it because i bought this right here to enjoy it. Its got the glass parts and smoked plastic very neat, so this one has a figure that comes with it. I did not know that im staying away from painting these for right now lets see if it comes with that cool esc that you can run brushless with and a sensored brushless motor. It does im not sure if they all come with that or not, but this is very cool. Okay and check these stickers out. Wow thats, crazy, beautiful the grasshopper had the stickers that were pre cut. Cant tell i dont think these are so i thought this was a monster truck chassis at first, it appears to be a buggy chassis, thats, two wheel, drive and rear wheel drive only which is cool. So i believe this is a current re release. I paid 203 dollars in december of 2021 and notice. It only comes with a 540 silver can motor and the esc. Okay, so lets say you just have to have it youre gon na buy it no matter what lets talk about what you need to complete it. So that you can actually run it after you build it, you have to provide your own servos. Here is the item description from ebay of this one youre gon na have to supply your own battery.

This is the one that i got from ebay for about 21.. It comes with its own little charger, also going to need a receiver and transmitter. This is about 50, so thats, your remote or transmitter and thats your receiver, and you can see right there thats, the one that i got, but just showing you what you need im not saying to get these. I am brand new to rc ive only been into it for a month and just showing you what ive gotten so far so thats.