Other. You know cars, trucks. Whatever it may be, uh thats something I really enjoy doing, and I try to do my best to answer any questions you guys may have or if theres, a particular car truck you want to see. I have no problem shooting a video for that. So with that said, this truck was asked about whos. Actually, we can cover uh this and also the Bruiser back there so well get to that one as well at some point shortly uh, but for now well talk about this one, so this truck was inspired by a RC car action. Readers ride submission dating back to May of 1989., so Ill put the pictures up of what that looked like in the magazine. It was actually in the magazine twice. It was first shown in readers rides in May, and then it was later again seen as a second place winner, if Im not mistaken, for readers rides of the year, so that truck was pretty custom as far as being a Bruiser in that time period it had The larger Cloud Buster size tires and wheels on it and well talk a little bit more about you know who made those and and all their you know all the stuff about those as far as their Rarity and things like that so yeah. So this one here is my rendition of that truck um and this one didnt start out looking this way, but I kind of made it into what you see here today, so this truck was actually a Facebook find um on a page I had belonged to on Facebook called Old School RC and it was listed for sale quite a few years back and at the time bruisers are still.

You know, getting decent money, but not crazy money because of the re release. But the truck had a really nice paint job which I was drawn to and uh it was just priced gray. I think it was like 400 bucks or something like that, but I remember correctly so I purchased the truck and you know it just was kind of like a shelf piece for the time being until I got this idea to turn it into a monster Bruiser. So, in order for that to occur, you kind of had to have the right tires or, more importantly, the right wheels for it. So these wheels that are on the truck here. These were made by a company called action. Mag action mag was big in the late 80s early 90s. They were an aluminum wheel manufacturer that made clogbuster size aluminum wheels for the cloud Buster as well as Quad Buster size wheels for the Bruiser. They also made dual wheel setup, so you could have eight wheels on your Quad Buster Blackfoot, lunchbox uh. You know Tamaya cars of that nature, so these wheels are pretty hard to come by and I finally found a set several years back. A buddy of mine, Mike dalbin, had built up a mountaineer and he had actually found the wheels and the tires and had purchased them and later on. He kind of dismantled the truck and was parting it out, and I was able to score the wheels and tires from him.

So these have the Vintage Diamond um patterned uh Spike tires from. I believe it was made by Duratrax if Im not mistaken and theyre a really cool, rounded tire and uh. The wheels are actually theyre Cloud Buster size but theyre, a direct bolt on to the clod Buster axle, so theyre, actually technically a two piece, wheel, design and Ill show you guys what I mean by that later, when we get up a close person with the truck Um, the back side is actually like TIG welded in or whatever it wasnt made from just one solid chunk of aluminum its like they milled the wheel out, and then they made the center insert and then that kind of got, pressed and then welded into the wheel. So a little bit different way of doing it back then I dont know if it was due to the Machining processes at that point or whatever the case may be, but either way theyre actually pretty cool rear wheel and not something you see too often. I am fortunate enough to actually have two sets of these. I had scored another set a couple years back that Im saving for a special project, but this one I just recently was able to kind of get it where I wanted to be. I have a little bit more work left to do on it. You may be able to see in the video here that there is no rear drive shaft in it and thats, because I recently just did a bunch of work to this thing.

So, for starters, it got a CC hand, aluminum front bumper. The side nerf bars are actually original, Tamaya ones that were Chrome plated at some point, as well as on the rear. Bumper. The truck then features Juggernaut leaf springs which have a much higher Arc than the factory Bruiser spring, which is a common um thing to do on. The Bruiser is way back in the rcmt easy board days to give the truck a little bit of lift and fit the the larger 2 2 tires like the groundhogs and things like that. It then also has juxter dual shock mounts front back and a quad shock mounting kit on the rear due to the fact that Trinity shocks are so hard and expensive to come by these days, I did end up sourcing a newer age, threadless shock body shock off Of eBay and a nice anodized blue with a Slimmer body and no threads, so it kind of gives the vibe of the old school style shocks. The other nice thing about this truck was: is the axles came out of another truck that I had purchased and theyre? Actually, Chrome plated so a couple nice little upgrades on this thing. Probably one of my favorite parts of this truck is this here: uh tonal cover – and this was actually made by Matt from scale hobbies and if youve been around a long long time, Matt was a guy that did uh. I believe what they referred to as rapid prototyping, which I think was almost like an earlier variant of 3D printing um, like very, very early, like probably 2004 2005 early, so pretty cool its its textured.

You know like that of what a leather bed cover would be. So its got the little you know rib nuts, in it that you know as the scale details for like snaps and the truck just has a really nice uh paint job on it other than that its its pretty much a stock Bruiser. For the most part, just a couple little minor things to to make it into a monster Bruiser like the one that was an RC car action, so yeah. I think that kind of sums it up, like I said not too much to talk about it – is basically just a Bruiser with some slight mods to it, but Ill bring you guys up close to personally with it Ill show you what the back side of those Wheels looks like so you have an idea of what I mean about that and uh well go from there all right, so lets check this thing out up close, so you guys can get an idea. First and foremost, you know it has a really really nice paint job on it, and then someone did some nice. You know old school style, um chroming on the side and pinstriping, and you know that was originally What drew me to the truck when it was listed. For sale, Ive had probably three dozen or so bruisers and Mountaineers and things over the years, and I had actually had a couple other bruisers at that point. But you know when you see one thats, this nice, it was just kind of something I felt like.

I had to grab so yeah. It was just a really nice clean model. Like I said, I added this pretty cool scale. Tonal cover from Matt at scale Hobbies. You can see its got the little snap rivets and everything in there and its textured, which kind of resembles that of an actual leather tonal cover and, like I had stated earlier, its got. You know Chrome plated Factory, nerf bars and a Chrome plated rear bumper, and then it also has the CC hand front bumper on there, just because the I had a Chrome plated one, but unfortunately the chroming process. You know, probably during the late 80s early 90s was not very good, so the the Chrome was actually flaking off of it. So I went with the the chromed CC hand, variant of it and it you know just kind of fits the truck nicely. The wheels, like, I said, are pretty are pretty custom as far as you know that time period they were machined out to fit the factory Bruiser hubs and they are clod Buster size. So you know it gives it that old school monster truck. Look if youre a Toyota fan, like me, youll know what Toyota stands for. I dont think I could probably say that on YouTube, but it goes something along the lines of take off your oversized tires and you could probably figure out what the a stands for its a little humor there for us Toyota, guys underneath the truck you can see Its a pretty clean chassis setup, this chassis was actually painted either with like a real gloss black.

You know basically clear coat automotive paint or powder coatings, its super shiny, the jugster dual shock mounts and you could see the shocks that I utilized from eBay. These are really nice, they could be, you know, done internally sprung, but obviously, with a Bruiser and the leaf spring, its not really necessary to have the uh the internal Springs inside there and then on the back. You can see the quad shock mounting kit and the chromed rear axle. Like I said this. These axes are actually from another truck that I had purchased and I had you know, kept the axles. They were really nice and it had some RC four wheel, drive, upgraded, steering, linkage and also the old school style. Aluminum lower shock mounts on it as well so yeah. Let me uh, Im gon na show you guys too. I want you to see what the the wheels look like from the back side. Let me pull out the other set of wheels. I have here all right, so I pulled out the other set of wheels just so you guys can get an idea here of what they look like off of the truck, and what I was talking about earlier – and you can kind of see here, is how they Are either welded or actually like, possibly aluminum braised of some sort on the back side? So from what I could tell is they actually machined the barrels of the wheels and then probably Im guessing you know, pressed the centers in and then actually you know, welded or brazed them from there.

You know I dont know if that was just an easier process or maybe if it had something to do with the you could see, because theyre meant to fit the Bruiser. You know the offset on these things. They have a really super deep dish. You know kind of like an old school weld that you would see on a on a real truck uh, so I dont know, if maybe it has something to do with getting the Tooling in there and not being able to cut the centers out so maybe thats. Why they did it that way? You know, unfortunately, with action. Mag being long gone at this point. Well, probably never know, but either way these are pretty cool Wheels. You know theyre theyre, not as common these days, you dont just really see them anymore. So its you know Im pretty fortunate to have the the two sets of them, but uh yeah. So if you guys like this video, please do remember to give it a thumbs up like And subscribe it to the channel. If you havent already – and I will catch you guys on the next one – probably gon na – maybe do maybe another Bruiser, video or Im actually considering, maybe doing a little uh, you know build as far as a new uh vehicle that I got maybe well kind of Cover it in a little bit of video action as I go along putting it together so well, uh well see what happens with that, but uh.