So as the thumbnail and description says, this is something a little bit different for me. Um now before i show you what i’ve bought um, i think it’s important i don’t buy anything just for this channel. I don’t i don’t, spend my money um to make videos just for youtube. I’Ve got to be interested in the kit, the car, the truck whatever it is, and i really want i need to help. I really need to want it in my collection in order for me to spend the money on it um. So are you ready for this? I kind of think this is pretty cool. I’Ve got ta, be honest, so obviously this is the the trike on the t3 or one chassis, a little dinky box, it’s awesome so yeah. I know nothing about these um. When the first one came out. I didn’t really like the look of it so much but um the new one with the the better body design for me, um kind of made it a little bit more acceptable for me and i started having a look at them on the internet or whatever, and I thought i’m really intrigued how that goes together, and then i was thinking how i could paint it up and make it a little bit different and don’t get me wrong with box that looks great on it. There’S, a lot of detail you can put on the driver figure and what have you and then, of course, get to run it.

So i was like yeah that kind of ticks all the boxes: it’s it’s, no vintage, tamiya kit that we do like to put on this channel, but nevertheless i think this is quirky and uh yeah. I was and the cheap as well. I got this um. How much was it? I think i got this for 88 pounds, including shipping to me from this came from the u.s to canada um. You know for 88 quid you get the full build experience of something you’ve not built before the quirkiness of it, and then you get the fun of running this trike. You know um and i’ve watched i’ve watched other videos of them running and they look like super fun so i’m. If you’re intrigued, i i am super intrigued to open this box up and just see what’s in it to be honest and we’ll, have a flick. Throw look at the bits and we’ll we’ll have a look at the manual as well and just gauge how this thing goes together. Um, it comes with a battery a battery tray underneath, for, i believe, it’s double a or aaa batteries to run it, which is it which is interesting, but you can buy a separate tray. I believe not sure if it’s in the kit – and i think, it’ll take like a one cell leaper, i think lipo um, as i say, we’ll get into it and see what we get in the kit right.

So, as i said, chassis t301, um and it’s on the box, it says star unit triple wheel: series supreme supreme, leaning, three wheel, drive full sounds pretty awesome to be honest: um yeah, it’s, um, there’s, an exploded view there of the trike itself and how it’s how It steers right moment of truth. Let’S get the lid off this thing, i’m, actually more excited than i should be about this to be fair right, let’s see if we can do this together, so the first thing that’s fallen out of the box is the um willy style driver, yeah, steering wheel, hands Yeah you’re going to get better get a lot of detail on that’s, going to be really cool what’s next, so all it. What the bit that intrigues me is all this is brand new it’s it’s it’s a completely brand new design right i’m. Not going to take these out the bags because i know it gets annoying so that’s only um four pack yeah, including the driver, that’s four part trees and then we’ve got hardware. We’Ve got this little dinky, i presume 380 motor in there. I know you can get um high speed ones and there’s at least three parts bags right: the body shell. This is the first time i’m being able to gauge the size of the thing. Yeah wow that’s, a that’s, the back end isn’t going to be mega coal. That’S um yeah it’s going to be not tricky to paint but uh.

Have it been so narrow what else we got the little wheels okay they’re, actually a little bit bigger than i expected them to be yeah very cool, um, multi purpose driver figure tells you how it goes together. Um looks like you get different decals for different faces, which is cool right. I won’t go through all of this, because we don’t need to let’s look at the decals. Ah yeah there’s a different faces, look at different eyes. That’S very cool visors got all the clocks. That’S excellent there’s plenty of decals um, oh masks as well. That’S awesome, those decals feel really thick. I wonder if there’s two there’s more than one page to it. Sorry, i wasn’t gon na open that up, but it does feel rather thick just take that tape off. So we don’t catch up the decals Applause. Ah, there is two pages: okay take these all out, so sorry about that the bags are really frustrating so, as i said, that’s the driver unit and then we’ve got the decals you’ve just seen and then we’ve got a second, oh no, we haven’t got two sheets I’M completely lying to you, i do apologize it’s just with the the masking the mask, because it seems thicker, okay, that’s cool and then we’ve got right. What i’m going to do now is because this is the part that i’m really intrigued with let’s set the camera up differently, so we can have a look at how this thing goes together.

Yeah got ta be honest. It looks this. It looks so cool it’s, very different. You get a little floating gearbox with suspension. Your little motors down here looks like the room for the um speed eyes up here now, that’s saying it’s, a t are one unit, not included, not sure what that is, but um. No doubt we’ll get into it see if we can turn let’s just open this up and see if we can get the camera fixed to it. So we can see what’s going on let’s. Get it higher right. Is that better, so we’ve got a little differential here into the gearbox. Now i haven’t got a bearing set for this so i’m hoping it’s kind of standard, tamiya sizes. What i’ll have in stock here gearbox bolted together, i can’t imagine, is taking too long to put together if i’m, honest gearbox little martyr martyr, it comes with a big pinion. I wonder if opinions on them – oh, no it’s, not on the martyr. Okay, if it might be fixed, come on and the chassis goes together. Sorry, this is probably not the most uh entertaining video, but if you like me and you’ve never seen one stuff like this is pretty interesting, it takes a full size server. I wasn’t sure if we’re gon na have to use um. Oh hang on yeah. I was wondering if i need it needs a low profile server, but it has got a picture here and the normal one.

Oh, this is the battery box that you make up and it’s four airs: excellent, yeah, okay, radio gear servo goes in at an angle straight down the front on the side. I’M. Guessing this tra tre or one unit must be um. Electronic speed controller combined i’m guessing yeah. It is because then it gives you the option here of your speed or your receiver. Then you switch so it looks like we’ve got all the gear here to get it running, which is cool front end with the forks. Obviously, they’re spring loaded wheels tires, probably end up, painting the wheels a different color. Maybe i don’t know i’ve got some what i thought i would know. If i wasn’t saying i was an exhaust but it’s not, but it is actually quite a bit too this. It says i was thinking it might only be like an hour job, but now it looks a bit longer and then on stage 30, putting your driver figure together, the clocks that’s a picture of the old one. Was it jewel? This is a jill ryder. What was the other one? I always forget the name of it um, but i didn’t like that cab nearly as much right so that’s that so let’s just have a quick look at the body, because that bit doesn’t treat me Applause. So she cut lines and unbox that it’s got two colors, so we’ve got the ps60, which is what they call bright, mica red and then ps5 black at the back and obviously the main canopy is transparent, so cutting out wise doesn’t, look too bad and obviously it Comes with masks so it’ll be uh very important to get them spot on, and then you start to put your decals on yeah.

I may well go box that yet because it it doesn’t, look a bad thing. Does it. You know in the red and then we’ve got the um the driver yeah. This is gon na, be very, very cold. So what do you think guys? Is it your cup of tea? Um got ta, be honest, i kind of um. What i love about this hobby is that, and it happens to me a lot certain cars or rc products that would never have interested me months or years ago and for whatever reason they just grow on you without you knowing and then all of a sudden one Day you’re like yeah, i fancy that um and that’s what that’s the beauty of this hobby um. This is one of those occasions. As i said when the first uh trite came out, i was like yeah, it looks fun, but never thought of getting one um and then obviously the new one, the new one came out. I was like well that looks better. I don’t really see it for 88 quid and, as i said, i’ve said it earlier, but for 88 quid you get to you, get the build fun of building another tamiya car. I mean it’s, not a lot of money. Is it and at the end of it, you’ve got something that looks cool kind of quirky and then you got the added bonus of running the thing you know and 100 that’s going to be fun to run um even with the four aaa batteries and uh the Slow motor, you know, but um yeah, i guess we’ll, probably in the future, get it fully ball.

Rest we’ll have a look at that sports tune, motor or whatever it’s called for it, to give it a little bit more oomph um. But these things don’t want to be crazy fast anyway, um, so yeah stick in the comments, what you think guys um, i know. Obviously i know there’s a lot of tamiya lovers out there, especially the vintage guys who the they ain’t got no time for this. This is rubbish to them. Um we’ve got those guys on the tammy legends, facebook, group and it’s. Just it’s got if it’s not vintage, it doesn’t exist in their world and i was going to say. I understand that i don’t understand that but that’s their opinion and um. You know each to their own as it were, but um yeah. I like new things like this, so um yeah. If you’ve got any um fancy ideas for a paint job for it. That’D, be awesome i’d love to hear i do like the box out myself got ta, be honest. I was thinking of going a really elaborate bright in your face, like neon color, almost maybe painting the wheels a different color um just to bring the wheels alive because the black wheels look good, but if they were white, they’d really stand out more. I don’t know so: if you’ve got any ideas on paint jobs, nothing, nothing crazy, just um yeah! Stick it in the comments and please yeah. If you’ve got one of these as well and you’ve got any hints or tips or you’ve run, one stick all that information in the comments, because, as i say what i’ve said on this, video is as much as i know about this kit.

Um anyway, i’ll shut up so once again, thanks so much for watching it’s massively appreciated. If you are new to this channel, what the mine just went blank then, because a little bit spit came, and i was gon na like, should i edit at that, and then i was like no i’ll just carry on cause again i’m a fat lad from bradford Who doesn’t do a lot of editing so let’s? Try it again once more from the top, because no one’s watching this right now i have it to be honest. So once again, thanks so much for watching it’s massively appreciated if you are new to this channel, if you could, please consider liking and subscribing to support us, and if you do about, please smash that notification buzzer for our weekly videos, because that makes no difference whatsoever.