Uh again, this is gon na, be something uh reminiscent of the childhood past. But before i get into the build, i hope you guys noticed wrapping my operation. 11 charlie t shirt uh. If you guys don’t, know anything about operation. 11, charlie i’ll stick a video up here: uh it’s one of the past videos i did where we actually built a few trucks for them, but operation 11. Charlie, is a awesome. Charity group i’m not directly affiliated with them by any means, but i just love what they’re doing and basically it’s rc’s for veterans, so i’ll put the link to their sites and everything else. In the description below and again, the video up here is me putting the trucks together for them, and it kind of goes into a little bit more in depth about what they are, and you know how i found them and everything. Um you’ll probably see this shirt in a lot of videos, because i want to get that word out. But with that said, let’s see what we’ve got to build. We’Ve got the frog, so another classic tamiya re release kit again one that i googled over in magazines. When i was a kid and always wanted, this was kind of a back burner car for me, because it’s based off of the same chassis as the black foot is so essentially the same vehicle. You know just buggy tires and buggy body, but essentially the same chassis.

So what i’m going to do break it out of the box? Get everything spread out! Organized i’ll run you through just a quick visual of everything and then we’ll go straight to the time, lapse and start getting this guy built all right guys. We got it all laid out on the table, so let’s start from here. We’Ve got our driver. This one is glenn morris. So not a fancy name like a lot of the other ones. It’S just got a dude name got your three piece: wheels wheels and tires. So the fronts are the smooth ribbed and the backs of the round spike, and we got some of the body retainer bits and servo parts. You got your gray, chassis, blades and some of the other body chassis boards. Then you come in and you get gearbox ports and the drive adapters, uh shock parts, other suspension, slash body, chassis parts, your bumper of course, simple silicon motor, the tb, le 02 speed control, brushed or brushless obviously will be running and brushed um. You have the clear lex hand, body, clear wing, and then you have all your hardware and accessory bags, so you got bag screw bags a b, c and d. Then you have your two sorry for the shakiness i’ve been doing yard work all day. My hands are shaky um. The two aerials you’ve got your stamp metal parts for the um rear, end and skid plate, and you have a lot of the um standoffs, bushings stuff like that, and you have kind of the driveline bag up here with the output, shafts and dog bones your differential Bag for the gears shock bag as the metal shock bodies and all the bits for the internals in there, and then this one has a lot of the the grease and the uh driveline boots and your double stick: tape all that good stuff, all right, so i’m, Gon na get this organized, get the hardware split up.

Uh get this ready to start going so see in a second time lapse: Music Applause, Music, all right guys, we’re back we’ve got the buggy chassis and everything assembled all the electronics are in so i’ve put one of these together before i’ve got the black foot back. There so essentially same chassis, the orb chassis, minor differences because of the buggy versus the truck and on the truck. They have friction shocks instead of the wool filled. Shocks for the most part same same obviously it’s been a while, since i put one together because i forgot a few things well, and i said i forget a few things, you know just kind of forgot how things went together. So one thing: when you’re putting these two chassis halves together, you know that’s, probably if you were a first time builder, that’s, probably gon na be the most frustrating thing is because you have to get the left side with some stuff started on it and then the Right side with some stuff that’s floating in there like this front bumper bracket, the front and rear servo mounts the rear you can get in afterwards um the front you kind of need to do that. It makes it an easy way to do. It is to put everything together loosely get the two halves together loosely and then you can kind of fight these in and pop them in this one into place, and then this one you can just basically stick in and twist and it’ll slide into place same thing With the front this front, bumper mount, you know kind of, do the same thing, leave everything kind of loose up front, and then you should have enough room in there to where you can snake this thing in and then get everything nice and tight.

But you know with any model kit that you’re putting together, especially one based off of something that originated in the 80s. You know it’s going to be a little bit finicky and fiddly at times the rear transmission, um yeah that’s as fiddly as i remember it being uh, basically just because you know in this one they had the metal side plates and it’s very narrow, and you literally Have to just stack gears and then put the center on and then it it’s you’ll see when you build one um it’s, not not difficult. You know it’s, just like stacking things up to make things work. One thing different in this kit than the other kit. Is it gives you multiple, pinion and spur gear sizes in the blackfoot? It was standard geared. So basically, in this and i’ll show you, the instructions you have a standard type is what i put in and then you have a speed type. You know this thing. I’M, not running it on smooth flat ground, so it’s going to bounce all over the place. If i put that in it’s going to be too hard to control and then you have a torque gear, so if you wanted to and if you wanted to run say a bigger tire on the back, um well bigger tires up front and back you know you Could swap out and put that torque gear in um? Likewise, if you know you live in a neighborhood, you got a lot of paved roads and you want to put like a little on road tire on the back and do zippy speed runs.

You know so the speed run gear in there now fair warning once it’s built it’s a lot of disassembly to get these guys switched in so you’re gon na need to kind of make up your mind on what you want to do, uh when you’re building it. So i have um old glenn here, um well, parts of it and the headlights um cleaned up so i’ll be taking those in and working on, painting those sand them down. I’M gon na fill a little hole on top of his head. I believe, because this just gets double sided taped to there somehow, so i realized that later i’m gon na have to cut these wires and move those i just kind of zip tied them up to get them out of my way. Wiring on this guy’s, a little tight um, basically the servo wire and the esc wires, and all that stuff are kind of tucked off to this side underneath the plate. And then your um, whatever receiver you’re running just, gets double sided tape down to the inside. Your driver’s guide is going to sit up here, and you know the lexan body is going to sit fairly tight to that. You know you don’t have focus. You don’t have that problem with you know the big monster truck there’s, so much room in between the body and the thing so yeah um i’m, not gon na get the body done tonight. Um. Unfortunately, i thought the pink on the.

I thought this pink part down here was actually gon na be a sticker, so i was hoping you know blast it all in in white and then throw the colored stickers on and everything. But now you actually have to have the pink for the bottom and the white for the top. The roll bar is actually a sticker. I may actually hand paint that on behind, since i have some black paint, but the big part of it’s done um now it’s. Just getting the body cut up and painted so i have to run out to the hobby shop grab some more paint, which is fine, because i still don’t have my little nitrous tank for willy painted. Yet so i have to still have to go. Get the blue for that so anyway, we’ll get the body all cut up, painted decaled and stuck on top of this dude and then we’ll. Take him out for a spin, see you in a sec! Well, hey guys! Welcome back! So we’ve got everything finished uh! All the assembly is complete, the body’s painted decals on overall the kit’s, a good kit. I don’t think i would recommend this one to a first time. Builder um, especially somebody young, getting into the hobby, get them grasshopper even get them the hornet um the hornet went together a whole lot easier than this did the reason i say that is because this orv chassis was kind of reused and reused, reuse for multiple things.

So the blackfoot build went perfect. Everything was super easy because you have that big monster truck body and you have all that real estate to work with this body. Is you know a it’s, a lexan body and i’m used to you know just be able to pull those off real, quick change out battery. Do whatever this body is pretty much put it on and leave it um. You can take it off, but it is extremely tight to get the body to stretch over those posts. They do give you some fiberglass reinforced tape to put on air, because those are going to be high stress areas. So, in my case i’m, not too worried about it. This is going to get run around, but it’s not going to get beaten and abused um. This is just going to be another fun uh weekend little play in the yard type thing. So getting this tank taped off and painted and decaled and everything decals are actually pretty easy, but getting it cut out and painted pose some problems. Some of those are mine. I forgot to remove the mask from the roof and i had to go back and repaint. The white so unfortunately, due to a series of unfortunate events um, it was a very, very heavy coat of paint and it started bleeding some of the previously painted black into the white. It is what it is. I can hide it if i really want to, but it’s, not terrible and i’m, definitely not going to go through the hassle of rebating.

There was so little space in here to work with you know, getting it taped off, getting it masked, getting these lines and everything free handed um, not necessarily something uh. I would recommend to a beginner the build sure uh it’s it’s straightforward enough to build it um. It just if, if you’re getting this for your kids, make sure you take the time to help them out and then paint the body and everything if not they’re they’re, not gon na, enjoy the process um and again go with something with a hard body on it. Like the grasshopper for a little kid, you know it’s taken down the box and they can stick her right over top of it if they want other than that, it’s typical to me, a kit went together fairly easily um. The instructions are clear and fairly easy to follow, always read the fine print on the side. I still to this day have a problem with you know, following the pictures. Look at the part number look at the screw. Number stick things together and there are some steps in here that you really need to pay attention to that fine print on the side or you’re going to get into the next step and be scratching your head and going. Why doesn’t this work. So just a just an fyi, so let me get you a little bit closer let’s. Take some up close, looks um i’m going to go ahead and post this video without the running footage.

Just because we have crappy weather today and i’ve got family coming tomorrow. So i’ve got cooking and cleaning and yard work and stuff to do tomorrow. I want to get you guys this video. I will post a run video of this, and i will take out the ttob, which i never did get a running. Video of that either so i’ll take both of them out put it in one video and just have just some run action and uh make that a video of its own, but for right now, let’s get you down. Take a closer look all right, guys, a little bit more up, close and personal look at the buggy so again typical rv chassis, so the shocks are technically spring loaded on the inside of the the body and uh it’s, a very unique way of doing that. We do have the oil field shocks on this, which is different than the black foot build uh. That still has the friction shocks on it. Typical uh round spike tires in the back and the smooth ribbed on the front around back, threw in a couple extra stickers, and you see on the back of our driver’s head. We’Ve got the frog racing on the back of that as well, so there’s. No denying that this is the frog racing team vehicle um. I think i may have wanted to run these wires a bit differently, but i don’t know they work. They just slightly press on the body.

There um i’ll also probably put some smaller body clips in here. Um, since this body is not going to be coming off very often those big ginormous ones are a little much it’s hard to tell, but i gave our driver there glenn some green harness and a little bit of pink on the bottom of his helmet. So there’s old glenn right there sitting inside looking partially terrified and i think that’s kind of the proper way to paint to me a driver. You know i’m not gon na, go through and put beautiful blue eyes on him. I want that kind of look of dazed hair in their eyes, so again guys i’ll get some running. Video of this and i’ll also take out the plasma edge 2 because i never did any running video of that. So once i get some dry grass to where i’m not gon na get these things all nasty and everything um, i hate mud, i hate cleaning, so i’ll wait for it to dry up a little bit before i take these out. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up, comment down below what you thought and let me know, if there’s anything else, you would like to see um. We can kind of review some of the old trucks, some of the new trucks um anything um, except for the gas boogies and the t max um i’m completely out of nitro. I don’t want to do them anymore, they’re, just messy loud, pretty easy, all right guys! Well, that’s going to wrap up the video for the tamiya frog, build um i’m, not sure what’s coming up next um right now.

I don’t have anything coming so i’m, not sure if we’re going to get a new video or if we’re, going to do some work on some of the existing cars. Maybe do some upgrades i’m, not sure, but stay tuned uh again leave a like leave a comment. If you’re not subscribed, definitely subscribe just so you don’t miss out on anything and uh. That way you won’t miss out on the running video, either all right guys thanks a ton for stopping by and checking out the video. I appreciate it so much everybody be good.