I got this kid from a local seller and he told me that everything is in the box, except for the chassis and true enough. The chassis is missing, but we have some of the model cover and the top covers for the chassis as well as the rollers. We also have the body shell. This is the driver and the body shell is here. We do have the wheels and the tires, as well as the moto gears and copper contact parts right now. I only have a super one chassis, so this is a super one chassis and here ive already installed the white one way wheels, which i featured in one of my previous videos and also have the upgraded hyper dash 2 model to give it the extra speed for The front wheels they are not installed yet because i need to use the tamiya steering set for this radio control conversion. Well, the first radio control conversion, which i did a year ago, uses this steering system set its from tamiya. So this is original and, as you can see, the parts are already removed from the plastic tree because ive used them and specifically this system is set. As for the vs chassis t, zac and t zech x chassis, so it will not fit on the super one chassis i have here back in the day, we have the tamiya mini for the bd cars and theres. Also, a knockoff called the old mini for the bd cars and fortunately, this during system set, although its a clone its not exactly the same as the tamiya one, it will fit on the super one, as stated here fit on super one and lv chess.

You have no idea what lv chassis is, i suppose, its a particular type of chassis for the rd line anyway. Lets use this steering set for the rrc conversion. For this super one chassis, all right, heres, the all these steering system set installed onto the car. Just like the tamiya steering system set, there are no screws required. I just added some hot glue for security and theres a steering axle here, which controls the steering motion. Well, just like my previous rc conversion, ive attached a linear servo for steering and also make this push pull linkage out of this paper, clip ive cut away the connector of the servo, because i will be soldering these wires directly to the receiver. Speaking of the receiver heres, the backpack of electronics, basically, it has the receiver in the middle, the speed controller, as well as the 5 volts booster. This will step up the one cell lipo pack to five volts to power the receiver its really compared as you can see, all right, heres the gross hopper completed, and you can see the driver sitting in there im using the same colors as the box up thats. The canopy removed sorry, the body shop removed, and you can see the electronics here and were gon na use this one cell lipo pack im gon na connect.