Working and i’m super excited about it because it’s my first ever full build of a tao2 chassis, but before we get into that, i just want to give a massive thank you to yarrow assay for sponsoring today’s video. As the majority of you will no doubt know, your rc can be found across social media and their main part of call is their amazing website um what they do. Obviously all things rc, including tamiya and, as i said they can also be found across instagram, youtube and facebook and most important importantly of all, if you are going to use yarrow assay, please go into the description of this video and use our tamiya legends. Five percent discount promo code for any rc purchases – um they’ve, given us that so we might as well use that promo code right then let’s get this opened up, let’s, get it all out in front of us and get cracking. Oh, we love the builder. It’S been a while i’m excited so laid everything out: i’ve taken all the um bodywork parts and whatever you’re aware um we’ve got the trusty little tool kit ready with the greases and what have you um can’t, see a bearing in sight within this kit um. But again i’m just gon na build it completely kit form because that’s more than good enough for the amount of running i’m gon na be doing with this thing. So uh let’s crack the manual open and get stage one lovely stage.

One is building the rear ball. Diff, never my favorite job and uh me and ball. Lifts are always get on, although we’ve got a better relationship than we used to have um little interesting facts before i build this diff um, this tier 2 s chassis, comes with front baldiff. Sorry this comes with rear baldiff, but the front diff is gear, that’s odd, to have two different style: git diffs on it um, i don’t know any other tamiya card. That has that. So again, if you do stick that in the comments, because i’m always happy to learn right, that’s, the ball they’ve built again, never my favorite in instruction tells you to tighten this fully up. Usually you tighten it fully up and then take it back. I don’t know half three quarters of a turn feels great, though feels pretty smooth, but obviously ball dips need to be wet, um warning um, you need at least a battery through them and then go back into them and adjust them up if they’ve come loose. A little bit but um yeah that’s that done so. Our next stage now is to get the bushes out mount that rear diff um into the rear, gearbox seal it up with the plate, and then it looks like um we’re going to fit the mortar as well. Right so gearbox sealed with a different um silver can standard motor comes in the kit, 21 tooth pinion and plastic motor mount, which i’m more than happy to use on this.

As i said, minimal running and just point of interest, because i know this – these gearboxes really well from all my sort of df01, like top four stuff um, so it’s got a 21 tooth opinion, so it’s pretty much the highest ratio ratio gear ratio you can have In this car, without changing it to the speed gear tuned set, so the car is going to be reasonably quick, even on firefighter um, which is pretty cool but there’s. A ton of different gearing options of this, in fact, there’s. Just a ton of hop ups of this particular style of chassis anyway, anyway, next thing to get the more terrain and then we’ll get the rest of the gearing in place right. So that’s now rear shock tower on um top arms are on obviously motors in all the gears are in greased up. So the next stage now is to build um the lower um arms and hubs right. So that says finish stage: nine, which is, as you can see. Basically the um rear. End finished it’s got the arms on um. You can see let’s see if i can get this in camera, so you can see how we see the angle of the drive shafts. You can see how they’ve shortened the wheelbase with the lower arms quite clever. I just i do wonder if that puts extra stress on the dog bones or being at that angle, but don’t suppose it matters, but um yeah that’s all gone together.

A tree really really nice, indeed, so just looking at the manual now on stage 10 or step 10 next stage now is to build the front gear diff, so that’s slightly easier and a lot quicker right. So that’s the front, the gearbox started: um gear diff’s built up it’s all metal gears inside. I should have shown you that, but every part of the inner is metal which is good quality. I like that um, so it’s just casing our will. Bang this um diff cover on and then we turn the gearbox upside down over and then we start fitting the main gears to it right so that’s, the gears in the front gearbox, very straightforward and simple next stage – is to obviously just bang the cover on with Three screws and then that takes us up to stage 13 in the manual which is to build all four shocks and the air oil shocks. So i’ll get this done, i’ll build the four shocks and then we’ll come back right. So, as i said, um from gearbox completely finished all bolted down top and bottom, and then i’ve just built the four oil shocks, um they’re, very short shocks. These there’s um, two internal spacers as standard in them, but um yeah. It took me time on the oil to get the bubbles out and they feel pretty good. So i believe the next stage is um stage: 60 i’m, just looking at the manual yeah, which is to get the front shock tower on and to get the front and lower out.

Excuse me top and lower arms built up and that’s the front. End finished by the shocks: the: u shaped metal brackets in there, holding the lower arms on and uh everything’s feels pretty smooth it’s going together, really nicely um. So what we got now so that’s front and back gearbox is finished and we’re up to um stage. Where is it 19 on the manual and that’s to fit the shocks on both gearboxes um, so we’ll get that done, and then we’ll see what’s next right, that’s, the shocks front and back very happy with that very little movement on those it’s don’t buy it for Uh thinking you’re really gon na better rally. This thing around, because the suspension travels just not there but that’s, not an issue for me at all, really like it’s, all very smooth i’m, just gon na go away and make a coffee now which doesn’t affect you guys and then i’ll figure out what i’m doing. Next, because we’re getting close to the radio gear side of it so i’m, not sure if i’m just going to bat on not bother with the electrics finish, the chassis off and i’ll just put the electrics in at my leisure um. Let’S have a look at the manual right, so i’ve decided not to put the electrics in just yet uh, which might seem a little bit odd to some of you, but i actually prefer just building the whole car it’s not like.

I have to backtrack a lot. Um to fit the electrics, so what we’ve done we’ve started the chasse we put the two um steering servo mounts in just put the screws and washers in we’ve, put the sort of top deck unit um on the car and we’ve also fitted the um steering system To the car so that’s all done now, so the next stage now is to fit the front and back gearboxes to that and it start and then it becomes a car right. We have a car. What a lovely thing this is so yeah front and back gearbox is bolted down top and bottom prop shaft in um steering’s now connected um feels pretty cool um next stage now, for the chasse is actually to put this big num bumper on. So this is only that’s, the bumper guys and that’s only for this car. Now, as you can imagine, the r37 has a um a huge front, end um, so yeah that’s how it goes now. I’M. Obviously, i’m gon na fit this now um. But i think when the car’s finished, even when i’m running it i’m, not 100 sure i’ll have this on. I think that the body itself the front of the bonnet just sort of finishes just in front of it. So it is a proper bumper and i understand why it’s there but sort of looks wise for aesthetics. I don’t know i might not put it on, but right now we’ll fit that bumper and then the only other thing we’ve got to do um.

Just looking at the instructions now we’ve got the body power post to get in there. In fact, let’s finish the chassis fully and then we’ll come back right. So that’s that chassis finish now so that’s. Everything on so we’ve got the front. Um body mounts on um with a body clip and uh o ring we’ve got the rears on which go on through two brackets, no it’s, quite a weird one, and then we’ve got some rubber tubing that we’ve had to cut um, which just slides over so next Step now is to dig the wheels tires and foam inserts and let’s get those built up and get it on the car right. Apologies, my friends, um. I said in the unboxing video that there were actually slick tyres and, as you can see, they’re not not they’re, not far off to be honest, um i like them. Actually i do. I, like these tyres, um i’m kind of glad they didn’t go with the rally blocks because anyway um, i think we’ll still get enough grip sliding around on low surface and then, of course, we’re going to have to get maximum grip on tarmac, which is awesome, close Wheels look at them, they’re, just awesome and all for now. I’Ve got the thumbs in which is a little bit of a fiddly job, because you’ve got to take your time and make sure um that it’s all seated flat and then, when it’s done just keep pressing.

It down um but um, yeah i’m loving. Those right final step is to get the wheel adapters and the pins and the wheel. Nuts and let’s get the wheels on and then we can actually have a play and spin the diffs and all that and see if everything’s going in the right direction right, that’s the chassis done that bumper’s, horrendous isn’t it uh i’m gon na just sit the body. Shell on in a second as well – and i think, you’ll see that that bumper doesn’t can’t be on. I understand why it’s there and you know if you are running it hard, then you need that, but it no. It actually spoils the car anyway that’s going to give her a tree, that’s suspension. So i said earlier it hasn’t got much movement, but it’s it’s, not bad um, then. Obviously you can. You can get a little bit more ground clearance if you mess around with the shocks and things and stiffen them up slightly, but um yeah, the the diffs it’s funny having two different diffs on so you’ve got your ball diff at the back, which is uh right. Now it’s a little bit grainy and a bit harder and then you’ve got before the sort of three spinning gear diff at the front, it’s it’s quite odd to have the two um right: let’s sit the shell on. Oh look at that. So me being me. Obviously they give you the body mount settings um that should be correct to run it’s, obviously sort of maximum clearance from your body, but for now um.

Obviously i won’t cut the pass, but i’ve just taken the spacers out and the pass um. I actually had to take the small rear bumper off the back, because the back of the body, shell, that’s, what it was hitting on um and it it was probably the lowest it could go – was probably about there, which is fine when you’re running it but um. When it’s sort of in show to be honest, what i’ll probably do with this is i’ll i’ll make my running video um and then i’ll sit the body a little bit lower it’ll it won’t be as low as it is there. On that front, the right now, the front of this body is actually sitting on the big bumper um, but it’ll probably be around about there when it’s sort of in display mode um, because you definitely do need a little bit of clearance but um for now, that’s That’S good enough and then from my angle, i’ve just started like a look through the instructions, but my next stage i’m going to do is the oh on the next video it’s going to be the cockpit and then the video after that i’ll do the shell. But the shell is so involved. You know obviously it’s a hard shell, but it’s not just a case of blasting it over the big. The large front and rear windows have got black surrounds, there’s, a black surround a sill there’s black on the front and then there’s the lights and everything to paint, and obviously you got to go over it in ts white.

So there is a shed load to do. Um it’s a it’s, quite an involved body but it’s, one of those with tamiya and the hard shells it’s um. You reap what you put into these bodies because at the end of it, they’re just absolutely stunning and then a quick one from the side. It’S awesome. Isn’T, it it’s absolutely it’s funny, because when you see the chasse and you realize just it’s a it’s, a really short wheelbase chassis, but once it’s on the car, it doesn’t really look like that and that’s as far as i’m going to go with it. In this video such a pleasure to put that chassis together i mean it’s it’s, nothing. Different i’ve worked on so many dfr ones um, but it’s. The first. You know from scratch. Tao2 that i’ve built and again just such an enjoyable experience, absolutely gorgeous little chasser. As i said, all the diffs rear, diff being um ball, a little bit stiffer and he’s running in um from gear diff it’s fine overall drive it’s reasonably smooth, you know, and it was no bearings in it either um, definitely taking that bumper off um, obviously i’ll I’Ll leave it on for now, but when we get to when it’s time to start the shell i’ll i’ll have that off, because it’s pretty horrendous, we’ll, put more detail on the wheels as well at the end. We’Ll put some tire decals on it, which will really liven it up.

Um, as i said, there’s a lot of work. I’Ve done that thing again that i always do with tamiya hard body shells. I i i forget how much works in them again. I knew this was a hard body – shell. It was like yeah ts, pen or lots of decals, but before i even get to the decals there’s, a shed load of other little bits of paint you’ve got to do not just the white um, so it’s way more involved than um, but that’s. What i always do, i always i get to this stage: it’s like oh yeah, there’s, a lot of work, but it’s gon na be so worth it so um yeah. I think i’ll wrap this video up um. Let me know in the comments what you think next video on this at some point will be we’ll. Do the full, cockpit paint it and i’ll save the video after that? We’Ll do the main shell and get it finished and then we’ll get it out running gently. So yeah i’ll wrap this video up here so once again, a massive thank you to yarrow assay um. As i said earlier, all our details and links and our five percent discount promo code is in this video’s description. So please check that out and uh thanks for watching it’s massively appreciated.