So the first one i decided to show you was this, but in order to get to how we got to this, i have to show another car, because this was an afterthought, this one um. So as i go through this, this will make sense. Just before we do start, every video link will be in this video’s description, um, all the running footage and all the build videos of all the cars i’m showing you all. Those video links will be in the description and obviously we’re running little clips i’m, showing you they’re a little bit grainy because i downloaded them back um, but the original videos were shot in 4k. So the idea was, i wanted to do a custom, dto1, chasse and i’ll allude i’ll i’ll get i’ll put more detail into this as we go, but, to start with, i ordered the tamiya madbull kit now that’s part number 58 205, and that was released in december 1997, and that is a dto1 chasse. At the same time, i also got hold of a tamiya fighter, buggy rx part number 58184, and that was released in october 1996 and again that’s the dto one chasse. So both cars turned up now. The idea was, i only bought the fighter buggy rx for the body, shell um, and that was to go on the mad bull chasse, because i had an idea for me. So the idea was i’m. A big fan of the old tamiya rookie rabbit now originally again.

It’S never been really re released. The rookie rabbit came out um in december 1991 on part number 57501 and again dtr1 chasse right. So my thinking behind this was a rookie rabbit tribute car based on the mud, bull chasse, so it was basically a rookie rabbit on steroids. That was the idea big wheels and tires um a kind of in your face design, because i really liked the decals on the rookie rabbit so um yeah. The idea was fight rx shell onto that chasse. What we did do with that chassis, we um on the madbull chassis, we uh put a full bearing kit in it and we also changed the swaps swaps. We also changed out the shocks because the kit comes with friction shocks and um. I got a set of dto1 black cvas, which are oil filled dampers. That makes that made a big difference, so that was the first part of call. So i was super happy with how this one turned out. I hope you can agree from the pictures. It was absolutely superb. The only thing i changed really was the um, the color of the wheels, and i really wanted it in your face. So i sprayed the wheels pink to match the decals again they do chip easily, so it’s, not the best. I i glossed over them and what have you, but that paint won’t stay on long if you’re running it hard, but for the overall effect.

I just think it looked. Absolutely superb um really good looking care so once that was done. The next stage on that particular car was to get it out for a running video. Now i’ll give you a quick, 30 40 second clip of it running now straight line, even with all this power guy gaza doesn’t it just a bit wary about flipping it, so that was just absolutely great fun. Both these cars were fun cars and the there’s. So much fun to drive um the dt01 chassis and gearbox is pretty bulletproof in my opinion, and you can run them with. You know decent brushless motors on 2s and things like that anyway, so that guy was done with, but what i did at the time of making those videos i was quite into my speed – runs and it wasn’t really to get as fast as i can. It was to put my basic, cheap, um, 43 70 kv, brushless combo set in it, run it on two and three s and just map it with a gps, so um what i did when uh when the mud – oh also, i should say i then called it. The mad rabbit, obviously because it was a cross between the mad bull and the rookie rabbit, so mad rabbit made sense um. So what i did was i took the mad rabbit shell back off and i put the bull shell back on just to do. The speed runs so i’ve just done a very i’m just going to show you a very quick clip.

Um of the speed runs and again 43 70 kv moto, which is a 90 um first passes on 2s. Second, is on 3s. The thing was flying and i thought it was particularly stable if i’m honest for what it is biggest biggest hardest thing on when you’re running like the lunchbox size, wheels and tires, is the ballooning, so we’ve got to be glowed, but when you’re on 3s and you’re Giving it full banes the thing flies up anyway: here’s a quick clip right, so just double check so about 56 kilometers an hour is actually just short of 35 miles an hour Applause, so i’ll just double check. So 74 kilometers an hour is 46 miles an hour right, pretty quick, yeah right. So i end i actually then raffled the mad rabbit off on the legends facebook group because that’s what i used to do 12 months ago or longer, probably longer um. So anyway, i was left then, with the fighter: buggy rx, chasse, um and the mud ball. Um shell – and i must admit at that time i didn’t have a plan for it. Um, it was just sat downstairs, um and then i kind of had a look at it and obviously, if well, i’m saying. Obviously, if you don’t know the mad bull. Shell is very similar to the grasshopper 2 shell um, but it is slightly different, but from a quick glance they just look exactly the same. So when i was looking, i thought well, we could sort of buy some grasshopper, two decals for it, and maybe just do that because i had the fighter buggy rx wheels and tires left over and i was like that is a little bit boring and this was Just by fluke i had a stadium thunder, downstairs, um and i, for whatever reason i was kind of thinking about putting bigger tires on it.

So i went and took took those off a stadium from that i nicked the front axles off the stadium thunder and i put them onto this rx fighter fighter, buggy rx, sorry, so we could put the big stadium thunder wheels and tires on then, if you aren’t Into your tamiya’s, once that’s done, you’ll realize that looks very similar to the grasshopper 2 super g. That tamiya did now that particular car came out in august 1989 on part number 92018 i’m. A massive fan of the grasshopper 2 super g. Personally, i think the standard grass upper 2 is very bland um. It just doesn’t do a lot for me, but the super g kit came out with the new aluminus wheels brand new designed front tires and obviously the most important thing was the yellow, cva full shock set, and it just transformed the car, in my opinion, um, so That was it. I was like right what i’m going to do i’m going to do a a dto1 but i’m going to do it in a grasshopper 2 tribute super g car. So that was the idea, and this is what we’re left with, and i absolutely love this thing: um it it. It was just exactly what i wanted. It was a. It was a tribute car. It looks like the grass, it looks like a super g but again it’s on steroids, so let’s get the camera over and have a look at this.

So here we have it so, as i said fighter buggy rx dto, one chasse stadium, thunder uh original wheels and tires on it. Those shocks are actually original cvs from the terra scorcher um. I cleaned them up best. I could, but we have got obviously a bit of edge to them. The full chasse has got a bearing kit in it. It’S got full electrics in it because i’ve never taken them out and the most probably one of the most important features on that car is the driver with it being a wild willy driver. I should also add the tire decals made a massive improvement to it as well. I just think that looks superb um suspension, as you can see way, different from the original with the pogo sticks on, so it really did sort of uh make it quite stable and that’s with the um shell off. So the um driver unit is just velcroed in um on laser sponge, so it does move around, but it the the shell clamps it down. Just pushes it down, so it doesn’t move. Um. Sorry, i should say it’s on velcro as well, so you can pull it on and off um easily and i didn’t do the steering mod on it and there’s always a lot of slop on the dt01, but with the big wheels and tires on and the cvs. I kind of thought i’d see what it looked like and if it didn’t, if it had too much slop, i was going to bring it back in and do some kind of mod steering mod to it.

But, to be honest, didn’t need it. In my opinion, um, even when i was doing the dto one on the speed runs, it runs straight as a die. If i’m, honest um electrics, wise it’s just got silver cam 540 in tamiya, tble or two speedo and, as i say, it’s got full working radio gear in it, but um yeah, just an absolute great piece of kit. I just wanted to add that the um body shell was painted in ts pens, the decals are actually actually mci reproduction and the superb and the extra tie decals i added are from mci as well right. Let’S have a 30 40 second clip of this running video let’s get cracking all right guys. How good does that look so? Oh wow, it goes Applause, oh Music! Well, guys how much fun was that again, just massive fun, just really fun that’s that’s! The most important word in this hobby isn’t it fun, um you’re, not expecting high level performance, you’re, not expecting a massive level of grip and massive acceleration. But these things are quick and they’re fairly robust in tamiya terms, um it’s, yeah it’s just awesome, and i just think it looks absolutely superb. So yeah i mean, though i’ve started with this video, because i think the two projects have been one of my favorites. Now i say that word all the time and everybody is one of my favorites, but it the two were an absolute pleasure to put together and they were sports slightly different because and i’m going to say: they’ve never been done before it could.

Both cars could have well been done before i have no idea, i can honestly say hand on her. I did not copy both cars from anything else, i’d seen on the groups or on the internet but i’m. No doubt one of these cars – or maybe both designs have been done before no idea, but i was so happy with what i came up with and they both worked um so i’ll end that video here um. Let me know in the comments what you think to this style of video this, as i say, this is the first one, but this was a little bit more involved with it covering two cars. But again, just let me know what you think: it’s um, if it’s a a yeah or an air idea for a wednesday video, so i’ll end that this video there so once again guys thanks so much for watching it’s massively appreciated.