Eventually, i may do some other upgrades or changes later on, but for the most part, this is how i’m going to be running it and um the body is painted. Decals are applied and it’s a little bit different from boxstart, because i personally don’t really like the box art look of the sand sculpture. I know that’s blasphemy for me to say but i’m personally, not a fan of the the the box. Art look um, so i kind of changed it up a little bit um. You can see it’s still technically, like that blue and white color scheme, but it’s a little bit different and also the blue is much more like a sky blue or like a mint color. Just because i’m i like that color a little bit better. So looking around the body you can see like the wheels aren’t painted because it happens to go with the color scheme. I could have painted them white as well, but um. I didn’t want to risk them chipping or anything later. So i just left them white uh. It doesn’t really matter. Anyway. Um you can see the decals here um my little driver figure. I didn’t put the stock head on it and i’ll talk about the driver more a little bit later, it’s kind of that motocross helmet from one of the axial kits um, the mirrors on the side on the rear that baja bug that nice little exhaust detail. The tail lights are all all colored in um, some more details on there, the other side you see, i used the alternate um, the alternate numbers for the for the side.

Instead of the actual uh sans quarter, one and some other miscellaneous decal i had laying around. I do that on the hood colored in the little lights on the front as well and then put the light bright stickers for the headlights. So overall i really like how this thing turned out. Um i had to paint the silver for the exhaust tip um. This is, i think, white out of the box, and you have to paint it so i painted that black and then painted silver. I think it looks quite nice and overall i’m really happy with how this thing turned out. I have a aftermarket bumper on here, because the stock bumper, while probably functional, is very very ugly and again i didn’t go with the typical box, art style, bumper, that a lot of people choose to get. I kind of chose this bull bar style just because i personally, like the look of this a little bit better um taking the body off and if you’ve never seen a sand scorcher before you have a single body clip on the front which is already off and Then there’s a little metal clip back here, that’s that’s. The reason why the sand scorcher has no rear window uh is because you have to you have to stick your finger in here to one access, the power switch and two to access the clip and just pull that up. And then you pull that up here and you can see a little servo wire here, i’ll get to that in a second but um.

This is how the chassis looks for those of you that don’t know um. It has a like a clear plastic kind of splash proof and dust proof cover which is very nice, metal, suspension in the front and then metal suspension in the rear. The rear is independent swing arm. So no, this is just camber gain central here. Transmission case is also metal. Um, like i mentioned, the exhaust pipes and this rear cage detail are plastic, but this bar right here is metal, because that is what the metal clip in the back mounts to front body mount is also metal and also part of the steering. Servo is the steering system. The servo is here and is taped on. Everything on here is taped on inside this little case here uh and the for the battery. You have to fit like a mini size battery or like a small lipo battery, because it won’t fit the typical 6l nickel battery. I just just won’t fit in there, so you have to kind of get creative with your battery solution. Tbleo2S speed, control included with this 2010 re release version um, that’s, a really nice speed control. I i’m running it on my spectrum: dx4 s, radio, nice little boot for the power switch as well it’s, very satisfying to use um. I really like that and um front like trailing arm suspension like a real beetle that’s, probably one of the biggest selling points of the sand.

Scorcher is the really accurate suspension to the real thing kind of like a i don’t i’m, not sure what this material material is kind of like a frp or maybe like fiberglass plate, or something like that. I’M. Not sure what it is um, but it seems like it’s plenty durable as a little aluminum brace on the bottom. There. The rear drive shafts are metal and um, as you can see. There’S no diff in this guy it’s, just a locked differential. You access all the internals and the battery by taking out these little cam locks, which is pretty cool i’ve, never seen that in any other vehicle before so that’s a pretty satisfying and really cool little system to use so yeah overall pretty cool. But you see, i have a huge hole in the side of mine and the reason for that is because my driver here is set up with a servo at the bottom and i needed to make room for the servo um before i put the hole in the Dust cover the dust cover actually actually worked really really well. I drove this thing in the rain and it kept like literally like 99 of the water out of all my electronics and my battery, like my battery and my electronics were bone dry there’s a little bit of like like humidity that that forms in there but um It does a really good job with water, um it’s, not submergible, of course, but it does a pretty decent job of being splash, proof and um that that gives me a high hope for it being sand and dust proof as well.

So pretty nice cage as long as you don’t punch a hole in it like i did but um. I think it’s it’s worth it for me this just because it adds a little bit of a cool factor. You can’t really add lights to this out of the box, because they’re not actual buckets um the front are technically buckets, but you have to modify them in the rears or you have to modify it completely to add lights. So, instead of having lights, i decided i wanted a driver, that’s kind of more interactive, so you can see here when i turn this servo is not plugged in properly. Of course, as soon as i turn the camera on this thing decides not to work making me look like an idiot but that’s cool there. We go it kind of ruined the big reveal, but you can see the driver head moves with the steering um. As you can see, the steering servo is not the most reliable thing. I’M, not sure why it’s not just the servo a lot of the micro services? I’Ve tried with my setup, seems to like um kind of cut out intermittently so i’m, not sure what the issue is: um it’s a cool feature, though, when it does work and when i don’t when it’s like not working properly, i can just unplug it and that’s That’S fine um, it doesn’t, add too much interference to anything so i’m, pretty happy with that um.

But before i go and drive it, some common issues with the sand. Scorcher is a lot of these parts are just threaded into metal and it’s, just all cast parts. So you’re going to have to use a lot of loctite on it, especially this front suspension and the rear drive shafts. They like to pop off so make sure everything’s tight before you drive it. You don’t lose parts and make and make sure everything’s, threadlocked that’s. Very very important um this little antenna in the back here, it’s, not an antenna, that’s more like a metal, little aerial thing. Um the moment you flip it over it’s gon na get all bent up mine’s, already kind of bent so that’s. If you’re really concerned about that, that might get annoying for you um for me, it’s, not that big of a deal this rear exhaust pipe area also looks very cool, but also, unfortunately, very very fragile. This bottom piece is, is um attached pretty decently, but this tall exhaust piece is only held on with the one peg down here and i’ve already broken mine now, without even crashing it. I was just literally drying it off with the towel and i tapped it a little too hard and it just fell right off so that had to be super glued on it’d be really cool. If someone made like a more durable version of this mold or made it in metal or something that’d be very expensive, but um yeah it’s a very cool detail, but unfortunately very fragile, so you have to keep in mind of that also, the mirrors are very fragile.

So if you roll it over on the mirrors, they’re 100 going to rip off immediately so that’s also something that you may wan na. If you wan na, if you want mirrors on it, you may wan na see if someone makes them out of like rubber or something um, and the other thing is previously on. When i, when i drove this with the monster beetle body, i had a problem with the body keep popping off in the rear. It doesn’t seem like it’s having that issue as bad with the actual sand. Scorcher body, the the main bodies, are basically identical. So i’m not sure why there’s a difference, but that might be something you want to look out for. The other thing is, since it doesn’t have a rear, diff um it’s, going to have a very wide turning radius on it. So on any like high grip surfaces, you want to be careful not to roll it over as well as i lost um. The front springs here. The shocks are not spring loaded, um and in the front it uses like a coil spring in the front to kind of actuate this the spring action and my suspension fell off and i lost that so um. If you lose it, you have to buy that special spring again or do what like what i did and just buy this internal spring shock with oil in it um i’m. I’M, not quite sure what shock that is.

I think it’s, like a 60 millimeter shot for like a crawler or something um. I just bought it on ebay and that seems to work pretty well and i like it a lot better than these, the coil spring and the coil spring the little like little um spring that’s in the actual suspension arm. I don’t know it seems uh you’re, not gon na lose it as bad, even if your suspension arm happens to fall off so um that’s, just my little two cents there, but um speaking of all that let’s go outside and see how it actually drives. It is only two wheel drive but um. The lock diffs helps it get through pretty tall grass actually, and it jumps fairly nicely on my little driveway here so that’s a lot of fun to do. Music i’m running a 1600 milliamp mini sized nickel metal hydride battery pack, and even with that battery pack, it runs very well. The only thing you’re going to want to keep in mind with using a nickel metal pack is because there’s not a lot of ventilation. In that little dust cover, the battery does end up getting very hot after use. So you want to make sure you let that battery cool down before using it again, but even just driving it on my driveway – is very enjoyable to drive and it’s. Definitely not like a basher you’re not going to drive it like you would drive like a an axial wraith or maybe like a traxxas, slash or something but it’s decently, durable for what i, what it is um as far as i’ve experienced i’ve done, like jumps with It i’ve seen people like even drive it at skateparks that seems kind of excessive, but yeah.

It seems to be decently, uh durable and handles pretty well for being such a scale uh little buggy. It handles like surprise, bumps and stuff in the in the in the sidewalk pretty well and, as as you would expect for a buggy that costs like three times as much as a tamiya hornet it. It drives way better than a tamiya hornet like it’s, compared to like a dt02 or maybe like a traxxas bandit or something um. It doesn’t drive as well, obviously, but compared to something like more in this era like a tamil hornet or a grasshopper. It drives like a rolls royce, like the suspension, works, excellent and it’s overall, very, very um entertaining to drive and very enjoyable to drive. It just looks so cool it drives so well and overall is a really cool experience, so that was my quick little overview and mini review of the tamiya sand. Scorcher, if you guys enjoyed this video or want to see my other tamiya vehicles or any other rc stuff in general, you can subscribe comment down below all.