Today we have a review of the tamiya super clodbuster black edition, rc monster truck kit. Here on the trick, king channel, we have showcased hundreds of cloud busters over the years, but weve never really talked about. You know what its like to build, one in box stock form and since the black edition clod came out somewhat recently we figured this is a great time to do it. So you can see here the video of me building this. I built it pretty leisurely over a couple days and i actually have the full video of this on the trigger king rc channel here, but im speeding it up pretty drastically, but its a very easy build to my kits always build easy. The instructions are easy to read: the parts are laid out in good trees and bags, its just a simple build. You are going to need your own radio system and a servo, and yes with the black edition kit. If you want to build it box, art, you actually dont even need paint, which is great youll, see a lot of slow motion footage here. The cloud buster is not very fast lets just get that out of the way it doesnt handle very well either, since we used the stock steering setup on this. That means that the servo is actually mounted in the center tub and one servo is used for both the rear and front axles, and this has always been problematic.

This is really lets just start here. The weak point of the clodbuster in stock form is that steering because youre always going to get bump, steer, theres just slop everywhere and generally the rear end youre, going to get more steering out of the rear versus the front, because its just easier on the truck To turn that way, so i know theres, always people who theyll ask hey my cloud buster, i built it stock and the front steering doesnt work. Well, no, you didnt do anything wrong, thats, just how the cloth buster is stocked, so you just have to live with it. Its still fun to bomb around on, though, because it handles very much like an old school monster, truck, of course, its got that hard body on top of it, which makes it quite bouncy with the friction shocks as well, its just very old school feeling, i guess Thats a good time real fast to talk about the looks of this, because the cloud bus has been updated a few times over the years, theres a few different versions that have come out and, in my opinion, i actually think this is probably the best looking one Since the original cloth that black body with the red and chrome decals, it looks fantastic and of course it has the the old school style, red shocks and the red trim on it like some of the plastic parts and then what really tops it off, though, is The smoked chrome wheels, those look fantastic and, as far as i know, you actually cant get them anywhere else.

You can only get them in the kit here. Another bonus of that black body is, you can see here whenever i rolled the truck and we rolled it. Multiple times it actually hides scratches remarkably well, the other ones whenever you paint them a different color other than black. Of course, you normally get scuffs or other things you get the scuffs here, but they just it hides them much better. But i absolutely love how this looks now we ran it on 2s and 3s. 3S is not recommended youre going to have a lot faster of a clod, but its going to shut off pretty quick. The esc does not like that. The 2s is where its at, though youre going to want to run the clod on that, and it handles it all day. The stock gearing is fun with it still theres plenty of torque in those 27 turn motors and if youve got a little set of crushed cars or some other small obstacles, its just a ton of fun to try and tackle things like an actual old school monster. Truck was so i mean really as far as fun factor on this goes, how much fun youre going to have on. It probably depends on how much you like old school monster trucks. I mean if you love old style, 80s monster trucks. I mean the full size version, youre, probably going to love this. The claw just attacks, everything just like one of the big trucks would back in arenas back in the day, its just so much fun.

I actually use fine grit sandpaper to polish the shocks and, if you polish, the shock shafts, you actually get smoother action im also not running bump stops either the problem. If you dont, run the bump, stop still. Those steering arms are going to knock and im already starting to get a little bit of a bend in them, but whatever im going to upgrade those to um vertical on axle, servo mounts soon, so it doesnt really matter. I dont care about bending the steering arms, but just know if you are going to run in stock. You do want to leave those bunk stops on the shocks and really thats. The biggest gripe i have with the stock clot is tamiya desperately needs to upgrade it with the axle mounted, steering servos right out of the box and get rid of that center. Stervo thing its just it doesnt work, it doesnt work right. I should say you can tolerate it. It could be fun to bomb around on, but the truck just gets so much more fun. When you actually put those axle mounted steering servos a lot of people, they offer the aftermarket plates for that in setups for it. So its not hard to get, but still if it was like that out of the box, you really wouldnt need to do very much to upgrade it, at least if you want to run it as a retro truck. But, as is you definitely need to do that if youre going to run in any amount of time because thats the steering setup on it, just doesnt really work right, it doesnt work right for long thats for sure final thoughts on the tamiya super cloudbuster black edition.

I mean its a cloud buster right, theres, a lot to love here and if you dont love, cloudbusters theres, nothing here, thats going to change your mind, i suppose. But if you watch our channel here, you probably love the cloth buster and check this one out here. This one actually ive already put on these j concepts golden year tires. They look great with that smoked, black or smoked chrome, wheel, and so the point of what this truck is going to be. Why i got this yes, itd be fun to talk about for review, but im building a retro racer for our outlaw retro class. So you are going to see this truck here, be converted to a retro class racer and im going to be doing an article series on this truck on the conversion. If youve ever wondered what you have to do to make a stock cloud competitive on, when i do my monster truck madness column, but youre going to see this truck eventually in our race series as rotten old apple, yes, im going to make the wheelbase longer On it, it is going to run these golden ear tires though i love these and uh looks man. It looks great with these wheels um but yeah so thats. The plans for this guys youre going to see this truck around this is going to be morphed into into something else. So all right, guys, hey! Thank you guys for watching and well see you with more reviews.