This tamiya thunder dragon it’s, the new re release version, looks pretty cool. I think now this one comes with a pre painted body. As you can see here, pre painted pre cut body included fantastic. So this one was first released in 1988 and according to the box, this is an updated version. So have a look around the box first. So, as you can see, looking at the box out, there all looks pretty good four wheel drive naturally like the first one. Cva shocks, front and rear mono shock on the front and it’s got the esc included. Then, on the other side, we’ve got the illustration of the uh chassis right there with uh little arrows pointing at what telling us what everything is fantastic and you got your items. You need sold separately now. This already comes with the electronic speed controller, so you need a radio system, one servo, one receiver, one transmitter and some batteries for your transmitter and a battery pack, of course, and having a look around the box, you got a bit of a detailed view of the Chassis there and on the other side, we’ve got our tuna parts: ball bearings df02 universal shafts you can put in it and the tbo2 df03 aluminium damper set so we’ll crank it open and have a look. Alrighty i’ll get that out the way and there we go that’s how it looks inside the box, no blister packs or anything, of course, but it’s all pretty neat alrighty let’s get into it.

So first up we’ve got the body it’s stapled to that bit of card right. There that’s all good, so yeah pre painted pre trimmed magnificent. Next up we’ve got some plastic bits. We’Ve got all our arms and stuff in there got some shock towers and battery retainers and stuff on the back. Very good and we’ve got our tyres, take them out and have a look bags half open. Anyway. There we go off roader tyres, seen a few of them before now over here, we’ve got our bumper magnificent and we’ve got our gearbox parts very good and our trusty old a5 part fantastic set on the box, it’s an upgraded version, yeah i’m, not really seeing it Still got that same a5, part anyway, so we’ve got our uprights and stuff there very good. We got our surety might as well rip it open there. We go that’s. Our chassis and we’ve got our black wheels very nice. I think they actually look better in black than they do in white, like on the uh terra scorcher in them, and we’ve got an esc. I can’t even see what it is. I’Ll have a look. Tble04S magnificent got ta, be happy with that and we’ve got our little polycarbonate driver and uh chassis cover all in one, so we’ll put a head on him at some stage and off we go now in this little box, i’ll just tip it out. There we go, we’ve got some rod, ends and uh battery straps things like that screws and bolts, and some balls very good.

Our springs front. Stabilizer got our drive shafts in there. That’S bee bag and we’ve got our shock. Oil and we’ve got a couple of tools in there now this will be our a bag. So we’ve got a lot of screws in there. Actually, a couple of aluminium bits: that’s our motor mount in there and uh yeah diff gears and stuff the the metal diff gears. So we’ve got our servos over very good and we’ve got our rs 540 motor. I probably won’t use that we’ll see and we’ve got our prop shaft magnificent and we’ve got our plastic gears and depth housings and stuff and spur gear things like that. There we go got some front front. Steering arms and we’ve got our driver’s head very good he’s going to need one of them and we’ve got our parts to build our yellow, cba shocks awesome and this little bag. We’Ve got a few uh body. Uh body clips alrighty got an antenna tube now down to the bottom of the box. We just got some paperwork, so we’ve got our standard, uh, disclaimer type thing do’s and don’ts, and all that kind of stuff we’ve got our manual here, yeah, so all pretty basic. I imagine or very similar if i can turn it the right way. It does actually show you how to trim the body, even though it’s already done very good, so maybe there’s clear bodies around you can use. If you don’t want the already painted one.

I haven’t looked, i don’t know so have a look at our decals or stickers, whatever you like, if i can get it open all righty, so we’ve got to trim the decals there. They are okay, not too hard, they’re, all kind of straight lines: that’s pretty good, and this one’s, our oops Applause, that’s our little warning stickers. There we go so i’ll see if i can get them back in there don’t. Like me, chances done alrighty so we’ll have a look at the parts up close and then that’ll be about it: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so that’s it that’s our tamiya thunder dragon unboxing pretty keen to get into it. Get the build done. Should have it out in a couple of days, pretty simple build with the uh, the body and stuff already painted yeah? If you liked the video give it a thumb up, that’d be great and uh yeah.