Uh super excited that australia seems to have gotten this one um pretty well first uh, which is very odd because were normally months and months behind so lets, have a quick look at it today and ill show you one of my thunder shots that i have in The collection, Music, so welcome back to the channel today, thanks for stopping by once again as you would have seen on the intro there weve got the 2022 thundershot kit from tamiya now. Im super super happy that weve got this one uh a lot of places around the world. Havent got this and are probably still three to four weeks away from actually receiving theirs. So its very very strange that australia has seen this kit first, but im super excited about that as i get to bring content to the channel. That is new and hasnt been done over and over and over again out there on youtube. So its quite good. For me personally, so what do we get in todays kit thats? What im going to show you um? I do believe um tamico and rc driver have already shown this kit months ago, as sort of pre release kits so um other than that we havent seen anything recent uh once theyve started to arrive now its a special kit, obviously its the last release in the Thundershot series that tamiya have released so weve seen a terror scorcher, a fire dragon, a thunder dragon and now weve got the um thunder shot.

Obviously so um, i think its personally one of the better looking ones of the family, and you know its. Obviously, one of the ones its a little bit more difficult with the paint scheme, given that it is a two tone, but this obviously is a pre finished kit, so for those who are not really good at painting or are still perfecting those skills, this one is Already pre painted so youre ready to go so before we look at what is in the kit. I wanted to show you one of my thunder shots and give you a little bit of a background on that one so well flick over and well have a look at one of my cars that i think is quite special and it is a thunder shot. So, like i mentioned before to me, have released the thundershot multiple times. Obviously we had the original, then in the 2000s there was a re release and obviously now the 2022. But to me it also did a complete kit release, which i think was very expensive at the time. Didnt sell very well and theres very little information out there of how many actually exist. So i do actually have one of these complete kits and, as you can see, it just looks like a basic thunder shot. This one actually has the option wing and a dual front shock setup on the front, so its got some upgrades on it this car. Obviously i purchased this one as is, and when were talking about a complete kit were talking about um radio gear as well.

So this has this cp one to me unit, and it has this pretty awesome, looking ad spec controller unit as well. So if we do have a quick look at the 2022 kit, you can see that its as per usual in the box to me so sort of all put in there plastic parts. As you would expect, weve got the body on display and, as you can see it is pre painted. I will pull a few things out of the kit here, to show you and put a few photos up as well, but, as you can see, nothing special and it is really no different to say a terror scorcher uh, the thunder dragon or the fire dragon. The chassis parts, everything exactly the same, the only thing with this kit, it doesnt, come with ball bearings, so you will have to get yourself a set of ball bearings if you want to add that to the kit so um these ones are coming in at around. About 250 dollars, you know give or take a little bit there, depending on where youre buying it. From so add another 30 odd dollars for a good set of bearings and youve got yourself a nice kit. So the one thing that i will pull out is the body and show you, as i think that is a nice touch, given that it is a two tone body and it is quite difficult to get those paint lines if you are new to the hobby.

Okay, so ive pulled everything out of the kit and ill just quickly run you through what you get so like. I said before we get lots of plastic parts, plastic parts trees, nothing special. There nothings changed from the original kits whatsoever. We still get our black wheels and obviously the same type of original tyres that you get on the previous kit and the big bumper bar now these used to be quite sought after um, as they do get quite scratched as well. So obviously, these kits now becoming available people can buy the bumper bars to fix some of their vintage ones if they are quite scratched up. So the one thing i wanted to look at and probably highlight the most is the body. So, as you can see there, the body is pre painted its pre finished and even tamiya themselves. You know it is quite difficult to get those crisp beautiful paint lines um and, as i can already see on the body that is in my kit, um. You know its not as sort of pristine, as probably people really want to get it themselves um, but all in all it looks quite good and there are decals that go over. Those um paint joins and hide any imperfections. Now this one has got the protective film on it, um, so obviously its not overly shiny, as you can see, and the other thing is, we do get the um the wing included as well.

Now this is all painted white and obviously well just stick a lot of decals on it to make the ends blue now, on to the manual you know, look it looks quite cool im not going to disagree with that and obviously on this one we do get These sort of intake stickers a lot of people used to just draw those on with a bit of permanent texture, so its nice to see with the 2022 and they are decals so thats a nice little added extra im, not quite sure if they were on the Original kits put it in the comments down below as ive, never seen any of the vintage ones. With those intake stickers. I often see a lot of people drawing them on like on my vintage ones. We get a nice set of decals and we get the wing decals as well, so um thats pretty much it for the thundershot 2022 unboxing today. As i said, its just a quick look at the car, um and hopefully very very soon, itll be coming up as a build video im, just waiting on a set of bearings to come, so until then make sure you hit that subscribe button. Hopefully you liked todays video, and if you do you can catch all these other videos that are appearing around me now and ill see you on one of those very very soon.