This is the most exciting one it is. It is so 2021 release. Yes, so it’s never been released before uh one of my most favorite cars, because when i was into this uh as a kid, this was one of my want to haves but way out of the price range, because i think from memory back, then it was like 800 wow, so those big bucks so again, it’s it’s a top shelf car designed specifically for competition. So the rest was meant to be a competition car, but it didn’t quite match up to the standards of the kyoshos. And then i mean it’s great to me because they always want to do better and better, and so this was their next release. Yeah and the top four stability was actually uh very competitive. Yes, so it was raced um uh around australia, although we solar raced one very successfully for a while um and the great thing about it is um. This particular car is still based on a quite standard. Four wheel drive chassis, so it went with the philosophy. Is a bit like group b rally, so you had to start off with a basic car that was on the road you modify the crapper out of it yeah and then make a real race, car and that’s what they did right. So this this is based on the manta ray yeah, which is quite a common car and then using the same basic gearbox designs, um and chassis design they’ve actually produced a full on um race, car yeah, yes, okay, so they use the same sort of arms.

So there’s the two piece suspension arms which are screwed together, uh but it’s been fully enhanced with um the high cap shocks uh, which i like the avanti style, the aluminium body, shocks, yeah, carbon fiber and titanium screws as well. So let’s have a look and see what they’ve done with this one to see how they’ve made this so. The fourth box i’ll again keep saying 2021 yep. The the box is quite a bit different um from memory uh. The original car was called the top force. Evolution so they’ve shortened it to call it the nevo. Now the top force was really nice too. So the top force is actually the green version, but the top fours didn’t have the carbon fiber shows you had a fiberglass that’s right, and so this was absolutely next level, so hence the evo part of it. So i’ve got it again. The body is dark yep. So the body’s, the body’s actually pre, cut and pre painted it’s very yep keeps all the dirt out yeah it fully seals up with the body. Absolutely so let’s pop this back in here, carefully yep and then we’ve got uh racing wheels and tires. So this is actually um. I think they should be 2.2s. Yes, so standard sort of um uh wheels were two inch. 2.2 became the low profile version for racing, and so this was up the spec at that time as well. So you got wider. Um tires for rear and the narrow ones for the front, which is pretty much the same for the size, pretty much as they are now.

As we talked about tyres yeah, the orange bright orange they’re cool wheels, the orange and the gunmetal has such a great contrast. Yeah they just stand out. Yes, so the wheels has anyone made hot orange wheels like this yeah sure kyocera has only one eight buggies: they had the wings. Oh yeah they’re, the full range of uh floral, yellow, floral, green and orange four key parts of the car. So there was the pillows for the suspension, yep inserts um, a few plastic by the wings and a few plastic parts really that was it a bit of bling factor, yeah, absolutely now: it’s black and gold. Yes, it goes plural orange yep. So here we go okay, so you’ve got the gearbox mounts here. So this is the rear gearbox. So here you’ve got the plastic motor mount i’m. Pretty sure this would have had the aluminium motor mount in it as standard, so it’s identical, but it’s been milled out of aluminium uh and then you’ve got the covers. Yes and then you’ve got the old shock tower, which you won’t be using in this one, because you’ll be using all the carbon fiber, so that’s, the other gearbox yep. So you’ve got the front end better yep front that’s the i guess the front yeah mount yep. So that’s a front: kick plate, yeah other shock tower that’s, a plastic version yep, so you won’t be using that uh. I got some servo on it.

Yes, so you’ve got the horn there, the slaves for the searing what’s next here the suspension off yep, so there’s. The suspension, knobs there’s a standard suspension arms which are on the manta rays, so they’re in halves, they’re just screwed, together with two screws, yeah and they’re, quite flexible yeah. They look, they felt like flexi, so that’s, the pack with sharks, yep and hubs, so good. Actually that’s the front bumper here yep got your steering knuckles. Yep interesting thing is: if you look at these carefully, these are actually the ones from the hot shot right. So these are actually a hot shot, two versions, so they upgraded them because they they made. This part a little bit thicker yeah because they used to pull through, but this is actually a hot shot replacement. Uprights you’ve got all your gears here, yeah they look quite similar to what some of the previous categories of today have. Yes, the advantage they had with these, though, is they had really really broad, so they could trans transmitted a lot of, however yeah and there’s some shock bits here: spring retainers and speed controller speed, controller uh, interesting. They got a speed controller because the original one never came with a speed controller and it never came with a motor. So i don’t know if they should come with microphone. Speed controllers. I think all of these cars do you come with it now. Let’S have a slitter speaker at the front yeah.

I think so so. Electronics include this interesting if they include a motor, because they never include oh yeah, it does type 540 motors, so they’ve included the standard motor with these now and what do we have here? In the day we used to fit 3d modifiers to these right fast, yes and okay, so you’ve got um. These are the plastic sort of components, so you may use this part. So this is for your different um camber links from the top uh. You get your battery retainers or suspension holders. I think yeah got the rear suspension up a bit. I think yep. Here we go that’s, probably the additional part for using on the uh that’s, the flat uh chassis plates and then again, we’re gon na have a box full of bits here which will be sealed up. So we’ll leave that alone, all right, that’s, really nice. Seeing seeing this particular car again, i really love the body how it’s so flat, i think so too. Yes, definitely yeah, so it really. It really looked dumb, uh, purposeful, very functional. Definitely so hmm excellent, and so this was the unboxing of the top fours yeah. So yeah evolution evolution. Actually, yes, re release.