3. So this just came out about a week ago, two wheel drive electric 10 scale race buggy. You already know that if you’re watching this and we’re gon na do a little unboxing today, so i’ve owned uh, every team associated two wheel drive buggy since uh the b5, so i had the b5, the b5m b6, b61 b62 and then now. Finally, the b63. Now this comes in two different versions, of course, the b6.3, as well as the d version d being dirt. My local track is carpet, so i picked up the regular b6.3 and there are some minor changes in this kit. Um we’ll go through them. Kind of you know, as we do the unboxing make sure you get the correct version. When you go to your local hobby shop, there are two different barcodes, depending on which version you get make sure you get the one with the right barcode and uh yeah. So we’re going to do a little unboxing in terms of updates um. They got a new slipper with the octolock system, so it just holds in a little bit better. They first introduced that and the b74.1 they got carbon fiber steering blocks instead of the aluminum ones. From before front rear, anti roll bars, um steel, servo weight, i don’t think that’s changed and then one of the big differences they now have a chassis mounted stereo rather than a side. Rail mounted servo, so should provide a little more precision.

They did change the little carbon fiber shock tower covers. One really nice thing about these kits. Are that they do have shock tower covers uh. The fan mount, i think, had a slight change to it. I recall not a hundred percent sure but um yeah and then all your usual stuff. Well, they did change the rear pivots on this thing, so they are now uh. I think, about three millimeters wider. I think one and a half millimeters per side and then easy access, disc, no change lay down no difference there. Two piece rear aluminum hubs, um, not sure i don’t think there’s any changes on that either so uh yeah let’s kind of get into it. Anything else. Here on the box, not really so um, of course we got ta open up the seals sealed for your protection. As you can see, i have not actually opened this up yet so, not 100 sure what’s in the box. I have an inkling because uh team associate hasn’t changed too much over the last couple. Iterations and here we go big bag of bags, let’s just kind of cut this thing open, see if we can’t uh see what’s inside this box, so yeah b6.3 not a whole lot going on. I mean honestly, the last couple changes have been kind of minor uh. The b6.2 and the the three honestly the 6.2 was only out for about 14 weeks or so or yeah, 14 months or so so it looks like we got the shock stuff, so i believe they have maybe a new shock cup zero, plus two plus four i’m.

Not 100 sure but um a lot of shot cups and there’s plastic shock caps. Here’S all your little rod ends springs. I believe it’s, blue and red uh shocks, aluminum shocks that came. I tried coated shock shafts all your standard, steels machined pistons, i believe, they’re. 1.6. I want to say 1.5 and 1.6 i’m, not 100 sure turnbuckles little turnbuckle wrench. You will want to use because it’s a 1 8 inch turnbuckles steel, nothing too different there. Battery strap, which does now actually have some additional bracing bar like a bracing turnbuckle. I don’t see that in this particular bag i don’t know there. I think that’s, that must be it right there. There you go the turnbuckles uh. They got these slim wheel, nuts, now here’s a little plastic pieces for that battery, brace so yeah a couple new parts in the battery strap to have an additional brush optional, optional, bracing, rear hubs. I don’t think have changed at all hinge pins. Look: the same steel ball, studs inserts five millimeter rear, hexes, bearings, um, here’s, a steering rack top plate. I think, has changed slightly. This sort of camber block now integrates into the top plate looks like we got the transmission case. Um adjustable diff heights oculux spur gear. There you can see that aluminum rear camber block um. There is your slipper system. I did pick up some additional parts, so i will not be using the slipper i’ll, be using the factory slipper luminaire, so rear arms um pill inserts these arms are flippable to get kind of this in between uh mounting position for your shocks, so one hole on One side two on the other and then the wider rear pivots.

Like i mentioned, i think, they’re three millimeters wider than before 69 millimeter drive shafts um, i think 73 millimeter arms and then here’s the body. I again don’t think this has changed uh. You will have to cut that body yourself: front i’m, sorry, here’s, the rear wing standard, rear wing, a couple of front wings, that’s pretty nice, so two front wings. I think they’re identical no change there um and then we got the steering blocks: uh spindles um. Hopefully they look well, this. This piece looks a little different than before. I wonder if they’ve changed the steering boxes, they always had this problem where they weren’t quite straight. You kind of had to file them down. Carbon fiber steering arms uh looks like a zero and plus three millimeter bushings, so they do come with the correct bushings, although only a single set of those. So if you want to run the dirt setups, you generally need another set, a little more front axles. Really nice they’ve had that for years now, maybe four or five years side rails are a little bit different because they do not include the servo mounts. Anymore looks like uh. What is this going? What does that mean? Looks like going shock terror? I guess is what they’re saying so now it looks like the shock towers are engraved with the actual arms. You should match them with uh. They are slightly different. They kind of have these in between holes now, rather than three equally spaced holes, uh a little 35 25 degree kick up plate.

Bumper shock tower covers nice and new looks like they did change the plastic molds on these a little bit. So some of these parts look like they’re on new molds, like this top brace definitely looks different um steel esc tree. I do not believe no, i think it does come with the servo weight as well. We’Ll see looks like front sway bar, so that is nicely included that uh, the plus three millimeter chassis for the b6 um. I think the d comes with the zero millimeter chassis so carpet. You want a little bit longer in general, 5k shock fluids. I’M. Sorry, 5k diff woods looks like 35 weight, rear, 45 weight front uh. You know smaller bottles that they’ve been using for a little while now looks like a little addendum. What is this different? I guess they forgot the front uh steel hinge, pin, brace and some little instructions not sure what that is for a little bit of velcro stickers, really small sticker sheet 3m tape window mask antenna tube. If you have an antenna for some reason and then yeah that’s a pretty cool, looking paint scheme, i like it um but the b6.3, so yeah that’s, pretty much what’s in the box, honestly kind of a minor change and obviously in the last year, uh not a Lot of racing has been going on, so i was a little surprised that came out with the new version of the b6.3 um, because my b6.

2 honestly did not get a whole lot of use in the last year, and so it was pretty new end up selling. That um, but uh yeah, you know always nice to get a fresh kit and check things out. Um 900 sure what these shock pistons are and see. If i can read that, i cannot read that, probably on the other side, nope, not a hundred percent sure what the shock pistons are on this thing, but we’ll have to see so yeah uh there you go b6.3 brand new race buggy from team associated a little Bit of a letdown, not a whole lot of changes, but we’ll see how this thing actually performs, and i was looking through some setup sheets out there. Oh yeah. I also wanted to show off uh other parts i’ll be running so slipper eliminator, slash, direct drive. Part number 91800 i’ll put links to the description below going to be running, uh wits racing ceramic bearings, so they got a brand new set of these uh. We got a 20 off coupon code as well, so definitely save some money and probably uh one of the least expensive ways to add some additional speed to your spec vehicle. I did pick up the j concepts. Steel front. Bulkhead just adds a little more weight way down, though not sure if i’ll run this or not, but adds a little more durability, they do make brass ones as well, but um the steel ones, i think, are a little more durable, so yeah that’s pretty much it For the b6.