We even raced horses, but we race them in straight lines. Why straight lines are easier. We live our life 14 of a mile at a time and team associated is taking this new underground. No prep drag racing movement seriously and our GoPro not so seriously Music. I say this with peace and love, peace and love. The team associated hasn't been the first to the market with a new class, probably since the RC ten, maybe the 10 t here we are with a no prep, drag bar straight out of the box, ready to rock the underground scene, 2 or 3 F and you're. Wondering just like I was how much fun can you have with a straight line car you're? Not in it, so you don't get the horsepower sensation. Is it fast yes, but we're gon na check out the new dr 10. I don't like the name I like names, but dr 10 drag racing car 10 scale, since the RC 10 is kind of hung their name on that plaque of two letters and a number. But here we go dated from 2000 because i got a new gopro and i'm dumb and i don't know how to turn that off the chassis. If you didn't, if you just skip to the this part of the review, you would think we're looking at a short course car, because this is based on the SC 10 stretched chassis, narrower arms, everything to fit everything jammed up inside that cool, looking Chevy ish ish Nova, something body but underneath you get an off road car and i've, often said that.

I think off road cars make the best drag cars because they're built for grip on low traction, which means when there is traction they put down tons of grip. So the nice thing about this chassis is that most of the parts are readily available across the country. So when you crash somewhere and break something you can replace it instantly and affordably and then also the tuning of this car is probably above what other people are tuning, because most people were just ripping a part of slash or another. Two wheel drive car and going from there. This car offers a level of tuning above everything because it was bred to be a race car. Another thing I asked myself is why they have such long suspension on a drag car. I mean really you're just going straight forward and back, but when you realize that drag cars have a lot of foreign forward and back movement, you need a lot of droop in the front to keep the wheels on the ground when you're going straight and fast. So there's a giant wheelie bar we'll get to that in a second in the back, but those associated shocks are you know some of the best on the these are their RTR versions, but still very smooth, very adjustable lots of piston oil changes Springs. You can adjust the suspension to kind of modify this card. It maybe turn a little better if you wanted to. If that's not, you know your thing, but overall you get some quality components in the car, the suspension again based off off road kits, which okay you got tow anti squat.

We can you what you can adjust 65 millimeter bones, which I guess is a is a plus, because 64 is too short. 66 is too long, and that wheelie bar is three piece or three part adjustable. So you can adjust how much wheelie you want to do front suspension, get the swept arms or the the V arms of the off road series. It looks like titanium, turnbuckles and a metal front, brace everything's. Okay to me, the wheelie bar in the back is probably what makes a drag car a drag car right, no parachute included, but you do get bearing rear wheels and adjustable. So you can keep the front wheels down. You don't really want to do wheelie, although it looks cool and we did it for the video a lot we look cool. The nice thing about this car is that the CG is super low and, while not as important as a race car, where you're going left to right, you don't want a lot of weight up top. So this packs everything really low you don't have to buy a low CG chassis, you're, already pretty much low. How low can you go? We don't know RTR electronics, there decent to go to 3300 kilovolt reading motor the reading speed control the receiver is jammed in this receiver box, which for off road, makes sense because you want to keep it clean. The one thing I don't really like about this kit is that the gyro is adjustable only through the receiver, which means it's under that box.

So if you want to adjust anything, you have to take it apart and push a little button with a small screwdriver and to be honest to you, needs to be externally adjustable or from the radio in some way it's not it's there. It is a driver aid. It should be shut off because that's part of drag racing, but it's we're here with gyros. We got everything with gyros, so live with it, but it should be externally addressable thumbs down pointing thumbs down. For that one feature the rest of the kids, pretty good let's talk about performance, I guess we don't have off road jumping and the throttle, control and all that stuff, but we do have launched and there's a slipper collection there, which is one of the best on The market because we've been tuning slipper cutters on off road cars for hundreds of years, even though we haven't been around a hundred years, it's been forever so it's, very linear and very easy to get the perfect amount of transfers. So you're not spinning, wheels or wasting movement up and dragging on the wheelie bar, even though it's there, I don't think you really want to run on plastic wheels and bearings, but otherwise it's got pretty decent grip with the stock tires and the true, no prep fashion. This is a not prepped, drag strip area, that's kind of the game we're at, even though some drags should turn out prepping with no prep it's a whole thing.

You got to look into it more than this review we're, not reviewing no prep, but I was surprised that the car actually turned left and right. Although the exaggerated body movements are pretty hilarious and fun, you can kind of take the wheelie bar off and probably parade around town like you would on a show and go night with a real drag car with no wheelie bar. So you got that option and just the repeated launches and to be honest, we there without two cars, it's a little less fun. It was just two dudes standing there looking at each other awkwardly, but rippin wheelies down the street was fun as hell. So we sat there and laughed and giggled just with that, but I could imagine when paired up with someone – and you run two identical cars, which really should be the same it's about the reaction time I did. My stupid Miyagi stands for drag racing every we got some weird stance, you don't just stand there and look uncool, but full review is an issue. Thirty, nine of velocity RC cars magazine where our magazine go subscribe is 10. Save a life, save a kitten and save something. Click like subscribe, they'll graduate go and drag to dry racing, which would it be even better Music, Music.