The enduro gatekeeper rock crawler uh we’re gon na get it out of this big box and then we’re gon na put y’all up here. You can see a top down shot. I know this is not a new truck but yeah. I love the seduro hd so much and they hit these on sale at tower for like 300 one day rtr, so i bought one so let’s just go ahead and get it out of here. I’Ll put y’all up here and get a top down shot. Okay, i’m gon na try to keep this in frame. Uh here’s, the enduro gatekeeper, it’s, one tenth scale, buggy rock crawler it’s got the gatekeeper suspension, that’s ready to run here. Let’S see what else it says on here. It says: uh high performance scale looks uh. I don’t see a whole lot. Uh method, racing wheels general tires, they’re licensed it’s got uh, multi piece injected, molded cage, hinge, front body, mounts polycarbonate, cage panels, molded mop fuel cell unpainted, molded mock radiator, with cooling fans, unpainted molded driver and passenger heads detail, gauge clusters and center console. Decals. Excuse me accessory decal sheet license method. Trail series b lock wheels license 1.9 slot times. 4.65 general grabber x3 tires let’s, see what else uh it says: it’s 1 10 scale. Four wheel drive electric fired off road pre painted 2.4 gigahertz, which we know all that uh. So we can find some english. I can’t find no english on here, but that’s about it for this right here.

So we’re going to crack open this box and see what it looks like. Of course, it’s got the well it’s got a factory seal factory seal, oh cool it’s, just like all the enduros. They come with the inside of the box. If you break it down it’s, actually a little garage. This truck’s been sitting over a few days. I’Ve been opening it up and see what it looks like. So here we go: here’s the remote, the xp 130 uh, three channel radio it’s the same thing as the uh, the sendero hd same remote, so we will have to label them uh. I believe it takes yeah four double a batteries. Here’S your bind plug to bind your remote. I usually just hang them on the wall. Basically, all it is is a jumper wire to go across on your uh receiver, where to hang them at all right, here’s, your you got stickers, all the normal good stuff. Let me see what else is in here. I really want to see. Applause looks just like uh, you got the bigger battery tray, the optional overdrive, just like the cinderella hd, and let me tell you that optional overdrive put it in it wakes the stroke up totally the truck is just half the truck until you do that. Wow. Look at this thing: Applause, oh man, that is pretty sweet, can’t, wait to get this one out there, that’s for sure, oh it’s, not tied down.

I thought it’s time out of the way so yeah it looks. Oh man, i, like that suspension arms in the back. Let me take y’all down and show you all this see the trailing arm in the back gives it that crazy, crazy feel that suspension looks like it has the same. These are these. These are the same tires that the uh cinderel heads on it. I believe yeah cinderella, hd reedy racing here’s, the unpainted fuel gauge, i believe, it’s, open and right here you take these body pins out, which i’m probably gon na need some help getting them out. Take these body pans out. I believe it hinges forward. If i’m, not mistaken, yeah hinges forward wow this. This is a whole lot easier to work. On than something like the capra a whole lot easier. There you got your motor and there’s him. Guess you call them trailing arms. I don’t know what you call them and uh it just looks like it’s gon na be a good truck. I like the way the molded body see it’s. All molded gives you that buggy cage look without having to take all those screws out to work on it. It’S, just uh pretty cool here’s, your uh three channel receiver with auxiliary for lights. It has the deez connector we’ll, be running an adapter for the first couple, runs and we’ll be cutting it off and putting the xt90 just to be on the safe side.

Let’S flip. This truck over and look at it from the bottom. There you go looks like it’s got no biting issues at all from the factory it’s like an awesome truck, so we’ll get doors driving this thing tonight and take it out there and run it. Yeah i’ll see what it’ll do simple honest, unboxing and reviews. Well, i hope you all enjoyed this unboxing and remember until next time.