So this is a team associated uh buggy, two wheel drive, it is brushless, you can see. You have two options: uh for color, the red or the blue on the front, so were gon na go ahead and open these factory seals here. Nice team associated packaging were gon na, have a track for these in sunbury. So you can come down and run these uh two wheel drive four wheel drive class. You can have a 60 by 100 foot track right here in sunbury, so you can see this is uh. Reedy powered uh! Well, you cant see it yet, but well show you plastic there to protect the body, and it looks like we got some straps to cut, got all kinds of seals on this thing. Whats that see, if that did anything new there there not fooling around. With this thing, all right, so you get a construction manual, looks like some extra tools, take off the wheels and tires some wrenches allen, wrenches, so thats included in the box. Heres your uh associated remote, its an xp 120. So thats, your transmitter included, looks like oh yeah. Oh wow got some heavy duty, uh straps here that thats a zip tie all right. Hopefully you can get this thing out and show the features off go ahead and take the body off its just pinned. This is a rear. Wheel, drive one more four pins. This is the red you can get the blue as well just watch out for your antenna top or you dont rip that off all right, so theres that you can see what were dealing with here.

So this has nice anodized aluminum shocks on it from the factory which is really nice. I like that, upgrade get this zip tie out of there, so this has the deans plug on it. This is a brushless esc. By reedy you have two battery straps adjustable, so you can put a lot of different batteries in there. It is a steel geared servo, so thats great, so they wont strip out instead of plastic, like you would get in a traxxas bandit or something rear aluminum. I believe this is retailing right around the 300 range 3d, 330, so youre getting a lot of upgrades with aluminum shocks and brushless motor and esc steel, good servo right from the factory, so you can go ahead and erase this right out of the box very light. You see your 3300 kv motor and if you look like on a traxxas, this would be a plastic drive shaft. This is actually metal. Steel, arms, so thats great thatll, be really nice hold up well, so this is it team associated rb10 and we will get this out. Do some test runs so so you can see what it can do and get used to uh. First time uh we just started with associated, so we carry arma atraxis um, all the competitors to this axio. We have low c. We have a lot. If you check out our website, you can check out all the vehicles and see what compares to this.

We can ship them to you for free. We really appreciate you watching and look for more content on this and many others. You can go under our horizon tab or traxxas tab on our youtube channel.