Se10 used review and upgrades okay, so let’s take the shell off. So one of the first things that i did was i went out and got a hot racing dust cover because here at short track rc it gets really dusty. So i thought i’d keep the dust down on it. Then i’ll move the esc, which used to sit there i’ve actually now sat it in the middle of the chassis. Um, put a fan on the top to keep it cool. This is a ready esc with a 3300 motor which should be pretty good round the track by putting the esc in there. When i put my battery in slide the battery in it actually pushes the weight towards the front of the car, which is going to give me, hopefully a little bit more steering bite on the front little bit weight on the front. So while i was doing that, i got a traxxas bandit battery, clear, put it on the front with team associated thumb wheels, so i can screw it down like that, put the strap over the middle and that battery is not moving anywhere. Another thing that i did is: i got a spectrum receiver because i wasn’t overkeen on the team associated controller, so i’ve got a spectrum receiver so that can pair up with my spectrum dx 5c, the dx5c really nice, uh balance controller. I really like them. So another thing as well that i did is, i watched quite a lot of reviews and pretty much every review said the same thing that the the top of the shocks leaks out oil on the like o ring.

So what i did is, i actually went out and bought some team associated big boar shocks. I have these on my b64 and i’ve had no problem with them, so i thought that would be a a real good upgrade, so i rebuilt them. Put 30 weight shock oil in i’m, hoping that will be good. If not, i can always change the shocker all out, so everything else is pretty much stock. The chassis stock, all the parts on the a arms and the turnbuckles it’s all stock. The tires at the moment that are on it are stock tires that come with it i’m, going to give them a go on the track and see how see how they go. I do have um a set of pro line, hole shots and i do also have a set of pro line blockades to give it a go around the track um, because this is an older, an older model i actually purchased from team associated on their website. You can still get parts for these, so what i’ve done is is like your a arms, your bearing carriers, your caster blocks, things like that i’ve i’ve bought spare parts for um. I also at that same time bought a new shell. So this is a team associated contender. Shell put the decals on sprayed it up. I think it looks. I think it looks pretty cool in the black and white, with the little bits of red on there, um we’re going to be shooting some videos of it going around the track soon racing so you’ve seen the colors of it.

You know what i’ll be racing. Obviously, two wheel drive uh short course: trucks so check out the videos coming soon see how i’m getting on with this older team associated se10 um. I hope you liked the video i’ve been stu from short track.