Let me put the speed test on it, see what i’ll do on 2s and 3s. So before i do that i’m going to calibrate the esc. Show you how to do that and then head out and do the speed test all right, so go ahead. The body out turn the car to the side. As you can see, got a 2s battery plugged up just make sure you have your um your throttle on max and then to trim on neutral position all right. Do it turn your radio on leave it in in neutral position right? So while you turn so, you hold this little set button right here in the front of the switch hold it down and turn the car on, and then you hear a beep, then you release it so holding the set button down power on you’re beeping like that, Then it’s in calibration mode, so you leave the throttle in neutral don’t. Do anything hit the set button? One time one beat go full throttle press again, two beep full break press again. Three release now is back in drive mode and you are calibrated. So you see everything works, just fine. Also. I will adjust my steering rate because it is way way too much all right there. You go and that’s pretty much the calibration mode, guys so again and do that before you run it and then you are good to go um i need. I do need to check the um the abc.

So actually let me do that real quick, also, almost forgot. I’M, going to turn this rate down a whole lot. Let’S go ahead and turn the car for now turn the power off and i’ll. Show you how to do that right back in two seconds, all right, so i got one of the screws off um, the other one. The back is a little tight. Doesn’T want to come this, i just slide. It apply the cover to the side. Let me go ahead, turn the car on, so i can see the gain button that’s on the inside, so go ahead and press it and count the beeps and lights. You probably can’t see the lights but i’m pressing it right now, so right now, it’s getting very sensitive this one three, that was three lights one two three one, two one one is super sensitive and then should be eight one, two, three four, five, six, seven, eight And that’s no abc so i turned the abc off all right: let’s go ahead and just put this the cover back on and that’s pretty much it and then we’re ready to go guys all right. So let me go ahead and get this car button back up and take it off for the quick speed test, all right guys. We just here um so now, we’re going to change the video we’re going to do a 2s and a 3s just a speed pass see what speeds it does out of the box got my gns here.

So i just established got about a 5 star lights of them so far, so we’re going to have more in a second turn the car on. Oh, that backwards should be radio first, then car all right, there’s, no um, all right guys. My camera turned up and start over, so so i got a 2s lightboard here, i’m going to do a 2s and a 3s speed run got my gns in here that’s already established a satellite. I have no gyro on the car all right. So, first very first one in this car see what kind of speeds it does on 2s and 3s. All right now i put um some tape on the inside of the body on the on the fender on the fenders and do a little 2s speed pass guys. Man, i could probably do speed pass right here to be honest with you: llama i’ll, take it over there on the regular strip, all right side down, gns setup track. That’S 12 satellites track start all right. Okay, i mean it probably maxed out right. There guys be honest with you all right: full throttle, it’s like it’s, like the arsenal hit the brakes, and it will try to spin out on you a little bit, because this rail will drop all right and everything was up on max yep. All right, let’s see what speeds we got. Stop ready like it froze up on me: okay power, hobby reed. It was 21 21 miles an hour on the dot screenshot that all right and go ahead, swap it out put a 3s in there and do a 3s pass, and that will conclude the speed test on this vehicle all right.

So i got my 3s in there go ahead and um just do a quick pass on that guys. All right, so we’re gon na do go back track, start all right. Let me have a little more pep Music break nice and easy bring it back down, hit the gas hard enough. She will spin out on you all right, let’s see what speeds we got guys so stop yeah! Oh, stop read all right! My gps keeps turning off, but um i’m in my gopro, so here we go. We got 32 miles an hour all right. I said that’s on the 3s lipo uh. Definitely fun man um some go ahead and um take it over in the parking lot, where it’s a little wider and just do a little bit of um like just like a little oval type running around to see how it actually moves from these tires on that. On the pavement all right and then try to get it out to the track, let’s back in it come on partners, do a little a little run around guys. Let me go ahead, there’s, some running guys so Music. This is all the stock gearing on 2s. A little too close to that curb over there ain’t gon na lie that’s, maybe a little bit more gear. A little more um tooth on the pinion, possibly see it’s, definitely been a little challenging, got more more guys out there i’m pretty much full throttle right now, guys running this car i’ll be nice and light on the throttle.

I’M sure it’ll be a different scenario in the actual um dirt oval track or where there’s actual cones and other cars out there let’s turn this down right now, a little bit, hmm yeah. I could definitely see this thing being pretty challenging and lots of fun too. Get another one out here and definitely be some good fun. Man let’s keep doing the same setup, and just both you guys just go at it. I can definitely definitely see it being a pretty fun day out with these guys.