Um does have dvc included, which is a dynamic vehicle control receiver, the gyro that’s. What team associated has traxxas has tsm low c has um on the spectrum, has uh the abc all right. Let me go ahead, get out the box, so we take a look at what she looks like hi guys got the car out and i’m gon na tell you. It does look pretty good in person all right now, i’m, just going to go over some things. That comes with the car obviously got the manual here all right pop it open. So we have some shock. Spacers look like some additional attachments got. Some rod ends all that good stuff. In here i got an extra servo, a horn adapter in here as well. You got allen key your wheel, nut tool, that’s your shock tool right here, all right and you got your the owner’s manual for your esc right here – got your little buying plug all right manual for your radio, xp 120., a little booklet here, all right! Just try to run through this for you guys, then you have your manual all right usual, pretty detailed manual, just like dr 10 part numbers how to fix and rebuild stuff, and then you have your certificate here. All right put that away and then we’ll jump into the car guys show you guys and i’m curious as well to see what it looks like. I can tell you when this car was first announced.

I thought it was just a dr 10 with a different body and tires it’s like that, but it’s actually not necessarily a dr 10. So i’ll show you guys that also that’s, the radio you get with the car it’s. The xb120 comes with a dr 10 as well. All right, i have your throttle steering dual rate: reverse on and off switch right here. It’S, a foam pad and steering wheel has a rotor on the inside with a blue uh caliper in there a nice accent to that and then takes four double a batteries all right now, moving on to the car guys now this car, i believe, weigh about 3.1 Uh pounds or so all right and it’s. Looking at the car man, i really do like the body um, really nice, um, stickers and graphics on it. I mean i kind of i thought it would have different colors as well, but that’s fine, maybe that’s in the future, but it looks good all right. Let me show you guys: the car i’ll bring it up close for you guys a little bit all right and i’m gon na go ahead and take the body off and just show you guys what’s under the hood. All right guys give me a quick little 360 view of the body. Nothing like the look of it. The wheels definitely fits the design of the body as far as the wheels go, it’s lightweight and they got high grip tires on there.

Okay, go ahead and pull the body off for you guys all right! So looking at here we got the front adjustable front body post. We got the front and rear bumpers phone bump in the front nice cage type bumper in the rear. You got 12 millimeter big boar shocks, got 22 precision, rubber steel, bearings in this car, um, 60 amp esc on and off switch all right, 3300 kv, brushless motor got your slipper clutch and transmission right back here. On this side we got the cvas back here: 65 millimeter cbas, waterproof receiver box back here got the receiver in a lot abc the t plugs right there or dean’s connector all right. I said it looks pretty similar to the dr 10 guys i mean it looks like a shorter dr 10, pretty much to me but i’m going to go ahead and bring a drt 10 out. Let’S show you guys the comparison between the dr 10 and the sr 10, all right guys. So here we have it dr 10, 10. um, looking at it and it’s. Definitely the dr10 is definitely a bit longer um. It seemed pretty close to width, but i’m gon na definitely get some comparison going on for you guys. So you can see it so i’m gon na do is i’ll, probably just um. Take it off the tripod and then kind of get you a more closer action. Packed look all right, so hold tight. All right guys.

I got the body off the r10 on the left. Sr 10 on the right definitely see the difference in tires front bumper front shock towers are different. Um and moving back steering servo see they’re the same servers. All the save all that good stuff yeah, they both came with team plug. So this got changed. You see, the switches are both the same. The chassis is definitely different. Just the dr 10 is long has a longer chassis, sr10, doesn’t and sr10 does not have the nerf bars on the side. Like the dr 10, the receiver boxes are the same. Well, let’s see what it looks like um, the same receiver, radio same 60, amp esc on both all right. Then you move to the back. Now you have the shock tower. They are different. The dr 10s seem to be a lot wider, not a lot but wider than the sr 10 shock tower. The shocks uh. These are the same shocks tires, obviously are different. You definitely see. The difference in the wheelbase sr10 is a lot shorter than the r10. In the back, you have a wheelie bar back here and just have the um rear bumper back here almost like it basically looked kind of like the front here front bumper probably supports a little ring here, but this is different where there’s no wheelie bars just a Um, bumper back there all right, that’s, just a quick just to kind of do a quick side by side to see the difference in them.

Um and also, i believe, the rear arms are different on the sr 10 to the dr 10, and i noticed the front steering linkages you see right here. It has a like a l shape compared to the dr 10 is just straight. This has like l. This is straight all right, that’s. What some of the things i noticed right off, the back um they made me, have differences as well, but, as far as i know, electronic components, uh they’re the same all right so just like the arm shock, towers, bumpers, that’s. What i think it’s different chassis tires and all that stuff – and i was you know one point i was was like wonder what the sr 10 would look like with some drag tires on it. I know there’s gon na be videos out there. I may even try myself just to mess around with it, but definitely see what it looks like with drag tires with that body on it. So let me go ahead. Man put some tires on there, so you can see what you look like: okay, wondering if the drag tires work well, math do some adjusting but not really definitely looks pretty aggressive, but the red tire is too big to fit the no wheel, though, with the front Tires the front tires are dry, tires and fit pretty well, it doesn’t rub it’s just never played nicely, but the rear tire is just a little too big, so it did not fit with the stock body, but that’s a there’s.