This thing is twitchy: wow, wow, that’s, 4s, Music it’s a little twitchy suspension’s good, though i don’t mind the suspension, it’s pretty dialed yeah, you see a little twitch. I noticed this when i was doing the speed run. I don’t know if it’s a diff tune or what the story is here but or maybe the servo is just too damn quick for me. I don’t know so i’m, not running the stock radio. With this one i’m running the um radio link uh, i always forget the name of it: rc6 gsv2 that’s, what it’s called and um yeah. I reckon i might just turn in my jewel rates. Just a smidge um, because i don’t know maybe i’ve got too much. Steering on this thing, okay, so i didn’t do durates. I did something that i’ve never done on a car before and that is putting some exponential on my steering now, if you want me to explain what this is, leave a comment in the comment section down below. I might do a little rc hot tip, video on it, because, essentially, what it does it just softens the steering a little bit, but you still get full steering when you need it, and this thing i mean this thing’s fast it’s, ridiculously fast on 4s, but it Is a little twitchy not as planted as i’m sort of used to all right let’s see how it does on the jumps. Okay, let’s see how we go here, see how this guy behaves on the gravel very nicely mounted in the air very nicely mounted.

As most 1 8 skull, buggies tend to be now, suspension is stock. I haven’t touched the suspension. I haven’t touched this or anything like that, so it’s all standard. This is really quick for 4s holy. Maybe it just feels super fast as well, because it’s a little twitchy, i mean the servo, is lightning quick. I i would definitely go and say that this has probably potentially oh more power than than the armor does on 4s stock out of the box, or at least it’s on at the very least it’s on power. But i reckon it might have the edge. But if it feels that way, the servo is definitely better, definitely better but i’m. Referring to the my titan for a forest, my typhoon v4, i should say not the v5. I know the v5 has a different servo, so that could you know this could be a mute point, because the new servos might be a lot better um, but yeah. This definitely feels like it’s got a ton of power and reserve. I mean this thing on 6s. I mean i know how fast it is because i’ve already done the speed test with it, but uh it’s going to be it’s going to be mental it’s, going to be mental. This thing’s this thing’s, absolutely i mean that’s, not even trying to go hard and it’s launching up like that off these tiny jumps Applause. It is ah yeah. This thing’s good, but yeah it’s, still a little twitchy for my taste, let’s, see how we go with the bigger jumps: lots of power – lots of speed – nice soft pushy grass over there.

So you can really launch this thing on 4s don’t be shy. That’S full speed, launch wouldn’t bring the nose down, would not bring the nose down and it wouldn’t bring. The nose up then took a nose dart in the soft grass. Thankfully, nothing bad happened. Applause, oh oh! I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help it the wind caught. It oh she’s ass, that was nasty that landed right on its roof. How oh look at that shock tower? Look at that shock tower! Oh dear, oh, dear yeah, i couldn’t help that there was nothing i could do. He got out of shape i’m dealing with some headwind and uh yeah. It landed right on its beautiful roof. Oh my poor buggy, i mean the shock tower. We can bend that back. How did everything else fare? Everything else seems to be okay, lots of gravel inside, though wow. That was a really nasty hit to come away with just that uh, okay, that’s, not too bad. The shock is the shock bend. Is this anything bad? No, no shocks? Fine, so we can probably bend that back with a set of pliers, but that’s that’s. Are we okay drive line all good? Yes, drive line all good all right, so did it switch off because it’s not working? No, the fan’s not working all right i’m going to investigate this hold on there. We go it’s working time to put the body on and send it again i’m going to run it with the shock tower like that, because i really cannot be bothered going back to the car right now.

Um but ideally you’d go back and you try to fix that somehow i got to be a bit more careful with it because i’ve pretty much crushed the body on this side, and i really love this body so i’m, probably gon na – have to get another one. Um but yeah that was really unfortunate after a big hit like that um yeah let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. Music, pretty unbelievable, took a massive hit that was such a bad landing but that’s the thing with buggies i mean you don’t have that authority, especially on 4s. The thing is so fast: it was launching so hard and then the headwind caught it. The jump, wasn’t good. It was just see that it keeps leaning, it actually does keep leaning, maybe my battery’s too heavy. It actually does because i’m running a 6500 milliamp forest, so it is leaning a little bit on that left hand side, but then, on that jump it was fine. So i don’t know maybe it’s just the way that it’s coming off that jump at times a bit weird all right, let’s do yeah. We can see now it’s now it’s, fine there. It was actually fine, big sand on that one. Oh, you don’t see that every day, Applause anything so fast lucky that was a little bit of skill and a little bit of luck and a little bit of experience in this track. I knew that it was gon na hit on that uh, downslope Applause and again Applause all right, one more and then we’ll switch over to the superman jump and see how it fares there because yeah we have to go to the superman jump.

Yes, we do this thing’s, tough, very tough, all right let’s go now. I really don’t want to kill it here, because i do want to do my success run as well. I don’t do it today. Hopefully all right let’s line her up, whoa whoa, whoa whoa massive! Kick up off the jump. That was a big launch not very far, but it was very high. Oh okay! Oh no! This shock tower is not having a good day now. The other end’s buckled as well. Oh dear, maybe four millimeters isn’t enough at the front like i thought it would be all right couple more. It still has a couple more in it landed nicely on the other side. That was good. This probably isn’t the best jump for this car. To be honest, if i’m going to be totally honest because i can’t jump it hard enough to go over the jump, if i jump it soft, you guys are probably going to think. Oh you’re not going hard enough, but when i do launch it, it just lands on the downslope of the other jump. So the speed, oh, is everything all right: everything: okay, yeah! No sorry! I just thought it was. I thought i saw something going on in the rear of the car there, but maybe it’s, just the sunlight, sunlight or something playing plenty buggers on me. Okay, here we go. Oh ha ha ha ha. That was a nasty hit. That was a nasty hit that time, but we good we’re good we’re good i’m, happy i’m happy to survive sort of.

I mean it’s, not completely, without a a black eye or something like that or a busted lip. I mean it still survives. Man it’s got power on 4s. This thing delivers, but yeah just a little twitchy. I think i think that might be just diptune more than anything um and the fact that when it launches it tends to lean to the oopsies when it launches it tends to lean to the um to the left. Oh god i just got completely showered with pebbles. Then this thing just plows through anything yeah come on. You know sometimes just bashing like this is actually fun as well, just doing laps and taking your jump here and there it’s actually fun to do because you can be like like this. I can be a lot more liberal with my with my throttle as well, because when you’re trying to jump it, you know you you’re, constantly sort of like have to line it up. You got to do this Applause get out of it. There you go man. This thing’s unbelievable – and this is forest – oh watch, the tree, anything’s sick, buggy, oh hello, i wasn’t expecting that Applause man, this thing’s, just cutting grass everything it’s. Just nothing stops this thing. The radix is just mental, still going still going we’re going to keep this going until it either breaks completely. I run out of battery or it lands upside down – Applause. Oh there, it is, and there you have it.

The radix 6 on 4s first run not the most flawless run i’ve ever had out here, but definitely one that will go in the history books. It’S done pretty well considering the impacts and the bad landings that it had. Uh it’s it’s survived okay time to take it back to the car, put a success in it and go for another run. So if you want to see that be sure to subscribe, don’t forget to hit that like button on your way out as well and check out the video description for links to my socials as well as links to other videos on the radix 6 and the team. Co rally line that i have on the channel.