They have a ton of products, dozens and dozens of products that really celebrate this age and a couple things. I noticed were a dragonfly connected to the to a motor and it flaps its wings, metal, wings or whatnot, and then the result. They also had an engine that’s a scale model and you put it together yourself and then it’s. Basically, a desk ornament, they’re great teaching tools. So if you, if you a father and son, a daughter and mother assembled it together, quality time and the kid learns a lot or it could just be a gift to to them to the person who is into it. A man man who a man who has everything, maybe a woman, but i doubt it so what caught my eye? Was this one it’s, an rc classic car? First, i thought it was just a shelf queen, but it’s actually rc it’s controlled by a phone phone app – and i said: hey let’s check it out. So here it is it’s, a company called is called teching and they have a store called moyu store. We’Ll have links in the description. This might interest you. If not, there might be other things in there it’s like it’s, a great gift uh. If you have a if i have, if i had a kid i’d give it to them. You know, under the condition that they assemble it because it teach it’s, i think, it’s a great teaching tool so here’s the manual – and you know you have your doubts because they’re not cheap this one’s, four hundred and forty dollars.

So you have your doubts. You go man, is it worth it? You know from from asia, but i’ll show you in a second that wow. This thing is legit, and here is the manual difficulty rating of four out of five 300 plus parts. So the photography is not good, but the illustrations are dialed. All the detail is there. Uh seems easy enough. There’S, also videos on youtube. Uh. One group did a step by step on it 22 minutes long, but it shows you each step if you don’t want to read the manual so instead of pulling stuff out of that box. I just put it all here: three layers of stuff it’s super nicely packaged and these blue sheets separating them – and i want this in the middle. So what i’ll do is i’ll talk you through it, just unboxing will assemble it and then we will run it. You know i’m, not sure how much running we could do radius test acceleration, but i think it’s, four wheel drive no it’s two wheel drive and we’ll, give it the torture test as well right that’s what we do so here it is, give you the idea of The quality of it i’ll talk you through it, so the one of the most impressive things is the chassis very wide aluminum, cnc’d billet, not sure the camera can focus on the quality of this, but this is what i hope to show you guys. You know what what kind of quality are you paying for here, but all metal? I hope they gave us loctite all precision and i’ll just pick up some parts here and there.

This is a looks like a steering rack and then the wheels are notable right away. So not bead locks, no foam period. Correct! Look at that thing or a little bit of tread huh. So these things are built already and then, oh, oh so, it’s, not all metal. This looks metal it’s a chair, but it’s made of plastic bronzed. So everything has been cnc’d or steering rack, cnc’d or cast and and polished. So it’s got a nice luster to it. To give you some tools here, so they say a four hour assembly is typical. I can’t quite tell if these are, if some are metal or plastic, but here are some parts, the grille and then, as we bounce around on this, so here is the the engine cover, definitely metal so observe. You know it’s all about when you pay this much money for a kid. Well, how what is the quality of the casting so it’s, not a scale model. I wish you know it would be a lot easier to judge if it was scale modeled after one of the historic cars but it’s not, and then we go here connectors a lot of wiring and whatnot. So the uh, you know you got to figure what you’re paying for right, but what you’re paying for is is 300 parts of goodies and from what i hear from people who built this, you know is the it comes together perfectly well, the it has lights left Left and left and right headlights led boards.

It has a a lipo battery, i think, a 500 or 800. This is your steering’s turbo, not that big, so it is, it is an rc car. You know crazy huh, so you’d expect this to be just a desk. Ornament but it’s a real rc car, and what is this a little cable for shifting, and here we have some really nice machine parts. This is probably your axle. What else leaf springs so leaf springs all around, so the two leaves per per spring and what else does it have? It has a so it’s sitting on a motor, a single cylinder motor like the cars of old, and this is your your cylinder and pissed woof. What the heck is that a piston, your piston shaft, so very fascinating. You know, like i said, if you’re a kid and you’re curious how big piece of cast metal here you’re curious, how engines work, how cars work. This covers all the basic steps, basic components of a motor, and then here we go, it gets interesting. I think this is your main spur gear, and then they include the motor of course. It’S already has a transmission inside there, so it’s already geared down. So they say what is it 45 minutes of run time? You know because it doesn’t it doesn’t, go that fast, you just tool around and whatnot, and then it has a belt that transfers the power from the motor to the to the wheels i’m sure belt driven and then we’re getting close to the end here.

What is this? This is interesting, so you have a magnet here and we have two lipo batteries. I am not sure why there’s two of them two cylinder – and this is probably one of the last few big parts that is interesting, so this this is not really. Obviously, not not operational, but this will spin show you the role of this crankshaft in the engine and then and then we get to the hardware. So the hardware is nicely organized nicely labeled, and this is where a lot of the 300 parts comes in there’s. Two of these bad boys – bearings ball, bearings all around. So actually this is pretty cool nicely. You know, sometimes, when you do a kit like this, what takes the longest is looking for the stuff right, looking for the right screws and parts trees and all that stuff. So it’s all this is all organized ready to avoid that, so we will probably need a driver for it. So and let us know uh if you have any ideas, what size driver for five inch, six inch or i’m sure it’s not eight inch. It can’t be that big, oh maybe marty mcfly can can ride in this thing, so how it’s controlled is with an iphone app so it’s, similar to the xiaomi car that we have controlled by iphone app it’s it’s, not so easy to do it it’s it’s good Enough, but if you’re not doing anything technical, it’s it’s, it can be done.

Uh we’d be curious as well to put in a receiver and and transmitter for it control it that way. So there it is the decking classic car. So if you are interested in this uh, the the link will be in the description, but i think look around their site. You know the interesting part. Is they have so much stuff? You know hundred dollar stuff under 100 bucks. You know the like. I said the dragonfly all these all these engines, that are models of the industrial age so to speak, but you know see if anything, tickles your fancy and uh what we, what you should be able to see is they’re all going to be of this quality.