Oh my god. Thank god! Thank you. What is up guys? My name is mark santamaria. Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to the rc vlog guys today, i’m gon na do something that is probably long overdue. I say long overdue: it is 2021 did just start, but today i am going to go over my 2021 race, ebuggy you’re, probably asking. Why do i choose e buggy? Probably one of the questions that i get the most ever is hey. I want to get into racing. What do you think i should? What kind of car do you think i should get and my go to answer is always you should get a car that people race in your area? Well, in my area, it’s all about ebook, you guys there, everyone runs e buggy in my area like that is one class that’s, not going anywhere and uh a lot of people jump into e buggy, so i’m gon na show you guys my e buggy, because i’ve Gotten a lot of people into e buggy, already like a lot of my friends and a lot of my subscribers and watchers they’re, jumping into racing and they’re getting buggies, and they have a lot of questions. They want to see what i have on my e buggy. Just so you know i have description or links in the description on all the stuff that i run but i’m going to organize it, where you can see exactly what’s on my e buggy and i’m, also going to show you guys some of the hop upside out.

My ebuggy and talk about some or not some talk about my setup. So hopefully this video will answer all your questions on what you should get into e buggy and you can god it’s cold. I think i see snow coming down. This is nuts all right guys. I get it my freaking garage is a mess. Oh my god see. I told you guys about these freaking fish scales. They have there’s nowhere to put them. You just got ta, throw them on the ground and hope that they work ah we’re gon na get the old e buggy yeah there. She is all right guys. My buggy is not clean i’m, showing you guys, because my buggy is battle ready, it’s battle tested. It just got back from battle southern indoor championships. I will put a link to this buggy bag also because i think this buggy bag is pretty freaking sick, but here she is come on come on boom. So so here it is the techno eb. 48. 2.0. All right! So here is my e buggy. It is super dirty super dirty again. I pulled it off of sick. I haven’t even blown it off yet uh, but i want to show you guys so. First thing: you’ll, probably notice, at least for me that i noticed is my esc – is a little crooked that bothers the crap out of me. So the way i’m out my esc is, i typically run velcro between my esc and the chassis, and then i use a zip tie to hold it down um.

That is not the case in this. I have a really thick piece of double sided tape and then i just have this zip tie here, holding it to the actual plate that mounts the esc, you’re, probably asking. If you have an eb 48 2.0, probably asking how i got that in there. I actually just drilled holes in that mounting plate all right, so i’ll start with my electronics. I run the 170 sbl protect servo. This is a higher it’s, a higher dollar servo it’s, an expensive servo. I run for pro tech and part of the reason why i really like protect is anytime there’s a conversation argument on great servos. Pro tech is usually nine times out of ten, if not 100. In that, in that conversation, i love these. I haven’t had any problems with these. The older 150 tbls i used to have jitters and i think i’ve actually done a video where, basically, you have to replace the uh, the servo gears to get the jitters out. They never went out, though they always finish races and i haven’t had any problems with this. I want to knock on wood. I have any problems with servo, but the 170 sbl that’s, probably the most high end piece on my car, which is my servo moving back down to the speed control. I use the the hobby wing sct pro. I think it’s called it’s either xr8, sct or sct pro. I think they changed the number at some point um, but a lot of people wonder if it’s enough to handle an e buggy.

I actually run this exact same esc in my e truggy. I love this esc. Not only is it super smooth, durable and has a lot of power but they’re very reasonably reasonably priced. I believe this serve. This uh esc is probably maybe 1′ bucks very reasonably reasonably priced um. I haven’t had any problems. I haven’t really sent anything in for warranty. Usually when i bust them, they’re they’re cheap enough just to get another one. Your other alternative is like getting a tkin or some of the other higher end electronic stuff out there um i don’t. I don’t see much of an advantage there. One. The other thing you cannotice is. I have an upgraded fan on my esc. I do have one of those metal ball, bearing fans that isn’t a hop up or upgrade that i have on my e buggy. It just blows so much more air and what you’ll have what you’ll see with these esc’s is. If you have the stock fan, you might break blades off and eventually that that thing will go out and you won’t even know. Your fan goes out until your car starts overheating, so this fan blows so much air it’s got it’s a ball. Bearing fan, i haven’t broken any blades on it and it’s. Just like a little bit of insurance on my esc. Moving down to my motor, i run a tekken 2050 kv motor. This is a sensored motor uh, meaning it doesn’t have any cog.

It has a sensor wire on it, but a lot of people. This is where i run a little bit different. A lot of people a lot of the higher or the the faster big big name, pros, they’re going to be running a 1900 kv. Motor i’ve always run 2050. Even when i started really, the only difference you’re going to see is: maybe your gearing is going to be a little bit different, you’re, probably going to want to gear a little bit lower with the 2050, but i’ve got plenty of power with mine. I haven’t really. These are such great motors and they have a really good lifetime replacement plan where you can call in send in the old one and then for a certain cost, which will be less than retail. You can get another one, but i love these motors great motors. I know it’s different, i run tkin and hobby wing, but i run what i trust so so um that that is what it is in regards to my remote. I am running the san juan m12 m12s, so i don’t even remember i think, i’m running the 471 or 472 receiver it’s. Whatever came with the san juan m12s, whenever i bought it um, but yeah that’s, the remote i’m running. So, in regards to hop ups, really the only hop up that i have on here – i guess i have a few a few. I have the fan that’s a hop up.

I have a metal, servo horn, uh, servo, yeah, metal, servo horn. This is the techno metal servo horn because it fits perfect and what you want is you want this arm here the steering arm to be perfectly straight with that metal with that techno metal, servo, horn, um it’s, just some. I basically put it on all my techno cars as soon as i get them, um there’s a hop up, and then i have these guys. Oh yeah. Actually, i only have one i don’t know if this is a trend or not i’m doing it, but right rear on all my cars has a red wheel, nut um, see here’s one on my my etruggi. I don’t. I guess i don’t have a red wheel, nut on my short course, but they don’t make red will. Actually you know what i’m going to find red wheel for my short course now anyways moving on, i do have the rjx hobbies uh battery strap. I just put this on at southern indoor championship. I didn’t break the stock one to be fair. However, i, like the only thing i do break on my tech notes – are battery straps. These are kevlar they’re, pretty cool um and i just ran one and they’re they’re about the same price as the regular techno ones, and they look pretty cool so that’s. The only other hop up. I run, oh by the way on the pinion. I think i’m running right now, a 16.

uh 16 tooth opinion. Sometimes i go to 17. If the track is huge, i probably should have been running 2017 at sick. I didn’t feel the need for one, but i don’t really have any overheating problems or anything like that. So i run a 16 tooth pinion with my 2000 or 2050 motor. If you’re in a 19 motor a 17 would probably be perfect. Um again, you won’t see much of a difference. You really can’t go wrong with any of those two sizes. One last thing that i forget some forgot to mention in regards to my electronics. This is the battery run. This is the protec 6500 uh 120c. This is like the mother of all e buggy batteries at the moment. This thing is a beast and see this number right here, this 98 98.8 wh. This is the number that they care about when you travel with. That needs to be a hunt under 100. So basically, this is the biggest 4 cell battery. You can travel with on a plane, um it’s, just an awesome battery i’ve never had a problem with punch. I haven’t had any bad cells on any of these, yet i actually had three. I have three of these and i have only needed to use like one or two of them because they’re such great batteries, so this is the battery they run on my e buggy. I also run this this in my e truggy. At times i have a bigger battery that i run in my etruggies most of the time, whenever i’m just just running um, i do use bullet five millimeter bullet directly into the battery, so yeah that’s my battery situation, all right now, i’m, going to quickly go over.

My setup, typically, what you want to do is you want to start with a box stock setup and then just go from there. Now, with that said, another option you have is to figure out a setup that someone else at your local track has on their on their e buggy that’s, exactly like yours, and you can start with that um. So for me i start i started with box stock. I made some changes and these are the changes i made um. First off sorry, i see i got to move my phone first off i’m running orange, rear, springs, i’m, running orange, rear springs and front. Red red did not come on the front um. I i had one of my my team manager actually recommended. I try red it felt better. It was a little bit it kind of not really killed the steering, but it slowed it down a little bit. It wasn’t as aggressive. It felt much easier to drive um. Also i’m running 10, 10 7 of my divs and whenever people say 10, 10, 7 or 775, what those numbers are: 10 000 in the front: 10, 000 in the middle and 7 000 in the rear. So what that basically it’s front middle rear? Whenever people tell you you’re, you’re, diff, fluid so i’m running 10, 10, 7 and then i’m running 650, 650 weight cst in the front weight, csd, 600, 650 cst in the front and then 600 cst in the rear, with the five by 1.

5 plus 2.1 pistons. Now those are the stock pistons, so you have to worry about that, but those are the shock oils that i’m running um other than that. The only other thing i change are these pills, the pills in your c plate d plate. Even in my my kick up and sweep i’ll change them in the front, but those are very track specific and sometimes i even change those pills different on the same track, depending if they’re running it uh, wet or dry. But i will just adjust those to my liking, so basically, i know how the like any squad i’m adjusting any squad based on um, my my on power and off power, steering things like that uh, how fast i’m rotating things like that also the rear, camber links Are something that i adjust a lot um? If i need more rear traction, you can lengthen these rear, camber camber links and it’ll, give you more retraction, but without going in too much in that detail. That is essentially my e buggy, oh i’m, using the lightweight wing and whatever the stock. Again, everything is stock. Besides the things that i said in regards to the oils, um stock body, yeah that’s, pretty much my eat buggy in a nutshell, so that’s it that’s. My e buggy, i hope that helps you guys. I know a lot of people have questions. They’Ve been wanting to know what i’ve done. If i didn’t mention it on my setup, i didn’t change it it’s still box stock, so yeah that’s, my e buggy.