Welcome to the rc blog guys, we’re at thornhill in huddle texas for the aka spec tire nationals um. The track is over there i didn’t know, but they actually did a full track rebuild so we’re gon na go check it out really quick it’s super early by the way um they have. I basically i got here on saturday morning instead of friday for practice day, and they have the track open for an hour on saturday morning for the people who didn’t practice on friday. That is what i’m gon na be doing so that practice starts at eight a.m, and i got here at seven because i need charger batteries mount tires, those kind of things the you know, the race stuff, but let’s check out the track. Real, quick check. This thing out, so they basically did a full rebuild god. This track is so nice. This is just such a cool facility. If you’re ever in this area and you’re into rc, you have to check out thornhill racing circuit it’s. So nice look: oh, i thought that was a joke elaine. That is not a joker lane. Q tip made it out he’s racing today, but yeah so i’m thinking, maybe a couple of battery packs. The cool thing is i’m only running short course in e truckee. I haven’t read my short course in a long time, so i wanted to run that and etruggy is brand new and usually i don’t really practice those two classes.

I just practice my ebugging and throw those two classes down, so i think i’ll be good with maybe a battery pack or two on practice. That should be good, so should be a fun weekend. We got a whole bunch of cool stuff planned, so we’ll see how this rolls out. Look guys, remember this shot of the pits, because i’m gon na do this exact same shot. You’Re gon na see how packed it’s gon na be. I left the house at four o’clock this morning: no, not four yeah four, like three thirty ish to get here at seven. We are here super early, but this is gon na, be fun guys all right guys. We just got done with round two. I got done with round two qualifying the msnp in here. Heavy i got ta show you guys all the msm guys we have mr jason jondo repping, the msm look at his car, so clean techno and he’s got the red, the right, rear, red wheel, nut man, that is a tongue twister for sure. Oh team driver jamie powell repping. He also wait his will not not on there, but he does have the right wheel right, rear wheel will not somewhere man, i can’t even say there. It is Music, mr chase they’re, doing some kingpin mods. I haven’t done this mod. Yet um, but it looks really really cool our newest team member, jose his dip was messed up. Did you put your dips in backwards backwards? You put your distance Applause, mr tqetq, the novice class, which there’s a lot of people knows look don’t, be shy, but he’s good buddy.

Looking into the camera he doesn’t like looking at the camera, we got mr tim k, repping the msm yeah. Look at that i’m. Not even getting his face i’m just getting shirt exactly all right. So two seconds to the story, i did run my trucking a couple times. Um two qualifiers. I made some changes. The first change i made was. I took some of the 80 squad out because it was kind of pushing on power. It feels good it’s, really easy to drive. So when you first drive this, this new truck ec 48 2.0 it’s gon na drive really well, because that the back ends playing really well. So i want to loosen up, took some andy squad out and then i also know you can keep that bug here. Keep it in case you want more snacks, um. Also, i shortened the rear, turnbuckle or camber link. That was because i felt like i still had too much retraction car feels much better. Now i also went to the orange springs. The front because i felt like the the car was diving a lot whenever i was going to the corner and i didn’t have much brake. I felt like it was a little soft on the front end and i typically go harder on the front spring anyways with my car, so that’s what i did with the ut48 so far i am going to get. I know you guys want to see actual race footage i’m going to charge the camera up and get my last ball with the truck, and maybe my main tomorrow, but yeah should be fun we’re having a great time guys just pouring rain outside, like next level.

Pouring rain a whole bunch of msm support out here, it’s freaking awesome guys guys check this out. It is like poor and nasty out here. It’S all flooded, i think, like the pits are flooded under the uh i’m. Getting wet right here under that big awning right there, that’s freaking, crazy, we’re, shutting power, so we don’t bust breakers it’s like a freaking tsunami out here, i’ll show you the other side: oh it’s, dark, oh it’s, getting crazy it’s like pouring pouring next level. Crazy amounts of pouring let’s go out here. Look at this and it’s been pouring like this for probably a good 15 minutes back in the room. It is late guys it’s, like 11 30.. We all went out to eat afterwards and it was like basically rc racers took over the entire restaurant it’s awesome part of what makes this weekend so great is all the the kind of hanging out and socializing afterwards, but quality was pretty good. I did end up taking tq and short course. I did pretty good in etruggi my e truck. You felt good, but there’s. So many fast people on etruggi that’s hard evan, like i said he tq’d the novice class, which is great and then i got ta, give a big shout out to spencer, klein spencer klein is a pro driver that helps out a lot of the msm guys he’s. Also, probably going to be part of the msm team really soon, but he tq pro nitro buggy and nigel truggy big shout out to him that’s an awesome awesome victory for him, but yeah.

I promised you guys that i was going to record some actual racing footage. So i did record my last qualifier in each of you, which was a really it’s, probably my best e trucking qualifier. It is the this is the first weekend on the new e truck so it’s. The et48 2.0 i’ll put the link in description below before i air that footage go ahead and smash the like button subscribe to my channel and turn on the notification bell, because i got ta plug that in the middle i got ta, remember plugging in the middle Of my videos i’m doing it now, but i’m gon na air that footage with a little bit of commentary of future mark because future mark is gon na have to do the commentary when i get home because i’m tired right now, so all right guys here it Comes all right, guys, future mark. Here we are going to watch the race it was. It was actually a good one. Actually, you know what let’s just roll with the race and then i’ll tell you guys what happened during the race and how the outcome went. All right play wow that’s a lot of the old eel airpod here, so look. You can see that there’s a whole bunch of uh people there. Now the outside table didn’t get filled up because it was raining, really really bad. I think my servo saver was too loose on the second round, so i tighten that sucker.

All the way down see what happens. I was telling all right so a couple of disclaimers for this race. I made a few changes. I felt like my car was pushing a little bit and i saw that my servo saver was a little loose by tighten the servo saver down. Also, this was the last qualifier, so i ended up running running brand new tires. I don’t know i think it was soft long wear grid irons. This is a spectar ray, so if you’re not familiar with how a spectar race works. Basically, when you, when you register, when you start the race, you have to run the the same, everyone has to run the exact same tires. So they give you a set of tires. You can buy extra tires or whatever, but you have to run that tire all weekend, oh god that’s the warm up lap guys. I said something about this, but all right, i’m gon na try to listen to listen in this is just a warm up. Lap. I’Ll do a little whip there yeah, so this was one of my better. This was actually my best qualifier, so how i finished overall uh for the weekend. I finished sixth, which i’m very pleased with, because this was a race where they basically bunched up the pros and open drivers together. So there’s a lot of pros in this race and typically a lot of the the bigger name pros. Don’T run each rug, but because this new e trigger just came out, they’re running it now.

So this this um i’m. Looking in my my remote to see if the uh to see if my gopro was on but yeah, there was an abnormal amount of very skilled drivers running each ruggie in this race. So this this race was super stacked. So the fact that i got six i’m again very pleased with all right, so the race started. So what i typically like to do is i like to be in front that way: there’s, no one holding me up. Um yeah! I just i got ta open track now. In this particular case. I knew the guy who went first. His name is smiley. I knew he was faster than me, so i didn’t care. If he went in front of me, he looked like he wanted to go. First. Anyways, i don’t want to do that whole battle thing and then the guy who went second, his name was aidan. Also super fast guy um. I probably wasn’t gon na catch him either. However, i did think i could catch the guy directly in front of me, which is rocco but rocco’s. Also fast, i would say, rocco got ended up fifth over the weekend. I end up sick, so gon na give you the idea of of uh our skill comparison. So again, this is a qualifier. Oh, i went super wide there that guy behind me that blue truck behind me, his name is daniel me and him always finished very close.

So i knew if i could stay ahead of him. I was on pace. He made a quick mistake here or a little mistake there. So a lot of people are asking what i did to my e truggy uh since i, since it was since i got it like out of the box, so i the first time i ran it, actually felt pretty good it. I felt like it maybe didn’t it didn’t rotate as much as i wanted to, but i, like my car, is extremely aggressive, so what i ended up doing – and i said it earlier in the video i believe that was that was some time ago. I end up going uh heavier on the front spring, so i’m running orange front springs. I shorten the rear camera length. I took out some any squat and i typed my servo saver, so i almost tightened my servo saver all the way down, because the car is so big. It seems like the several saver gives a little bit more and i’ll explain. Why see the little whip at the beginning of the straightaway? I thought it looked really cool. I got a good view of that too. All right so here we’re going we’re actually running pretty good. We haven’t really made any mistakes yet that very at the very first lap i kind of clipped the pipe a little bit, but nothing nothing to ruin. My race see that far back corner that i just got out of it’s almost like.

I can’t see that corner very well, but i can’t really cut that corner. So i kind of go wide, oh god that guy just jumped over me. Who is that? Oh, i know who that is um so daniel that blue car he did make the pass but ended up wadding it up right after that in qualifiers. You don’t typically want to get in those those heated battles because you’re trying to run a good time. You much rather let someone go than to battle it out with them the whole time, because you battle it out with the whole time. You could be losing a lot more time than just letting them go so you’ll start to see some people come up on me and i will just let them go because i’d rather either. I know they’re faster than me, or i rather not battle up with them and tie up with them because i’m running a pretty good race right now you know it’s enough. The race order, the thing about the racing out there was great um, good friend of mine. His name was john super cool guy, but he only announced the first five people, which was kind of hard to figure out where you were at in the middle of the race. So there goes daniel. He goes for the pass. I told him to go. I said: go go go because again, i’m in i’m, in one of those situations where we’re running our times, we’re not racing people on the track.

So, instead of him, wait for me and ruin his time and mine, i was just like just go like we didn’t, really waste that much time there um that was totally okay. Daniel was actually, i believe he was sitting right next to me, standing right next to me, so it was cool okay, so this guy coming up behind me, is spencer klein. I know spencer klein is faster than me, so i went ahead and let him go uh. That’S, a yellow and orange truck spencer did end up tq and pro nitro, buggy and nitro truck. He is just he’ll, be on the top 25 soon he’s super fast. He also represents msm he’s, one of the guys that support the newer guys super cool guy him and his dad really nice people, good people still still no mistakes. Okay, so this car coming up behind me now that is tyler hooks he’s in the lead. So you i like i already like – i felt bad. I was holding them up here, but i can’t really stop there. So i want to end up going wide here to let them go um, that’s that’s. What you do whenever you know someone in the lead is behind you just let them go there’s, no reason to hold them up, it’s, not fair for them. I felt like i held them up a little bit too much by that little dragon’s back thing and the little double double double thing in the middle there.

He he checked up to not hit me, which is very nice, but there’s, not much. I can do there. It’S one of those things where, if you slow down too much or you try to stop, you can mess him up even more, so you just want to kind of go and then, whenever you come to a corner where you go wide go wide and let those Guys go so let me go into why i made certain certain changes. Oh oh, so i’ve totally missed so see how it ended and then my mind you could hear it say: mark’s emory was done. I think i ran uh. I think i ran it. Eight five flat. That means, if i would have gone half a second faster, i would have been able to pull a nine lap race. You saw right there. I went wide to let daniel go um. He was still on the clock. I was not on the clock. I did not cut the track there. My race is already over so in regards to uh i’m about to go look at the results, so they have a big jumbotron so i’m going over here to see how i finished. I didn’t finish that great in this race, but you can see, i didn’t make any mistakes and i i think i finished like ninth or something all right, i’m, going to pick up my car, so at expect our race. Second, you got to pick up your car and drop it off at check and then we’ll go here all right.

So look at this look at this board. So if you see this behind next column, look at all those times, so we were all within, probably maybe 10 seconds, so the enti, almost the entire field, was within 10 15 seconds. I ended up 11th and i didn’t make a single mistake. Oh there’s tyler hooks coming out of tech i’m dropping my car for tech, he’s checking my tires and then he checks me off and i’m good, all right, so that’s, the video so real, quick, i’m just gon na go over the changes on why i made them. I took any squat out of the car because i was pushing whenever i got on power. So when you get on power and your car starts to push that’s, what any squad does it gives you more on power traction, so i was pushing because it had too much traction on power. So i took that took any squad out because i was pushing on power and then i shortened the rear. The rear turn camber link because i needed more rotation and i felt like the the back of the car was super planted, it’s good that it feels super planted, especially for newer guys because it’s easier to drive but that’s. Why? I shortened the rear, camber link in regards to the front spring. I did explain earlier in the video. Basically, the car was kind of diving going in the corner, so i needed to spring a little bit tighter and then i typed my turnbuckles that’s that’s pretty much.

I didn’t change any oils or anything um out of the box, you’re gon na really like the et48 2.0. It was a lot of fun um, but yeah.