I put a little extra effort into that video, so uh check it out. That’Ll be right. Following this uh little update and first off uh, definitely thanks to your rc for uh, supporting this build uh. We got a five percent off coupon code, so check that out in the description below definitely put in your shipping address to get the correct pricing and uh yeah, so my techno mt410 has been killing it. This thing is unbelievably awesome. Uh takes a lot to impress me in an rc car, because you know i’ve had quite a bit of experiences with a lot of different rc cars. Four wheel drive two wheel, drive buggy short course: uh monster truck race vehicles, bashers rtrs, all that stuff, and this thing is unbelievable man. This thing is awesome: had a ton of fun, uh, doing crazy, stunts and stuff. This is a monster truck that’s. What techno calls it, but i would characterize it it’s, a little more of a stunt vehicle it’s, pretty much similar to like an outcast or notorious. I kind of got that short wheelbase. The really long arms rotates really well in the air. So this thing was unbelievable. Had a lot of fun did break some parts, so there will be one little quick part in the video where i jump it off uh, basically into the ball i’m trying to do like a forward flip in the air uh. But i kind of come off.

The ramp. Uh kind of at a weird angle starts like helicopting through the air. Try to save it, didn’t quite save it landed it on the rear, bumper and, as you can see, it’s not broken. Actually, the bumper was fully intact, but a couple of screws got bent here on the bottom um, where the bumper mounts into the bulkhead, so i did have to replace both of these. So those are on order 40, millimeter screws, but that’s pretty much it. I mean nothing has broken on this thing. Oh, i did kind of bend uh one of the little inserts here on the pivot box, but you know not a big deal, lots of spares in the box and i didn’t really have to replace it. I just did it because it’s slightly wallowed out, but this thing is a beast. The other change i made was i’m running. My jen’s ace battery a little 5 000 milliamp 4s battery and i’m not running like the center strap, so normally there’s a center strap. That goes down the middle. In addition to these side straps, i took that out because basically, the balance sports kind of in the way, but i would recommend using like a little piece of foam or something there in the back, because otherwise uh this outdrive can rub up against the battery. As you can see, there there’s just a little bit of scraping there on the battery. So if you’re not running that center strip definitely put a little piece of foam there in the back um to avoid that damage, but not a big deal.

I wish you could also probably grind this down, like you know, a millimeter or two uh, probably as prevented fix as well, but yeah. This thing is awesome. Um if you’ve been on the fence about thinking about buying, one of these uh definitely go pick one up. I have no reservations about uh recommending this vehicle. It is probably the most fun vehicle i had in a really really long time, so anyways that’s it i’m also going to be doing a tuning video on this i’m still working through some little setup changes. It drives amazing out of the box, one of the best driving monster trucks i’ve ever driven just with kit set up, but i think there are some small changes that do improve the handling. Uh do improve the performance a little bit so i’ll be doing another video on that. So yeah anyways check out this uh run running video and definitely check out your rc and use that coupon code.