Today i have the hot wheels or uh tesla hot wheels, rc car uh. So before i open this up and i’m like super excited to see this um because i’m kind of lowkey obsessed with the side truck i’ll, show you guys what the box outer box looks like. So you can see here on the front. You can see the controller you can see the hot wheels uh actually show like a little loop. So apparently this thing can go on a full loop. On the other side, it just kind of shows it uh track builder unlimited. So that means more to someone else than me and it says uh hope you guys can see it up here, two ways to play and it says one and two: i don’t know what that means. I guess it’s you go on the track or you can just make you go on the ground by itself so uh, that is the box for the most part, all right, so i open the side of the box. This big thing uh slid out, and there is this uh hot wheels manual that was inside that unfolds and it gives you uh information about it, it’s more, like legality stuff. So, with the manual aside, we have um the controller and our little hot wheels over here. At the top and we’re going to try to disassemble this as best as we can so this is the cyber truck unboxed out. You can see man, oh man, this thing is massive, actually, no i’m, just zoomed in so for size comparison.

This is the cyber truck. I made for my dogs, if you haven’t seen that video, i recommend you watch it. It was actually a lot of fun and that is the hot wheels rc cyber truck so just for size uh. So you can see here it is it’s very light uh. It does charge through a cable which is through the back of the controller uh on this little panel here and we’ll, see if i can do it with one hand, as i record uh. So there is this little cable here that pops out and this plugs into the car all right just putting in some batteries in the controller, so let’s spin it around here uh they’re round. So you think this thing can go uh in different directions and this will go different directions almost like a video game uh, but it is stuck on and up and down and left and right uh. So you have vertical and horizontal uh. They took the design cue from apple. You have to like the mouse. You can’t charge it upright. You have to flip it up on its back, so just charging away and we’ll test it out when it’s done charging all right. So i have it all charged up. I’M going to explain to you what the controls do uh. Obviously the left one here uh right over here uh can make it go forwards and backwards uh, the right one. You can make it spin and it’s actually like a lot of fun.

If you spin it. Okay, the middle button here, that’s, repairing if you want to pair it to it uh these two buttons are for alignment, so you can see here it’s going forward if i align it uh one way or the other it just like realigns it tilts and then. Lastly, the top button here is like a boost. So if i just tap this once you can see it just goes flying so uh. That is pretty much it. I think um you don’t get you you generally don’t get a lot for like 25 and i’m talking canadian right uh. So overall i am pretty happy with it it just maybe i was expecting more uh it’s impressively fast, so i have to like. Let go because i don’t want it crashing into the wall uh. It does not work well where the ground is not flat. Uh. I tried it on grout and it just didn’t work great uh, but i got ta say i’m like impressed by how fast this thing is all right, so i played around with this for uh, probably like half an hour now. I want to give a proper uh review or overview uh i got ta say it is actually a lot of fun, it’s, very quick uh. It doesn’t come with like the little track thing, but i can totally see that being like a lot of fun, especially with like kids, want to embrace it um for what you pay is actually pretty good value.

I’M. I wasn’t super impressed to begin with, but uh the more i play around with it and the more i think about it. It actually is good value. I mean it’s hot wheels, it’s tesla branded and you don’t get a lot for that kind of money. Uh. The fact that it’s light is for speed uh the controller at first, i wasn’t a huge fan of this system, but you get used to it rather quickly uh and it does feel pretty good when it has batteries in it, uh the back and forth uh calibration. I can see that being important, uh because there’s times where the thing just goes flying too quickly and it’s, because it’s left and right is slightly off and the turbo boost. Honestly, i don’t even know if you need the turbo boost because of how fast uh this thing is already so overall i’m like impressed with it initially as like back and forth, but i’m pretty happy with it. I mean you’re not buying an actual cyber truck it’s. A 25 toy so just want to give that, as in uh like an overview, my review uh, the other thing too, is the wheels and let’s try to get both here, uh, so the wheels if i’m holding forwards or backwards you can see it is only the Rear wheel, that’s moving on either side, so these are the only wheels that are moving around uh they’re, also, the only ones that have rubber, so the front wheels do not have rubber.

Only the back ones do and uh only the back ones are moving with the motor. So no all wheel drive dual motor here or tri motor. You only get one and also interesting, even though the thing turns crazy, uh the wheels don’t actually move, there’s, no like proper, left or right and the front ones. Don’T move so they’re only going straight, so just literally torque that’s uh turning the thing around so anyway. I thought i’d include that uh, pretty cool leave a comment down below. Let me know what your thoughts are. Did you guys get one or do you have one on order, or do you have one of the big ones on order uh? Just let me know what your thoughts are down below.