I finally have the tesla, cybertruck rc car and today i’m, going to be building a little track and sending it down, and i will be reviewing this car here. We go. Okay, got it okay guys, so i just slid it out of its little package and now here is like the instructions for it. I will go through this and i won’t make you guys, look through it, but uh. I find this so just kind of have to get this off here start by twisting these off down here to get the remote out those little things. Those are not important, but uh here is the controller pretty flat along the back, but um. I was looking into this and i believe this is the turbo button. This makes it go forward backward and this is left and right. The controller is made of plastic, but didn’t really expect anything else and as for the actual car uh, i have to take it out right here. Give me a second. I really don’t want to make it easy to get it out, but so here is a little piece for the car to enter the track off the floor, and here is the actual car like those pr fives rims on it and i’m sure you guys have seen The actual cyber truck before, but this is a pretty cool car okay guys. So here is the actual car uh you guys so like those pr5 rims, there is a look at the front.

Obviously this does have a very unique shape of the tesla cyber truck. There is a look at the red tail light on the back, pretty cool. Then they put the details of the cyber truck on the top. This is a pretty cool car and you actually charge it from the back of the controller here um. This opens up and this little cord the controller, actually charges the car. I think that it’s pretty neat – and i think the controller takes four double a batteries, but i will let you guys know in a second okay guys so uh the controller itself actually takes four double a batteries and uh i’m going to build a track setup and I’M, going to charge the car using this little cord that you just kind of plug into the bottom of it. Here we go okay, guys so the light there is flashing. That means that the car is charging and, as you guys can see, it is just plugged in by this cord that’s on the controller and it just plugs in underneath the car, and i will wait for it to be charged while i’m waiting i’m going to build A cool track layout, guys i’m, actually going to build a couple different track: layouts i’m, going to build a track layout with a bunch of loops, then i’m going to build one with a bunch of curves, okay guys. So, as you can see, the red light here is solid and i am actually going to take this for our first test drive here.

So, as you guys can see, i also did build a track layout, which starts over here and enters goes into the three loops. I’M curious how it handles those then i’m, going into a high speed corner, see how that does then low speed corner another low speed, another one and then high speed. U turn and then straight line speed showcase down to the finish here. We go okay guys. So i am going to unplug this rc car out of the thingy here. Okay guys, so i just figured it out and i’m actually gon na. Take it for a first little drive here, Laughter, okay, guys, so i just want to try it down the street here. To see how it does on actual hot wheels track, oops and okay it’s actually pretty good. I i sent it around a couple corners there. It works decently. Well and now i want to try it through the loops and get a full run here. Okay, guys! So sorry, i’m – probably not going to be able to get the whole track with one camera angle, but you guys are actually are going to get to see the part that i want to test out the most, which is the loops wasn’t fast enough. There, okay turbo accident there, okay guys! So if you, i think that if you put it through one loop, it’ll be fine but multiple loops. I personally wouldn’t dude, i finally kind of hard to do, but i want to test on the rest of this track.

So let’s see how it does um try to give you guys a bit of a better camera angle, for this section see how well it does. I feel, like you, have to hold turbo through a lot of the things like you should probably hold turbo. When you go through the high speed corners and the that’s just my experience, it does fall off, though, so you get turbo through the corner here. Try it just from here Music. There we go. That was pretty cool, okay guys, so i found that works best mainly on low speed, corners and straights. But if you throw in a loop there, it’ll probably do just fine like here i’m, going to just send it through. Here then turbo all the way down kind of crash there. But i have gotten it to work and it is cool when you finally do get it to work. I am going to work on making this track layout better, but there you go and then right through down to the end, pretty neat pretty neat little rc car. I would recommend picking it up and i have probably gon na have some bonus footage for you of the track working better, but that is it for me actually talking to you guys. So if you guys enjoyed this video, please smash that like button and see you guys later bye Applause able to go up the six lane like this traffic to like pretty unique little rc car, hey guys.

So if you follow me on instagram, you would have seen this clip already of me driving the car around the track. Uh go follow me on instagram racingchannel32. There we go all the way pretty good. It is a little oval circuit, black belt kind of it. It sort of looks like indianapolis, in my opinion, with kind of a more rectangular shape rather than an oval, but let’s put the car on in here and let’s. Take a couple laps back on the tractor that’s. What i do when stuff like this happens, so cars pretty good in the loop, so i’d say better in those groups. That was for me anyway, but it is pretty good around little circuits and uh pretty good around the low speed corners, probably not through the high speed corners, but as you guys can see it handles the low speed corners pretty well, and i just crashed it because I went too fast, so that is all for me.