I am in the jeep and i’m heading down to uh diggers, dungeon home of the gravedigger that’s, where they’re going to be holding the no limit, rc of virginia world finals event and uh it’s going to be awesome so right now the track is completely leveled and There’S two piles of dirt there and we need to turn that into a track. So i would set the uh the layout design for the track. I’M gon na try and level out and smooth out some of the ground get rid of some of the grass that’s growing up in there and see what we can do. Music Applause, Music you’ve got starting blocks there with the ramp coming down off it both start in the center. I took advantage of the back sides of these to make jumps off of these for freestyle. This is the other block going down. You go out around that corner and that corner hit the jump around that corner, so i built in corners instead of using cones, which really mess up a truck. If you hit them, this could roll you, but a lot of times it just kind of upsets you a little you could actually bounce over it. I kind of you have a little warning too, because i stepped it out quite a bit, so it makes it a jump, but it also gives you a little warning that you’re on the jump, but i leveled everything in here took the box blade and just scraped.

All of it scraped the whole square down widened a little bit and so it’s looking good the backs of all these. The corners are all jumps and then the back side of the start block our jump on both of them. Basically, everything is a reverse jump and the start block on the side here, it’s an awesome double and then in the back for good measure we put in uh, ascended ramp and a backflip off the back side. Here. Ah broke it. Uh it’s definitely loose needs a lot of water. Hopefully the rain that’s supposed to come tomorrow will come just enough to wet this down pack it in nice and tight Music Music Applause that’s, why we did corners Music Applause, Music, oh Music, so Music, hey, Music, Music, moonwalk, Music Applause, Music, ugh, Music, everything, Music! Do the finish: Music, Music, Music, oh Music, oh it’s, so bright before Music Applause, Music, uh Applause. So that is a wrap you guys great day of racing track was super fast super fun uh, but as fast as it was the lap times weren’t very fast because of the amount of ground we were covering and it’s problematic for it being a world finals track Because how many trucks have to cross the finish line in a day so literally just pulling into the house and uh getting ready to go in and see my family it’s been a long day because even with a smaller group, not world final size getting around that Track was tough um, because a couple reasons one um you had to put the cars in the middle then go up to the the block where you’re gon na be so either.

You were trying to back it in or drive it in and get it set. That way or you’d walk to the middle and set it there um. So it seems like we’re gon na be coming up with a different plan for world finals. Still kind of up in the air there’ll be something cool and good um. We we ran through a couple ideas uh in intermission today and um.